This is usually not our style but it seems necessary once in a while.

Since people like Hassan show their profound illiteracy of the situation in Iran yet they are so smug to smear their bullshit all over the internet, some education is required.
Iran is an imperialist nation. According to the Iranian constitution (articles 152 & 154), Iranians have a duty to spread "the Islamic Revolution" throughout the world aka spread their influence and power outside Iran…
Hezbollah in Lebanon, Fatemiyon in Afghanistan, Hashad Al-Shabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) in Iraq, Modafean-e-Haram (Holy Shrine Defenders) in Syria, Houthis in Yemen, and Hamas in Palestine get almost all the help & financial support from the Iranian regime.
The resources used to finance these groups are forcibly taken from the marginalized groups and ethnicities in Iran.
Arab villages & houses are destroyed to expand a capitalist project of the regime.
Khuzistan is rich in oil but the major cities have constant power and water outages.
Kurdistan & Baluchistan are so impoverished that they have to face danger & port gas & other stuff across the border to make a living.
Iran's imperialism is regional not because of a lack of ambitions but because of a lack of power to expand further without risking a revolution at home.

Right now, workers in oil refineries of Iran are protesting.
Haft-Tappeh sugarcane workers were protesting for a while.
The entire population in Iran is getting terrorized by the regime daily which is more severe in marginalized regions of Iran.

At the slightest weakness, there is an uprising to overthrow the regime.
Just last week, people successfully boycott the election in Iran.
The majority of voting booths were deserted. The regime itself reported about 3 million votes were blank.

This might not track with Lenin's "Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism", which seems one of the only things you ML idiots might read, but maybe it is expected a theory devised 100 years ago can't explain things in today's world.
You are right. The US & other imperialist powers can take advantage of these instances for their gain.

Well, I guess YOUR job is clear: Disrupt US imperialism by blockading arm shipment and destroying property.
Keep the US worrying about riots & unrest at home so they have to curb their imperialist ambitions in the world, the same way the imperialist ambitions of Iran are cut short because of uprisings in Iran.
I understand nuances are not the strong point of you Marxist-Leninist idiots, so we will be more direct:

Get off your ass and do something useful against US imperialism instead of rebuking people actually fighting against their oppressors.
Your failure to do anything to slow down Western imperialism is not the fault & responsibility of the oppressed people in Iran & the rest of the world to bear.

Our lives are not for you to play your childish 4D anti-imperialist game, you lazy assholes.
We thought we share with you our statement regarding the Imperialism of the West and the East.…
Also the interview we did with Last Straw Radio in the wake of Iran's November 2019 uprising.…

• • •

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