I could post screenshot after screenshot about the Trumpery and gulaging of the press we supposedly narrowly avoided but you do have to say, you did not have to be Nostradamus to see this stuff coming, did you.
The day when the Telegraph is attacking a journalist the Tories blackballed, after the Conservatives tried to instal Dacre as head of Ofcom and are now trying to push through a new press crackdown, is a good day to remember these people are basically silly, clueless children.
Remember in early 2020 when Number 10 PRs tried to line up the lobby hacks into special good dogs who would get nice treats and very bad dogs who would get No Biscuit. And then Cummings blew the gig by revealing the system was already in place, and it had been for months.
If it seems odd a professional group this thoroughly bovine and compliant would require further coercion, it’s worth remembering that while the Tories may essentially live in a media terrarium, with heat and food provided by the Sun, they consider this deeply unfair against them.

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21 Jul
They all knew this full well during the general election campaign and it remains a deep mystery why all of those respected and disrespected national titles fully endorsed it, and ran propaganda selling it to the public every day for six weeks, despite knowing it was all shit. Image
It remains a deep mystery in part because nobody has piped up on the topic of “How come we pretended that we believed these obvious lies and stridently told our readers that they were all legit”, nor will they until they retire.
What word would we usually use to describe the behaviour of people who see their superiors acting unethically in quite flagrant ways, and keep quiet about it?
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21 Jul
James is confused here, so I’ll add: Cummings can’t land a punch because he’s telling the people who are paid to explain what he’s saying to the public that he could not do what he does if he didn’t have their full connivance and/or their hilarious stupidity. Image
The wizard is Cummings, a cheap and shit fraudster. Dorothy and pals are the hacks, point blank refusing to believe it’s just a machine that makes lots of noise and belches smoke, because then it wouldn’t be magical. Image
I find it easier to respect the Telegraph - they know they are straight up lying to discourage people from putting two and two together - than the flailing liberals, who don’t have a clue what they’re defending or what they’re arguing against. Image
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21 Jul
Feels like only last week we were saying the culture war drivel would definitely continue, because the press would just put big anti-racist messages on their front pages about those England players for two days, then rake through their bins for whatever dirt they can find. Image
What did we say? We said the progressive patriotism stuff is as weak as a kitten, no matter how hard our most clueless politicians and pundits feed it, and putting it in the arena to fight the most vicious, highly-evolved spite and resentment machine in the world is pure insanity ImageImage
I think even the smarter commentators don’t understand the culture war drivel because they assume it’s an occasionally useful tool the Conservative Party have adopted, and not the rubber ring they were thrown by the Sun and the Mail as the only way they’d survive as a major force
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21 Jul
It’s great how people like this can just straightforwardly explain that Brexit and the 2019 were one great absurd idiotic heist, made possible by the bottomless credulity of the British press, and these people will just stare blankly and say, So we narrowly avoided a coup? Wow ImageImageImageImage
Cummings isn’t even saying he’s a smart politics ninja. He’s saying the right kind of Tory can just tell the British press literally anything and they will either vacantly repeat it or join in and embellish it, and commentators are interpreting this as a fiendish new ploy.
This is, I think, because the story of 2016-19 is set in stone with them cast as valiant resistance, and so they don’t much want to see the main villains shooting them finger-pistols and winking Thanks lads, we couldn’t have done it without you, the dumbest people in the world.
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20 Jul
He surely thought he could do this because a “network” of fringe Conservative Party weirdos, allied to some very odd Tory MPs and maybe two media oligarchs, literally did turn politics upside down and bulldoze through one of the most absurd democratic hoaxes in world history.
I mean, Cummings isn’t describing a wacky theory there. He’s telling you what actually happened then saying they thought about doing a much less insane version of the same thing they’d already done soon afterwards.
Wow, imagine if one - or even two! - Tory Prime Ministers had been turfed out of office in an absolutely brazen scam orchestrated by a few right wing cranks and maybe four newspapers, shocking really, thank god Johnson was here to protect us, the dumbest mothetfuckers in Britain
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20 Jul
I’d add: there are lots of nice centrist liberals dumb enough to believe they were fighting a brave rearguard action against Both Sides extremism. The ones in charge, who had access to funding, fully understood they were inflicting Johnson & Brexit on us and were fine with it.
The likes of Mandelson and Campbell didn’t accidentally set up an exploding People’s Vote campaign that would mysteriously collapse, brutally undercutting Continuity Remain. The noisiest MPs fully understood they were helping the Tories back into power. They all did it gladly.
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