Since time isn't linear. Could it be that giving your sins over to Jesus Christ is a literal practice that is going on right now?
The basis of sacrifice is to take a pure animal and put the negative energy on it, so that it can be freed when the life is taken from the animal.
The pure animal takes on the impure energy and transmutes it. While you also take an impure animal and set it free. This is the practice done by those who sacrifice. This is the thinking behind it.
Back to Jesus. The pure one. Taking on all of our impurities. If we confess our
transgressions to Jesus Christ, the pure one, then when his death occurs, he will absolve us of our sins.
Since time isn't linear, that means this process is going on now, at this moment. You have the opportunity to place your burdens and sins on this sacrificial lamb.
You may ask how can someone do this. Well, you just need to create a space to talk to Jesus Christ yourself. Pass on the energy flow to Jesus. Imagine the wires that are connecting us all and that these wires transmit frequencies. Just take those energies & push them towards Him.
It isn't that difficult once you make connection. You just need to first make the connection. He is dying at this moment. So at this moment you can pass on your impurities. We can all become pure again if we all partake in this. Everyone is invited to do this. Jesus died for you
to do this. Literally, he sacrificed himself for all the rest of us. He's holding on to the now moment as best he can, but the now moment is ever so slipping away from Him. It's not much longer now until he is forced to let go of the now moment. This doesn't mean you can't be
saved or won't be saved or any type of imagery that is running through your head in a negative connotation. It simply means that this can help any & all of you. You can be alleviated if you take part. That's all it means. Go ahead & give it a try. What do you have to lose?
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7 Jul
1.What if instead of going back to source after death, you could become your own source of life. What if you could be an eternal individual being?
Instead of that, you could cease to exist as an individual and go back to source and become one with source again. Never to be an
2. Individual again. Your everything just merges with source consciousness and exists in unity.
Or you stay you and become the source of life yourself. Become an eternal God. One who walks with God, forever. A loving caretaker who is fair & just. You could be the multiverse.
3.A universe within a universe. You could do this. This is the purpose of life.
You are here to either play & go back to source or you can become an eternal individual God. This is what Jesus did to become our God. God essentially passed the mantle over.
He was the first to exist
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7 Jul
The concept of a second is so inconceivable. If you have no understanding of time, then how can you count something that doesn't exist. Even if you throw in that you have a base understanding of the sun rising & falling, how could you come up with fragments of that in any
Reasonable way? If you have no concept of time, how the fuck do you keep time in order for you to create terms for time? It's impossible to do something without the thing you need to do it with.
The only possible way is that time was implanted in this fucking realm by God.
When earth was created, time was/is the overriding program. It keeps everything moving & in a direction. You have to move in accordance to time. Or you cease to exist. Time is proof of God above all else. It cannot be unless something outside of time had a concept of time
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1 Jun
If this world is a video game based on the hero's journey, then wouldn't there be a main hero? Wouldn't there be 1 person who fits the bill better than all others? And if this is a God dream, then wouldn't the Hero be a perfect character? Who in this video game is pushed up
As God and the Hero/Savior more than anyone else? Jesus.
So, is it possible that we are all in Jesus' dream of the Hero's Journey and this is the resulting video game? Where the video game pushes him as the Hero throughout the game. Like some kind of mythical person.
I mean, if this is the Hero's Journey, wouldn't it make most sense that the Hero is perfect? Wouldn't it make sense that the collective would render copious amounts of evidence for who the Hero is?
If you're dreaming up a Heroic version of you, would you make yourself perfect?
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24 May
Get off the conspiratorial thinking for a minute and research the science of a "plasma apocalypse". There's real life evidence occurring, but ppl are too reliant on the word of a "truther" to see it. Lightning is plasma. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are plasma. You don't need
Purple skies for this. It is real shit and it's really happening. Last summer had the most lightning strikes touch down in recorded history. We had 3 M Class Flares & 12 C Class hit our atmosphere over the weekend, which will continue for a few more days without another eruption.
The way I understand what is occurring is that the atmosphere is just a bubble of oxygen. "Space" & everything outside of this bubble is water. But, it's thick & hot. We call this Ether. Ether creates everything from Nothing. Ether is smokeless fire. Imagine a cartoon show having
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