Note how he never says it is right to teach CRT, only that is wrong not to. This reasoning exemplifies the basic incoherence of his argument.
The fundamental incoherence of French's argument, however, is truly revealed in this passage: "A wiser response to problematic elements of what is being labeled critical race theory would be twofold: propose better curriculums and enforce existing civil rights laws."
First, there is no logical reason that an alternative curriculum to CRT would be "better." Or that one is necessary. Removing CRT from the existing curriculum would, from the perspective of its opponents, would alone make it better. Which would satisfy French's first proposal.
A CRT-free curriculum IS a better curriculum. That is the whole point of excising it. French can disagree, but any move at this point to argue that removing CRT doesn't make for a better curriculum would be to shift the goalposts, since no definition of better was offered.
French, of course, doesn't think a CRT-free curriculum is better. At least, not one that is not different in any respect except that it no longer includes CRT. But he implicitly concedes the putative better curriculum would not contain CRT, since it is an alternative thereto.
But if this is so, then the original curriculum stripped of CRT has already achieved the purpose of the theoretical better curriculum: not having CRT in it. Therefore, the same end is achieved and the better curriculum becomes superfluous. Again, French's argument fails.
The second prong of French's argument, enforcing civil rights laws, is equally fallacious. French concedes that CRT may fall afoul of civil rights laws. But if this is so, it would be as just to remove CRT at its source as it would be to counter its effects.
Moreover, resort to the legal system is a long, arduous, expensive process. It might take years for a the courts to render a verdict. In the meantime, the ill persists. Children could go from elementary to middle school by the time a final decision is reached.
French seems to think, at least as far as CRT is concerned, that a malady can only be cured after the fact but not before it occurs. Which makes no sense. It is like saying you can buy a mop to wipe up the water from your overflowing bathtub, but can't drain the water from it.
Like many lawyers, French seems to think the law is the primary, though perhaps not the only, means to resolve a problem. But it is not. And to attempt to turn CRT into a legal issue is to betray a basic lack of understanding of the nature of the problem.
Public schools are creatures of the state and as long as that is so, the state will have the ultimate power to determine what they teach and how they teach it. One can think this is a good or a bad thing, and also that some exercises of this power are better than others.
But this is the elemental reality of public schools, and refusing to acknowledge it can only lead to the sort of logical cul-de-sac into which French has retreated and now finds himself further and further ensnared in.

• • •

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