2/ @Jason_Elliott Hi Jason, I'd like to invite you to Fresno, CA, to see Fresno, CA's homeless shelters, and to interview stakeholders like the medical team that treated me at the psychiatric hospital. I can sign a medical release. -Michaela cc: @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria
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21 Jul
@zakwilliams Hi Zak, Condolences to your family on the anniversary of your dad's death. Thanks for your honesty. I'm 59, have had epilepsy since age 6. I lost decades of a fully productive life because it was legal to not sell health insurance to epileptics. -Michaela /1
2/ @zakwilliams With the advanced in science, I learned that my crushing depression and anxiety were part of the epileptic brain, and that it's not just seizures. When I watch drs and researchers on YT vida discuss epilepsy, co-occuring problems, I've tears on my face.-Michaela
Typo due to Twitter auto-incorrect: advances
Read 7 tweets
17 Jul
@WhiteHouse @ani79777 @SecFudge 2/ @secfudge: The government claims that there is no money to house us. This is a photo of a beautiful baby girl in Fresno, CA. She's dead, on sts. No housing for her, older sister, mom. -Michaela cc: @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria @BalderramaPaco @FresnoBee @fresnoland
@WhiteHouse @ani79777 @SecFudge @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria @BalderramaPaco @FresnoBee @fresnoland 3/ @SecFudge In Fresno, CA, the shelters are dangerous, abusive, untrained staff, untrained mgmt. Bizarre hell holes. Why were we with health problems put in these terrible places? Stressful. Not needed! -Michaela cc: @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria @BalderramaPaco @fresnoland
Read 15 tweets
15 Jul
So I took an action step today and emailed @MayorJerryDyer about getting a motel room for me in north Fresno, CA. I heard back from a city assistant: no motel vouchers. I'm 59, with epilepsy, 3rd yr in car. No drugs, drinking, crimes. -Michaela cc: @Jason_Elliott @SecFudge
2/ The woman from the @CityofFresno emailed me that I could stay in Fresno's shelters, a hell on earth which I've already done, and I will NOT be returning to those unaudited hell holes. -Michaela
3/ @SecFudge @Jason_Elliott @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria I've epilepsy. 59. Since age 6. Complications from epilepsy. I've ALREADY been in the hospital! I don't have a broken moral compass! I don't need hand holding and told what to do. I need a safe place to live! -Michaela
Read 16 tweets
14 Jul
@AndrewDLewis @HowTheWestWS 3/ Do you know that when people can't play games due to serious medical problems, Social Security disability is all about playing games? Denying people disability income? -Michaela, Fresno cc: @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria @BalderramaPaco @EpilepsyFdn @Jason_Elliott
@AndrewDLewis @HowTheWestWS @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria @BalderramaPaco @EpilepsyFdn @Jason_Elliott 4/ I describe the Social Security disability application process as like asking someone in a major car crash to climb Mt. Everest, then pushing them off the top if they even make it! 😡-Michaela cc: @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria @BalderramaPaco @EpilepsyFdn @Jason_Elliott
@AndrewDLewis @HowTheWestWS @MayorJerryDyer @Esmeralda_Soria @BalderramaPaco @EpilepsyFdn @Jason_Elliott 5/ I've worked for San Francisco Bay Area law firms, top attorneys, earned A's in college, have a paralegal certificate (also A's), changed CA state law for high-risk crime victims (Safe at Home run by the CA Sec of State), testified before CA State Senate committee.-Michaela
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11 Jul
@kkreitman @joeynova33 @Rachel1964Alva 2/ Many homeless have disabling medical conditions. They aren't quickly given disability income, housing, and other services. I'm 59, epileptic/unemployed paralegal, in my car for 3 yrs in Fresno, CA. No drugs, alcohol, crimes. Cc: @Jason_Elliott @MayorJerryDyer @BalderramaPaco
@kkreitman @joeynova33 @Rachel1964Alva @Jason_Elliott @MayorJerryDyer @BalderramaPaco 3/ A shocked Englishman wrote me on Twitter wks ago. It is unlawful in England to release a medically disabled person from the hospital without giving them disability income, housing, other stabilizing services.
@kkreitman @joeynova33 @Rachel1964Alva @Jason_Elliott @MayorJerryDyer @BalderramaPaco 4/ The Englishman was shocked that I was in my car for 3 yrs in Fresno, CA due to epilepsy and other neurological problems it causes. Cc: @EpilepsyFdn @EFNORCAL @jdeboo1 @Surgeon_General @DrBurkeHarris @SecBecerra @SecFudge
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4 Jul
Friends: I am down to 3 bars of gas in my small car. No coffee $. No food $. I'm homeless, age 59, due to life-long epilepsy and other neurological conditions from it. The government takes YRS to grant benefits! Could anyone PayPal me $ for basic needs for the day? Thank you.
2/ Me: No drugs, alcohol, or crimes. Just epilepsy since age 6, and other neurological problems from it, which are quite serious. Our government decides to take yrs and play games with peoples' health. It takes YRS to get benefits, housing. Outrageous.
Thanks @danielbowmanjr for enough $ to get coffee, some food, and some gas until tomorrow. I just saw a mentally ill homeless man sifting thru a dumpster looking for food. He is young. Black clothes. Very hot here. I will try to find him. Feed. I want to cry at what gov does.
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