1. This History Thread is about Burma (Myanmar) relations with Russia. Over many years the relationship has had some interesting twists & turns. Currently the connection consists mainly of Russian arms deals + diplomatic enabling for Myanmar coup regime. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar ImageImageImage
2. Among earliest descriptions of lands that would become Burma by travelers from far away: 15th C. Russian merchant Athanasius Nikitin told his readers about Pegu, “a not inconsiderable port” inhabited by “Indian dervishes” (Muslim mystics) who traded in rubies & other gems. Image
3. Britain colonized Burma in late 19th C. during a time when Britain & Russia were rivals in HImalayas & Central Asia “Great Game.” Ivan Minayev of the Russian Geographical Society traveled in Burma 1885-6 to study Buddhist manuscripts & archeology. Image
4. Burma’s independence leader Aung San’s anti-colonial political/economic viewpoint was inspired by Russian Communists. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) recognized Union of Burma on its post-WW2 1948 independence from Britain, opened embassy there in 1951. Image
5. Among Burma’s post-WW2 Communists differences re Soviet Union exacerbated split betw. Thakin Soe's Red Flag & Thakin Than Tun’s White Flag parties. Early Soviet influence wd be replaced for most Communists in Burma by Communist China as inspiration, supporter, weapons source. Image
6. USSR, an ally of Burma’s neighbor India, maintained a substantial Cold War diplomatic presence & KGB budget in Burma. Prime Minister U Nu visited Moscow in 1955. Soviet PM Khrushchev visited Burma in 1955 & ’60, predicting “Sooner or later new people would come to power.” Image
7. Khrushchev’s interest in Burma came with gifts: 3 kg. caviar for U Nu, campus for Rangoon Institute of Technology. And the Inya Lake Hotel for Burma government: “Soviet-style hideous concrete abomination” (Tripadvisor) or midcentury modern landmark? yangongui.de/inya-lake-hote… Image
8. 1959 2 unusual Burma/USSR incidents. May 1959 Col. Mikhail Stryguine, Soviet military attache of Rangoon embassy was hospitalized for drug overdose, forced onto plane back to USSR. Soviet embassy toughs beat reporters at airport, Burma reporters pelted embassy w. tomatoes. Image
9. June 1959, Rangoon: As recounted in his interesting memoir “Inside a Soviet Embassy” Burmese-speaking Russian diplomat/KGB agent Aleksandr Kaznacheev defected to the United States with Burma government consent. Image
10. After Gen. Ne Win 1962 coup Burma was Cold War neutral & quit Non-Aligned Movement. Avoided allying w. USSR as feared USSR’s rival China could retaliate by increasing backing for Burma's Communist armed groups. Soviet aid: poorly designed Kyetmauktaung irrigation dam project. Image
11. When Shan St. narcotrafficker Khun Sa was in jail in 1973, 2 Russian doctors were kidnapped from the Soviet-built hospital in Taunggyi and held hostage for his release. Thai General Kriangsak Chamanan mediated the release of the doctors. Khun Sa got released later. ImageImage
12. Post-Communist Russia strengthened ties w. Myanmar (Burma) military. Numerous Myanmar officers trained at Russian military academies. Russia announced planned Myanmar nuclear reactor, reportedly trained hundreds of Myanmar “nuclear-energy specialists.” content.time.com/time/world/art…
13. In 2010s despite elections & National League for Democracy role, Tatmadaw (Myanmar military) retained crucial powers & its wars continued. With assistance from Myanmar crony tycoon Tay Za, Russia outpaced China’s arms sales to Myanmar. irrawaddy.com/news/burma/bur…
14. Russia became Myanmar’s largest weapons source. Russian MiG-29 jets, helicopters, Yak-130 training/attack jets, air defense missile systems. Ordered Su-30 fighter/attack aircraft, drones. Russian helicopters in Kachin war, my 2013 Project Maje report: projectmaje.org/airwar.htm Image
15. Russia & China block UN Security Council efforts to hold Myanmar govt/military accountable for severe human rights violations. Vetoed 2007 resolution. Blocked UNSC response to Rohingya genocide. Removed call for action from March 2021 UNSC statement.
16. Coup dictator Gen. Min Aung Hlaing has close Russia relationship. Russia’s Defense Min. Gen. Sergei Shoigu visited Myanmar just before Feb. 1, 2021 coup. Armed Forces Day March 27, Russia’s Deputy Defense Min. Col-Gen. Alexander Fomin an honored guest. bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinio…
17. In addition to Russia, former USSR nations Ukraine and Belarus have also sold weapons to the Myanmar military. Belarus was only UN General Assembly member to vote against June 18, 2021 resolution regarding Myanmar coup (Russia abstained.) justiceformyanmar.org/stories/belaru…
18. Report revealing June 13-19, 2021 Russian delegation visit to Myanmar, Vice-Admiral Vladimir Lvovich Kasatonov as well as “at least one representative of Russian state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport.” myanmar-now.org/en/news/russia…
19. Russian arms deals have continued since Myanmar coup. Gen. Min Aung Hlaing’s 7th Russia trip took place June 2021, not head of state visit (no Putin/Lavrov mtg) but security conference, shipbuilding factory tour & honors from a Military University. asiatimes.com/2021/07/russia…
20/20. Thanks @hmarston4 for this thread idea! Sources on Russia/Burma include: Ludmila Lutz-Auras, @AjayKamalakaran, @JusticeMyanmar, Kanbawza Win, @gardlunden. My previous History Threads are at projectmaje.org. My 5th year on Twitter, thanks for following,❤️& retweets! Image

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