THREAD: I've been a Theravada Buddhist for over 20 years. While it's my religion, it's only sometimes that I deeply appreciate that it's also my lens. Watching #lucabeth & thinking about true love is one example. #Hearties @krbisme05 @blackredrose70 @blancef @Shayhooray1
In Buddhism, (Buddha-Dharma), there are four elements that must be present for true love to exist between two people, whether romantic or not. The 1st is maitri (loving-kindness). This is the capacity to help your partner to be happy. But at the same time, you are also happy.
With maitri, as with all the four elements, if you have the capacity to offer happiness to you parter (meaning you make them happy) but your partner doesn't have the capacity to offer happiness to you, then true love does not exist between you (especially in a romance).
Maitri, according to the sages, requires deep listening and attention to what your partner needs. You have to see things as they are - the real situation without filter, bias or attachment - to respond in a way that brings happiness. (Sound like someone we know?) #lucabeth
The 2nd element is karuna (compassion). With karuna is botth the intention & capacity to relieve & transform the suffering of your partner. W/in this compassion is deep concern for your partner. You're able to touch their pain & help bring about joy, give comfort, remove doubt.
The 3rd element is mudita (Joy). If the love does not bring joy to botth partners, it may be love, but it is not true love. Joy, in this context, means to dwell happily in the present moment - not concerned w/the future or the past. It is a place filled w/peace & contentment.
For me, Lucas bringing dinner to Elizabeth's backyard was an evening of mudita for them both. Elizabeth was dwelling happily in the present moment & Lucas was just as happy to be there w/her. It was not superficial, but a real sign of true love according to the Buddha #lucabetth
The 4th (and last) element is upeksha (equanimity) & where I think Lucas and Elizabeth both show their true love. To have this element, you do not see yourself as separate from your partner. You don't discriminate or bring prejudice attachment to the relationship. #lucabeth
With upeksha, your love has no clinging, to the person or to your own position & you can put yourself in the other person's skin. This is why #lucabeth disagree/argue so well. They come wanting to see the other's viewpoint & even when concerned, they are able to be impartial/fair
Also w/upeksha, there is no separation or exclusion. Your happiness is your partner's happiness. Their problems are your problems. Your aspirations are their aspirations. In this way, Lucas would make Elizabeth's dreams of being a writer his own. This is part of upeksha.
For me, all of elements: maitri, karuna, mudita & upeksha are why #lucabeth are such a strong couple w/wonderful potential. They bring happiness, compassion, joy & non-possessive appreciation to each other. This is what I saw through my lens as a Buddhist. True love. #Hearties
Thanks for reading if you made it this far. LOL

I owe a good deal of this threads cohensivness to Thich Nhat Hanh's writing. If interested, please see more information here. It's a quick read and offered with no intention or attachment. Just a share:…

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