There's a tonne of additional Brexit-related changes coming down the pipe. We're not done with the upheaval yet!

I've laid out the timeline for these changes below.

30 June 2021: Deadline to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme in the UK.
1 July 2021: New EU VAT regime, affecting sales into the EU market by non-EU firms. Elimination of VAT exemption on low value consignments (previously up to EUR 22) so all goods imported into the EU will be liable to VAT.…
1 July 2021: HTA licences required to import or export human tissue and cells between GB and the EEA.…
1 July 2021: Marriage Visitor visas required to visit the UK to get married for people or their family who are from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein (unless they are Irish citizens, or have gone through the EU Settlement Scheme).
1 October 2021: National IDs are no longer valid for most travel to the UK. Instead, passports will be required. Impacts school trips, language and cultural exchanges etc.

(NOTE: National IDs are mandatory in most EU countries, so many children won't have passports.)
1 October 2021: Importers of animal products will have to pre-notify officials.…
1 January 2022: CE mark will no longer be valid for goods on the UK market. New UK mark required instead, at extra cost and double the certification effort. (UK manufacturers will also need CE marks to sell their products in the EU.)
1 January 2022: Introduction of customs declarations on all goods coming into the UK, as well as safety and security declarations. Deferred customs declaration scheme ends.

NOTE: This has already been delayed, so could end up delayed again.…
1 January 2022: Physical SPS checks begin on animal products, and on high-risk plant products coming from the EU to the UK.

Again, like the customs declarations, the UK Government may decide to delay this again rather than face reality.…
March 2022: Final "Phase 3" regime of inspections begins for plants and plant products imported from the EU to GB. Includes identity and physical SPS checks.…
30 June 2022: EU's 18-month temporary equivalence decision on UK CCPs expires, affecting financial operations. (EU clearing members are meant to have reduced their exposure to UK CCPs by then.)…
Late 2022: EU European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) scheme begins, requiring advance registration before travel to the EU, for a fee. Cost expected to be 7 euro. ETIAS will be valid for 3 years.…
1 January 2023: End of grace period for registering chemicals in the UK under the old system.

Duplicate registration effort (UK and EU) required going forward.
Please let me know if there are any other upcoming deadlines I've missed. Thanks.

• • •

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25 Jun
One of the most damaging impacts of Brexit is likely to come on 1 January 2022.

That's when the CE mark will no longer be valid for goods on sale in Great Britain (NI is an even more awkward case).

Instead, a new UKCA mark will be needed. This has a number of consequences...
1. GB manufacturers will incur the expense of separate UKCA and CE certification if they want to sell their products in the EU or to NI.

2. EU manufacturers will have to register UKCA marks just for 1 market out of 28. How many will have sales volumes that warrant that hassle?
3. Goods sold in NI will continue to need the CE mark.

4. Non-EU non-UK manufacturers will also need UKCA marks. Again, how many will bother with that extra bureaucracy, rather than just give up on the UK market?

There's a lot more on this here...…
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25 Jun
Has anyone in history been less gracious in victory than the Brexiters?

They got what they wanted.

But that hasn't been enough. It's never enough. Many continue to behave as if their fondest dream is to bathe in Remainer tears.

If someone's not hurting, they're not winning!
This intellectual sadism has become a substitute for Brexit wins as we would normally understand the concept, i.e. the things to be gained from Brexit.

That's because there aren't any. Or none that outweigh what we've lost.

So making a bad situation intolerable will have to do.
At the end of the day, Brexit is nothing more than the licence a group of bullies - a sadly large group, at that - need to beat up everyone else.

Only, they're not doing it stealthily behind the bike sheds, but heads held high in broad daylight in the middle of the street.
Read 4 tweets
25 Jun
Let's keep track of which Tory MPs use the insult "remoaner", shall we? For posterity, and all that... Plus it gives an idea of the inclusive tolerance of those elected to represent ALL their constituents.

We have:
- Julian Knight
- Tim Loughton
- Andrew Bridgen
- Tom Hunt
Could there be more? Let's see...
- Nigel Adams
- Iain Duncan Smith
- Robert Halfon
- Bernard Jenkin
Surely that must be the end of the divisive unprofessionalism? You'd think so, and yet...
- Tom Hunt
- Richard Graham
- David TC Davies MP
- Owen Paterson
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24 Jun
Cases are rising, despite the vaccine. They will rise more if we get rid of all restrictions. 10% of recent hospitalisations were 2-dosers.

So when is it safe - really safe - to fully open up?

When the vaccine alone is sufficient to stop cases rising, despite no other defences.
When will that be?

Arguably not before those young people receiving their first doses right now have had their second.

So, 8-12 weeks plus 3 weeks for the second dose to reach peak effectiveness.

If the vaccine doesn't halt the pandemic's progression then, it never will.
Note: 11-15 weeks is not and has never been the same as "forever". It's 11-15 weeks, nothing more, nothing less.

So those fighting an "eternal" lockdown are creating a straw man to argue against.
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24 Jun
"‘Only Remainers complaining!’ Britons back new patriotic song for school children – poll"

That's in the EXPRESS.

Even they could only muster 49.6% support (vs. 48.3% "no") for the hyper-creepy song One Britain One Nation are pushing for schools to sing.…
If you don't know the song, it begins...
"We are Britain
And we have one dream
To unite all people
In one great team"

and ends...
"Strong Britain, Great Nation
Strong Britain, Great Nation
Strong Britain, Great Nation
Strong Britain, Great Na-a-tion."

Not a joke. It's real!
One Britain One Nation claims this on its homepage: " Today’s Britain boasts a wonderful array of cultures. It is our multicultural identity that makes Britain so unique.

Our diverse cultures are inextricably linked by the sole fact that we are British."
Read 7 tweets
24 Jun
Many Brexiters are deflecting from the news O2 is reintroducing roaming fees for EU travel by saying "only above a huge 25GB of data so it's a non-story".

Not the point. O2 is doing something that was supposedly not going to happen. Others can follow. Or O2 can lower its limits.
There is literally nothing stopping them now that we're no longer in the EU, and therefore no longer subject to the directive on roaming.

Our right to roam at home rates used to be protected under EU law. Now we're entirely reliant on the kindness of huge multinational firms.
It's like looking at a dam, and seeing a trickle of water seep through a crack.

The big story isn't that it's only a trickle. It's that the dam isn't watertight any more.

Where O2 has shown the way, others can now follow.
Read 5 tweets

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