Right wing politics in two tweets from someone too proud of themselves not to do the Bond villain routine: they don’t know or care what #CriticalRaceTheory is. It’s a lefty buzzword, so they started a five alarm fire over it, and say it encompasses anything upsetting to voters.
Right wing pundits and politicians don’t care about the meaning of any of the scary -isms they toss around as if they were televangelists doing an exorcism. They just care about keeping you scared so you give them money and vote for them to protect you against imaginary threats.
Critical Race Theory was unknown outside of academia for 40 years, yet as of last month, it’s going to bulldoze the suburbs, invented COVID in an orbital alien time machine, and will turn your kids into Satanic sex fiends. Don’t you find this sudden threat just a bit strange?
See, in the scam machine that is modern American conservatism, there is only one goal: create a mass hysteria over anything and everything, then claim you’re the only thing standing between sanity and [insert anything you don’t like for any reason here.] rantt.com/debunking-gop-…
Why do they need to make up imaginary problems? Simple. They have no solutions to real ones, and even less interest in finding them. According to their worldview, you deserve whatever problems you run into anyway so shut up, tremble in fear, and vote GOP. rantt.com/trump-and-repu…
P.S: You know, I make these comical exaggerations to add some levity to grim topics, but these soulless ghouls are literally saying that CRT will make kids kill and rape their parents because fuck you, just tremble in fear and do as the old, jowl-waddling fascists demand of you.

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29 Mar
Normally, conspiracy theorists tend to be just as sane as the general public, but a researcher thinks that QAnon followers may be an exception, citing frequent posts revealing mental health diagnoses, and that 68% of arrested Capitol rioters received one. theconversation.com/many-qanon-fol…
Of course, this doesn’t mean almost 7 in 10 QAnon followers have a mental illness or that 44% had one prior to discovering it because the rioters are a pretty extreme convenience sample. But combined with frequent self-admissions of DSM V diagnoses, this data is concerning.
Nearly 1 in 4 Americans has some sort if mental health diagnosis, often anxiety or depression. As the stress from the pandemic and festering systemic problems mounts, that number is bound to keep climbing, which might mean more QAnons and more violent self-radicalization.
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27 Jan
I love how bluntly Palihapitiya points out the absurdities of the system to people who try to pretend that the stock market hasn’t become a weird casino for rich people and completely detached itself from reality in the last decade. It’s honestly quite refreshing.
And yes, 52% of Americans own stocks, mostly through index funds, IRAs, and 401k plans. I’m one of them. But the top 10% by net worth own 81% of all stocks and the top 1% own 38% of all stocks. Those stocks make up the vast majority of their wealth in the first place.
If you’re saying that what you see with this Reddit grudge match stock rally and Elon Musk becoming the richest man in the world in a recession year thanks to bets on Tesla instead of SpaceX is absurd, you’re absolutely, 115% correct. It’s completely freaking bonkers.
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27 Sep 20
What does NYT's analysis of Trump's tax returns tell us? Trump barely pays any federal tax as most of his businesses are losing tens of millions, he's way over-leveraged, and he may have ran for president as a marketing gimmick that got out of control. nytimes.com/interactive/20…
Explanations that the losses are just accounting magic would indicate fraud and be at odds with both his widely known and awful record as a businessman, and the loud rumors floating around NYC's wealthiest residents that he's not a billionaire but "a clown who lives on credit."
His entire image as a terrific dealmaker who got a paltry million to start his empire is complete bullshit. He's was a living tax shelter for his daddy to the tune of $413 million, ruined everything he touched, and became such a brand by brazenly lying about himself to the media.
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15 Sep 20
When former terrorist hunters become bloodthirsty agitators eager to murder their fellow citizens for the crimes of refusing to hate the same people and vote for a different party, they're no longer patriots. They're domestic terrorists. thedailybeast.com/michael-scheue…
I'm getting tired of saying this, but a developed, civilized country does not have a minority which rejects the legitimacy of elections they lose and calls for sectarian bloodshed and civil war to get their way. That's what happens in "shitholes" ran by sclerotic kleptocrats.
Both Scheuer and I criticized presidents with whom we disagree in public forums, as people in free nations do on a regular basis. But he wants to kill me for exercising the same exact right he did because he doesn't like what I say. What civilized modern society works like that?
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30 Aug 20
Yeah, this is pretty much spot on. As an ex-Soviet, I'm getting deja vu from Trump's regime. Americans' trademark boundless optimism about things always working out in the end for them is quickly turning into complacent laziness and willful blindness. eand.co/we-dont-know-h…
Realistically, I don't think that critics of the government will be jailed or disappeared in the next four years if Trump wins. There will still be enough pushback. But if the GOP can consolidate enough power under him, just about anything is on the table for 2024 and beyond.
It's already mainstream right wing thought that political opposition should be prosecuted for treason just for being the political opposition. The worse things get for them, the angrier they'll become and the more violence they'll start demanding.
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24 Aug 20
According to Ben "My Wife Stays Dry, Thank You Very Much Liberals" Shapiro, a tryst with the pool boy followed by dirty business dealings to reward him for having sex with your wife and partying on yachts and in boozy nightclubs with you is just traditional morality. 🤪
I'm going to say this very loudly and clearly for those who don't get it. If Falwell and his wife enjoyed swinging and partying, this would be a private matter we shouldn't give two shits about. However, Falwell doesn't just practice the lifestyle he decries, he spent most of ...
... his life demonizing his own hobbies, lying to donors who thought they were giving money to a man of high moral standards while misappropriating their cash, and fighting to legislate what consenting adults are and aren't allowed to do in their own beds for money and power.
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