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The hostile takeover of America: a coordinated subversion of 6 key spheres of influence

1. Propaganda
2. Family
3. Economy
4. Health: Mental + Physical
5. Spiritually
6. Federal + State Governments Infiltration
1. Propaganda
Take over ALL communications media: educational institutions, entertainment, 'news', Big Tech. Spread poisonous doctrines + revisionist history. Teach anti-American hate. Gaslight, distract, divide + misinform. Suppress speech. Mind control via information control.
2. Family
Destroy the family unit. Economically, make it hard to sustain a family on a single income. Implement policies that favor the breakdown of traditional family structure. Push 'feminism', 'sexual liberation', 'transgenderism', etc. Normalize divorce, celebrate abortion.
2. Family pt. 2
Less time with parents, and/or unstable family home = breeding grounds for indoctrination of children by outside influencers. Vilify homeschooling, limit school choice, implement garbage curriculums in schools/universities like CRT, 'gender studies' (point 1).
3. Economy
Bankrupt the country. Gut the middle class by shipping industries overseas, foster individual serfdom on the State; kill any form of national independence (e.g. energy/supply chains). Allow infrastructure to crumble. Deprive people from their earning power by imposing
3. Economy pt. 2
... taxes, based on fabricated justifications (war, climate change). Subvert 'free market' to set up oligarchic system - nobody rises in *key* industries unless allowed. Financial manipulations to further entrench classes/ cement hierarchic divide top vs bottom.
4. Health: Mental + Physical
Weaken subjects. Demoralize, brainwash + dumb down (point 1). Modern comforts as a means to subdue/render us lethargic. Target bodies with noxious components: junk food, endocrine disruptors, opioids, jabs. Medicine not meant to cure but mask illness.
5. Spiritually
Remove God. Extinguish that connection, and the notion that our rights are in fact God given, ie not derived from government. Trivialize and mock 'religious' teaching. Push atheism/wokism/progressivism. Desecrate US founding principles for this v reason (point 1).
5. Spiritually pt.2
Break down the institution of marriage (point 2), Weaken the Biblical family model. First by intensifying the normalization of sinful behavior; then, again, by celebrating and glamorizing degeneracy, perversion and satanic practices, incl. child sexualization.
6. Federal + State Governments
Fed gov: place + promote individuals who further [ policies and laws that facilitate above agenda ] at the Legislative, Executive, Judicial levels + affiliated institution and [intel] agencies; and increasingly even the Military.

Local gov: idem.
6. Federal + State Governments pt. 2
Examples INPO: unconstitutional election law changes, emergency acts, FISA abuses, detrimental trade agreements, bank bailouts, unreined Big Tech monopolistic behavior, speech suppression, immigration crisis, dubious FDA approvals, education
6. Federal + State Governments pt. 3
..and tax policies, 'defund the police', rioters/looters bailouts

Basically anything that erodes citizens' Constitutional rights - or that fosters chaos to justify more encroachment down the line and ofc: to destroy the middle class (point 3)
ALL the above was a concerted effort over decades +++. This is the hostile takeover of America, the one nation that successfully secured these rights as the core tenet rooted in its inception - and the one nation standing in the way of total, global hegemony aka NWO.

The erosion of US national sovereignty takes root well over a century ago. Woodrow Wilson era = turning point. The American people were wise to his crew's globalist plot back then, rejecting the League of Nations in favor of isolationism. Took 2 WWs and some to wear them down...
The year is 2021: almost the entire natsec apparatus has been deployed inwards to target ANYONE who objects and dares oppose this plot. Crises are fabricated to execute the above.

The subverted, two-tiered judicial system is part the snare (Flynn, J6 political prisoners).
And last but not least, circling back to point 1: the main choke point rests in the information war with the Regime Media/Big Tech.

We must do everything we can to expose all the above machinations. Spread accurate info around us. Support content creators working hard to dig and
... distill the info for us to share. Speak and stand up. Get involved locally.

The only viable counterforce rests on the shoulders of Patriots who will defend America First principles and US Founding Docs.

The time to Save America from this ongoing attack is now.

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Feb 14
Tony Blair's conversation "Transforming Nations: Is Tech Our Solution?" with Albanian PM Edi Rama at the World Government Summit was about how our governments will digitize public services –– and our entire society.

"This technology revolution gives us the opportunity [...] to reimagine the state itself."
"It's not the people that corrupt the systems, it's the systems that corrupt the people. So you need to build systems that are then capable to keep the people on leash, in terms of respecting procedures..."

Rama argues that technology allows for that type of "system of service", and that it is practical for the people.
"You can literally go through every single aspect of government and see how change can come about [...] in healthcare, in education, in payments made to people..."

Tony Blair further praises Albania's use of technology, which set it on the EU path.
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May 19, 2023
Different era, same tactics.

Illustration published by the American Public Health Association in 1930 to target "anti-vaccinationists".

Different era, same state-sponsored tyranny.

Illustration published by the London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination in the late 1800s, following a series of mandatory acts enforced in the UK.

Different era, same state-sponsored tyranny (bis).

Insert from a pamphlet published in Canada circa 1885 denouncing forced vaccination, vaccine-linked deaths and the "senseless panic".

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Oct 31, 2022
"With all the focus on censorship of big names, conservatives risk forgetting about an all-important right in today’s tech-dominated age: The right to anonymous speech"

Owning a social media platform will be of little to no importance if governments outlaw online anonymity...
"This is not an issue where patriots and critics of our corrupt Regime can afford to capitulate, or worse yet, collaborate in abolishing individual privacy. Protecting and expanding online anonymity should be a central priority of the modern right"… Image
Along with legislation aimed at banning anonymity, AI surveillance capabilities pose an existential threat to free speech online:… Image
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Aug 18, 2022


The takedown of America has been going on for a very long time, and on multiple fronts.

This raid on Mar-a-Lago is only the latest episode in a war that the Regime has been waging against America’s sovereignty and its defenders for more than a hundred years.

As Ron Paul explains in this 1988 clip, the Regime’s weaponization of the national security apparatus against US dissidents is nothing new. Case in point, Woodrow Wilson used the FBI to persecute opponents of US entry into WWI:


Important to note that the FBI is illegitimate, having been created unconstitutionally in 1908 by Theodore Roosevelt’s attorney general Charles Bonaparte, underscoring the fact that the DOJ of that time was just as politicized as Merrick Garland’s today.
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Feb 11, 2022
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A New Phase in the War

The lowering of restrictions recently announced in Common Wealth countries and other European nations are a false reprieve in this psychological war.

A) first and foremost, the restrictions and mandates are not working anymore,
... so they need to shift narratives.

B) it's a way of getting people to lower their guards.

C) it's also an attempt to influence the portion of the population that still looks up to the MSM and our governments, to subconsciously get them to think 'look, they've admitted...
... they made mistakes, we can still trust them', and thus to comply with the next narrative.

Generally, it just participates to the cognitive dissonance and demoralization of the population. Restrictions/ease of restrictions/restrictions/ease of restrictions. You go mad from...
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Aug 19, 2021
To this day, Americans are the least racist people on the planet.

[They] are using parts of your history (which is no more or even less tainted than that of other nations) to bend your knee.

Society has been engineered to answer to this dog whistle in order to guilt trip...
... Americans to accept detrimental policies for their nation ie immigration, preying on their good nature and benevolent character.

Similarly, they've used your Patriotism as I tweeted yday, in order to embroil you in wars designed to fail, and incidentally import migrants.
Tucker made this point brilliantly last night:

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