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29 Jun, 8 tweets, 3 min read
Let me be completely clear about this: Continuing to post on this site if the timeline is algorithmic, not chronological, is *unpaid labor*. It would mean rather than communicating with people, I'd be providing "content" which Twitter posts as they believe they can monetize. Image
I'm not interested in contributing to a site like that and I'm not interested in reading it.
"Algorithms" like Facebook uses and @Twitter— judging by the RT curve on my tweets about the A/B test/rollout this weekend— is moving us to with no announcement, are an accelerant for our worst impulses. They're why Facebook is dominated by Tucker Carlson/white supremacist shit.
Share-based systems like old Twitter or the old blogosphere can sometimes be dominated by attention-hacking content. Engagement algorithms mean a site consisting of literally nothing else. They transform a skinner box with a community hanging onto it into a pure skinner box.
This tweet of mine (not a good tweet, pure speculation) has been getting a LOT of shares the last few days and I think because it speaks to a fantasy, the fantasy @Twitter is listening to you or cares what you think.
.@Twitter, Inc doesn't care about you. Twitter doesn't care what you think. You are meat to them. Meat to be processed and sold, nothing else.

Removing the chronological timeline— literally the only thing this site has going for it— would be the purest possible proof of that.
Found myself moved back after about 20 minutes, which is consistent with what other people have been reporting since Friday. Image
Possibilities remain at:
- This is an A/B test
- or a bug
- or a gradual rollout

The 20min timeframe makes it sound like a bug or rollout (assume they have shards, and code rolls out to one at a time). If it's a rollout, you'd expect the no-Latest-Tweets periods to accelerate.

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3 Jul
Alright… busy day ahead of me… lots of important stuff to do Image
I rescued Alice, assholes. From fuckin MALIFICENT. Yeah, that's right. What have YOU done today
OMG I'm so ready to set out on my most adventuresome quest yet Image
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2 Jul
I am trying to use my webcam.
Somehow, no app is recognizing it.
If I open Camera it says it's in use already,
but if I look under camera app permissions in Settings it doesn't list any app as using the camera.

What gives? Image
It's just fricking wild to me that Windows has concepts of exclusive mode for both microphone and camera devices and yet no way to query which app is holding the exclusive token. (Come to think of it, same with Windows' many "file in use, can't delete/rename " bottlenecks)
Beginning to worry that my webcam might actually be broken (it did get dropped yesterday). No Windows app can talk to it and a restart did not help. If I plug it into my mac, the mac can see it as a microphone but not as a camera device (?).
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8 Jun
So here's a weird question: I'm writing a piece of software that sometimes identifies "addresses" as strings of dense unicode, like


The base58 versions are unlikely to ever accidentally be anything other than random characters; English is high-entropy.

But the version that produces strings of Chinese characters. That worries me.

Is there a good way to scan a string to tell if it is "offensive" in Chinese?
That is, I'm worried that an identifier which could contain random adjacent chinese characters which a Chinese reader would read meaning into, and find it scatological. In testing I've already had it randomly generate a swastika once (inevitable, it shows up at 4 codepoints).
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8 Jun
This is the one piece of pride month pandering I will endorse because doing this with cereal rules
Like whenever my parents would get those mini-paks when I was a kid
Someday corporations will realize that there's a backdoor in millennial anti-consumerism the exact size and shape of things we loved when we were 7
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8 Jun
Well THIS sure looks like a branch point for an alt history novel
The structure of tech companies puts SO much power in the hands of single, individual men accountable to no one else that the death of one of those men, hypothetically speaking, has the potential to change history & culture in a way akin to, in centuries past, the death of a king
Except maybe more so because a lot of kings were fairly apathetic, hands-off rulers and only really engaged with government insofar as it meant raiding tax revenue to build palaces. Tech CEOs have a tendency toward micromanagement. (Although they also build palaces.)
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6 Jun
*Mind wandering* I wonder what RFC 69 is.

*looks it up*

Holy shit. It is LITERALLY a "please remove me from this mailing list" email
Okay. What about RFC 420?


later in the RFC:


Seems pitch perfect yeah
RFC 666 is just kinda boring. It's a follow-on to what appears to be an unsuccessful early attempt to define a common command language that would be shared by telnet-based protocols like POP3, FTP etc. I can't think of anything funny to say about it at all
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