The absence of clear rules is a very real electoral risk to Johnson. Because it rewards, not those who made sacrifices to ameliorate the mess he created, but the least sensible, who have broken the rules all along. It hands the keys to public spaces to the least risk averse. 1/4
It endorses a cavalier attitude that has been lethal to thousands. It forces the vast majority to abstain from taking advantage of these new freedoms, because we know that a minority are determined to abuse them. The Prime Minister is the architect of this imbalance. 2/4
I saw someone who went partying in the early hours of Monday morning tell a journalist: "It was my decision, my risk to take, and I loved it." The problem is that, actually, it's not 'your risk'. It is a risk you forcibly impose on fellow passengers, colleagues, or customers. 3/4
For every person partying, ten of us have to refrain from seeing loved ones. For every person refusing to wear a mask, ten of us are forced to avoid public transport. For every anti-vaxxer protesting, ten of us must isolate after getting pinged. How long before we bite back? 4/4

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22 Jul
I know business is being 'smart' in hanging labour shortages causing food supply issues only on Covid. I KNOW it's an easier way to get help from this venal gov't. But I wish they found the nerve to acknowledge the Brexit elephant in the room and our journos had the balls to ask.
Perhaps start by asking why no other EU country is experiencing such issues, despite battling the same pandemic.
Then, perhaps question, if this is happening before the UK has implemented full import rules and during the UK's low-demand and high-supply season, what happens around Christmas?
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13 Jul
Johnson: "Every pound we spend in Aid has to be borrowed."

And the billions spent on failed apps, 6k-a-day consultants, unusable PPE, contracts to mates, jobs for mistresses, Brexit, Routemaster, garden bridge, Royal Yacht, a tunnel to Ireland, HS2, Trident?

Where did get them?
SOLELY as London Mayor, he spaffed a billion up the wall on NONSENSE. Almost a quarter of his total budget while in post.

Now, he's suddenly all about fiscal responsibility, cutting a tiny budget that saves babies from malaria. Utter Shyster.…
It's an OUTRAGE, apparently, to spend borrowed money on getting girls to school in the poorest parts of the world.

But nobody is allowed TO EVEN KNOW how much money we had to bung to Nissan and Vauxhall to keep them from leaving after Brexit.
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13 Jul
In Upside-Down-World racist tweets are 'freedom of speech' or 'saying it as it is'; getting in trouble for them 'cancel culture'. But call out political hypocrisy on racism, and a white man pops up to tell a black man the world can only work if he accepts 'submission'.
SUBMISSION, ffs. That is the word he chose.
These are, incidentally, all the same people who would rend their garments and rave at any suggestion any part of the Leave vote was driven by underlying racism.
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11 Jun
Chris Rock's performance on "Spiral: From The Book of Saw" is the worst thing I have ever seen. And I once came across the rotting corpse of a donkey in a field, being eaten by seagulls.
It's not just that he has one expression - smouldering, he thinks; constipated, I say. It's that his one expression is SO bad, director kept resorting to flashbacks of what happened minutes before, whenever the script needed Chris Rock to consider what happened minutes before.
Because if he had shown Chris Rock thinking about what happened minutes before, the audience would become convinced that what happened minutes before, was a really challenging poo.
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16 Apr
The central concept which must be challenged is that of "above board". The purpose of declaring interests is to make it transparent that there are no conflicts. Declaring an interest that clearly creates a conflict, does not magically make any conflict DISAPPEAR. 1/5
People need to stop and think what it means when a politician gleefully responds to allegations of corruption and cronyism with "it was all above board". Declaring interests merely facilitates a discussion of whether they create conflicts. It's not proof that they don't. 2/5
It's been going on for years. I recall Andrew Lansley taking donations from someone connected to a healthcare provider WHILE he was health secretary. That it's 'above board', doesn't mean conflict and just as important the PERCEPTION of it isn't there. 3/5…
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16 Dec 20
The most basic mistake of the UK gov't in these negotiations has been a total failure to take the lead in any draft proposals. Look at No Deal contingency arrangements. EU published theirs six days ago. The UK clutched its pearls and claimed unfairness. WHERE IS OUR PROPOSAL? 1/4
Been like this since Day 1, when Davis turned up without so much as notes scribbled on a beer mat, beat his chest that the UK would never accept EU timetable, then signed up to it the next morning, for lack of any alternative proposal. A behaviour replicated at every stage. 2/4
This, of course, is not a coincidence. If the gov't put pen to paper with concrete proposals, it would outline its own vision, opening itself to criticism from all factions of this cobbled Brexit alliance. Much easier to let the EU do the heavy lifting, then bitch about it. 3/4
Read 4 tweets

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