This was my old truck. 🥲

In 2017, I donated it to @freestore15104 it’s saved 1000’s + 1000’s of pounds of food, merchandise, furniture for those they serve.

At 189,435 miles she gave all that she had to give. 😇💀

If you’re able, their new truck🙏🏻👇…
The new truck is a Ford 2012 with an 8ft bed that would have a long, long life and help feed, clothe and resource local families for a long, long time.

100% of any funds generously donated go to its purchase.

Thank you. 😄
This truck is used multiple times a week for food rescues from Trader Joe’s, Costco, WholeFoods etc.

All of the 1st quality food and personal care items are given at no cost -ever- to families in need.
So, just how old was the old girl?

#FlashbackFriday pic of it taken 6 years ago this month for my first campaign- ever. 😅

She’s been to all 67 counties and back, saved tons and tons of food and done a lot of good in her many, many years.

• • •

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29 Jun
PA Election Math problem:

👉 5 Dead 💀 👵🏻 Moms voted for the former President in 2020 in PA.

👉 Got $3.1M the PAGOP snuck into the budget for a “Election Audit Bureau” =

$620,000 per PA Dead Mom vote.

@GovernorTomWolf =

VETO ✔️…
PAGOP: Hey, we thought you like to know because you cast a vote for your deceased mother in 2020, we added an extra $620,000 to the PA budget in both your honor.…
You too, Forty Fort dude- an $620,000 extra for you and Mom! 👵🏻💀✔️…
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22 Jun
I promise to always be that 51st vote.
Filibuster protects democracy
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3 Jun
“more than 22,000 staff hours — just 16 prosecutions”

The nation’s *2nd largest state* spent 22,000 hours (there’s 8.8K hours in a year) in 2020 for 16 CASES.

Exhaustive, endless, performative
*and* conclusive:

VOTER FRAUD is a myth in TX or PA.…
Often and ironically, much of the evidence of zero voter fraud is produced by the GOP itself.

How caustic and damaging is it to our shared democracy when a phenomenon nearly as rare as Easter Bunny sightings has become an essential plank in their party’s platform?
How central has this lie become to their party’s core identity?

My Georgia counterpart lost his political career because he refused to lie about 2020.

In Texas, their LG offered a $1M reward for “voter fraud” (but never coughed it up.)
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2 Mar
$15 hr is $31,000 a year of 2,000 hours of hard, often unglamorous work.

Day in, day out.

These people making $174,000 a year won’t cede this most meager baseline.

Though I have a MBA, I don’t need an advanced degree to know how utterly shitty that is…
These are the *same* people who argued against the weekend
Days off??!! What?! It will crash the economy. What will our small businesses do??
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1 Mar
PAGOP told me to shut up about weed for years.

YES to a plant 🪴:

“New York state would yield over $700 million in tax revenue and create over 50,000 jobs by 2027, estimates in a new economic analysis.”

67% of PA from 67 Counties want Legal Weed ✅…
Legal Weed > Grafting a mini casino onto a dead mall + “small games of chance in bars” + lying about the 2020 election
FUN FACT: In PA, it’s perfectly legal to gamble away your retirement savings *on your iPhone* but you’ll go to prison for years as a convicted felon if you’re caught with 2 weed plants in your home.
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18 Feb
27 years ago today, I met my Big Brothers “little”, Nick: One of the most transformative relationships of my life.

By 8, he would become an AIDS orphan. His circumstances were so divergent from my own, and unable to reconcile that, I upended my whole path and took a new one.
Right before his mother died in 1994, I promised her I would get her son to college.

This is Nick’s graduation from @wjcollege in 2009 with G, and Karl.

By then, I just won my 2nd term as Braddock’s mayor. A path that Nick and his circumstances put me on 15 years earlier.
Today, Nick is a 36 year old man-12 years older than I was when we met- and works for an organization that helps the formerly incarcerated acclimate onto a new path.

I am your LG, and before you today, but for that core observation of our society I first fully absorbed in 1994.
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