#BlackWidow is SUPERB.
ScarJo doing her thing as usual, Florence Pugh is amazing, MOROCCO BUDAPEST THE RED ROOM!al A touch of Bond, and Bourne, and the Winter Soldier. Litre bit of Third Act Marvelitis, but done well.
And a chief baddie who ruins girls’ lives, steals their futures, controls the world, and couldn’t look more like Harvey Weinstein if he tried.
One post credit scene. Someone new we've only met recently...
Addendum: #BlackWidow doesn't so much pass the Bechdel test, as sails over it, superhero landing, laughing at the necessity of its existence, cackling. It's the Simone Biles of the Bechdel test.

• • •

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4 Jul
I wrote a feature for the Mail on Sunday about human evolution, including the latest findings about the big headed Chinese/Maguire skull from last week, and general debunking of some of the simplistic old narrative of humankind's journey. HUMANKind
The Mail's outlook is generally far from aligned with my own, but I saw this as an opportunity to do some science communication to a large new audience. It was a pleasure working with the editor.
I did request that we use humankind - as we have been in science for many years now - and not mankind, but they didn't change that, which I regret.
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30 Jun
Hmmm, this looks a lot like scientific racism to me. paging @TinaLasisi for her take.
@TinaLasisi Of course, the relationship between scientific racism and swimming is deep. The myth of buoyancy due to <something something> bone density is commonly held, and used to explain the stark absence of black swimmers at all levels of swimming competence.
In fact, the reasons why far fewer black people in the USA can swim are entirely socioeconomic: pools were built in white areas after legal segregation ended in 64; no role models, no parents who swim.
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26 Jun
An interesting tale of science communication, journalism and the culture wars has just dropped - ​🧵
@JenniferRaff @ewanbirney @aylwyn_scally @minouye271 + I recently published a paper about the lexicon of genetics, and how it needs to be addressed
We argue that certain terms are confusing, scientifically invalid, and some are wedded to the racist history of our field.
Last night, the Telegraph published a hit piece on it
...which misrepresents the arguments, misquotes the paper, and spells two of our names wrong. Nice work.
I wonder if this might be some latent revenge, as I have a previous run in with the author over some of the most comically wrong reporting of a science story ever
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21 Jun
New paper klaxon! @JenniferRaff @ewanbirney @aylwyn_scally @minouye271 and I have been working on this a while: sparking a conversation about the lexicon of genetics, which continues to utilise scientifically redundant, confusing and racist terminology.

We’re definitely not prescribing or policing language, but want to prompt a dialogue with colleagues in similar and adjacent fields about our terminology m, datasets and tools, and move towards a lexicon that both serves the science and frees us from a racist past.
This is to be a conversation, so please please please let us know what you think. This is a preprint, it is also in with a journal, but this is a community effort to move genetics forward. 🧬
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23 May
In 1877, Rhodes wrote in his will about forming a secret society devoted to the British conquering the entire world, as the ‘Anglo Saxon race’ were the finest people on Earth and deserved to rule over and occupy every other country. His ambition was pretty much equal to Hitler’s.
I know we bandy words like white supremacy and racist around rather easily these days, and false comparisons to Hitler has its own law - but Godwin’s Law does not apply when the comparison is justified, and Rhodes was a literal white supremacist with a comic book global ambition
Nigel Biggar must know this, yet writes the same anti-intellectual and anti-history piece for the Telegraph week on week, presumably high on the attention, like an addicted one trick pony.
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14 May
New paper out today, finally, on the misplaced confidence about a so-called geographical ‘homeland’ of Homo sapiens, and how to avoid ‘inference pitfalls’ from weak data.

Led by @DrEleanorScerri, @cschlebu, @liisaloog and @mt_genes, it’s a response to Chan et al (2019), a Nature paper which we didn’t think was very good, and was misleading about how we can understand human origins.
Thanks to a dizzying array of colleagues from a range of disciplines @huw_groucutt, @Turi__King, @chiarabarbieri, Guido Barbujani, @ChikhiLounes, @ChrisStringer65, Mattias Jakobsson, @DrAEriksson, @DrManica, @SarahTishkoff, @aylwyn_scally, Chris Brierley,
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