New version keeps many of the previously proposed restrictions but gets rid of: provision to ban Sunday morning early voting; at least 2 provisions to make it easier to overturn elections; a provision to make mail voters disclose whether they’re ill, injured, or have a disability
To be extra-extra-clear, the new version of the bill *gets rid of* previously proposed provisions that would've made it easier to overturn elections. Those provisions were in the bill Dems thwarted with their walkout but aren't in this newly filed version.
New bill also abandons GOP's previous attempt to require a disabled person who wants a mail ballot to be "not capable" of voting in person (not just "prevent"ed from voting in person), and abandons previous GOP language about a lack of transportation being insufficient grounds.
In summary, the new bill still contains significant new GOP restrictions and requirements (…), but the new bill is - at present! can still be changed! - less severe in a number of ways than the previous version the Democratic walkout thwarted.

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6 Jul
This "controversy" about the US Women's National Team was entirely fabricated by right-wing figures. Some of the players turned to face the flag during the anthem (it's located at one end of the stadium), while others looked forward like the veteran who was performing it. (1/3)
After running the baseless claim in a headline, Breitbart News ran an "update" that framed this as a he-said, she-said kind of thing -- "US women's soccer team denies claim" rather than "our story about the US women's soccer team was bad." (2/3)
Fox News also went with this "denies" framing.

To their credit, some on the right -- even some who don't have the best accuracy record, like Ryan Saavedra -- made a genuine attempt to correct the phony narrative.
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31 May
The bill does not make it “illegal” to drive more than 2 non-relatives. It says people driving more than 2 disabled or sick non-relatives - people allowed to have a ballot brought to them at the curb to fill out in the car - have to *fill out a form* with their name and address.
There is lots of criticism of the fill-a-form requirement for drivers doing a good deed. But a) it's not a ban of any kind, and b) it doesn't apply to people driving voters going inside to vote; it's limited to people transporting disabled or sick voters who are voting outside.
No, I'm correct. The language in the bill limits the restriction to people driving non-relatives "voting under this section." Legislation is complicated, but "this section" is a *section about people physically incapable of voting inside the building.*
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19 May
This is going viral before anyone confirms who it is actually from - and it is signed by anonymous “members” of the Capitol Police, not by the organization itself or its chief. Caution recommended!
Very big difference. This is not a statement from the US Capitol Police as an organization, as the initial viral tweet said/suggested. (I know some people will respond “same thing,” but it’s really not.)
Yes, aware of this from Raskin’s office. I’m noting that, whatever its merits, an unsigned letter from an unknown number of unnamed people at the Capitol Police is substantially different than a statement issued by the Capitol Police.
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25 Apr
This stuff is completely imaginary. Biden has not proposed any limit on Americans’ meat consumption.

What happened: 1) The Daily Mail ran an article that dishonestly connected Biden’s climate plan with a not-at-all-about-Biden study. 2) Others on the right just ran with this.
The UMichigan study is not about the Biden plan at all. It looks at what would happen to emissions if US people hypothetically cut their meat consumption by various %. Daily Mail took the biggest hypothetical % reduction studied and falsely made it sound like Biden demands this.
In children’s terms, the study found that if people reduce meat eating by a lot, emissions would fall a lot.

Daily Mail was like...Biden wants to cut emissions by a lot. Therefore, he’ll force people to reduce meat eating by the same amount this random study looked at.

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6 Apr
Here's a non-comprehensive thread on how Colorado's elections law is extremely different than Georgia's.
Mail ballots: Colorado sends a ballot to every active registered voter. In Georgia, a voter must request a ballot. The Secretary of State and other officials are now banned from even sending *applications* to everyone. 1/
In-person voter ID: Colorado allows various non-photo ID for in-person voting, including a birth certificate, recent bill/bank statement/check. Georgia requires photo ID. 2/
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2 Apr
Biden keeps suggesting the GA law ends voting at 5. It doesn’t, even in early voting.

The vague old law required early voting at least “normal business hours.” The new law just clarifies this means at least until 5. Counties can still choose to go to 7:…
Some Biden defenders are misinterpreting the history here. GA law *already allowed counties to end early voting as early as 5.* Many counties already did. The new law does not impose a cut to 5. It does significant other restrictions, which I've written about! But not this.
Some are saying "we're not fooled, this law lets Republicans close early voting at 5." But that was already permitted under the "normal business hours" minimum in the old law. New law says, effectively, "you can't claim normal biz hours means 10 to 4 or something. It's 9 to 5."
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