Kill the bipartisan bill, just move on, pass infrastructure on party lines just the same you did the last (immensely popular, among both parties) big bill
The bipartisan infrastructure deal is a farce and it's doing more damage to the Dem coalition and Dem priorities than Republicans, all because a handful of codgers with one foot in the grave think swing voters will flock to them if they can get Sue Collins to vote for something
It's never made even the slightest bit of sense, either: why would Republicans stick with a deal for one nanosecond past the moment where the bipartisan process benefits them? Politics is zero sum and Dems have no leverage over them, just 50 votes of their own.
If you want to tell voters you passed something bipartisan, just pass an infrastructure bill and say - accurately! - that it's got huge bipartisan support! Anyone informed enough to nitpick your claim is NOT a swing voter and NOT someone you need to worry about.
Presented with the choice between passing Biden's agenda and literally killing it entirely, are Manchin and Sinema really going to go with Option B? This is only a consequence-free choice for them because we keep letting them take any middle road they want

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18 Jul
I deleted the tweets in question because people were taking the climate line as a critique of Biden, and it wasn't. But it's absolutely true that no one knows how to read an issue poll.
People regularly cite polls saying things like "Biden's highest approval is on climate, his lowest is on immigration" to mean he should do more on climate. They also cite the same polls to mean he should do more on immigration.
And of course it's completely unclear whether the polls reflect voters responding to the precise policy actions taken by Biden, or reflect some larger structural factor like a tendency to approve of Dems more on environment and the GOP more on security, or reflect media messages.
Read 7 tweets
18 Jul
The key effect of the invention of “wokeness” is that it reduces the amount of pretext needed to express reactionary thoughts. Used to be, opposing things like criminal justice or policing reform required unique rationales. Now you just declare them “woke” and call it a day.
Use of the term “woke” lets people declare anti-racist or progressivism bad not because of any bad effect they cause, but SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE ANTI-RACIST AND PROGRESSIVE.
In that way the word has badly degraded our politics. It has reintroduced an idea that was briefly verboten: that it’s bad to be too opposed to racism, and that maybe we should just let racism exist and be okay with it. A pro-racism politics, for all intents and purposes.
Read 4 tweets
17 Jul
"Turn cities into a tiny progressive enclaves walled off against the outside world" is a terrible, terrible, terrible idea
To be clear, the urbanized land area of EVERY MAJOR METRO IN AMERICA extends outside the core municipality, usually many, many miles outside, and including dozens or even hundreds of additional jurisdictions
What you miss is that the best way to give "suburbanites" control of cities is to hem off the cities completely by communities with which they are economically and socially interwoven but over which city residents have no political control whatsoever
Read 6 tweets
17 Jul
Arrogate all land use authority to regional governments working under a federal mandate to increase sustainability and integration
Why do we even HAVE city governments, no major metropolitan system operates within city borders alone
You can't really dissolve cities, because people would probably freak out. But so few people pay attention to local government (because it's hideously complex and boring and not worth the effort 99% of the time) that you can probably reallocate powers with ease
Read 4 tweets
14 Jul
just fabulously put. no one's waiting in the afterlife to give you bonus points for your correct predictions, and almost all of them will be wrong in the end, anyway. fight for the stuff you want and then, if you don't get it, fight for the next best thing, and so on
our political class has become utterly obsessed with the act of prognostication and prediction, which, in addition to often being paralyzing and useless -- what good is predicting failure and disaster if you don't stop it? -- is a doomed enterprise. the world is too complex.
think about the last five years. which of the major events, from trump's victory, to his impeachments, to COVID-19, to the knife-edge negotiations for the fate of democracy in a 50-50 senate, could you have predicted with any certainty in advance? none of it. literally none of it
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13 Jul
It's really remarkable how much mileage reactionaries have gotten out of the idea that every suburb in America is more like Warren, Michigan, circa 1968, rather than Silver Spring, Maryland circa 2020.
You don't have to convince liberals their agenda is wrong. You just have to convince liberals they're special brilliant ultra-tolerant snowflakes that all real Americans hate, and they'll happily throw their agenda off a cliff for you.
By the way, we actually have data on this - both polling and demographic - and barely any suburb in the country looks like the all-white fortresses of reaction that defined American politics in the 1970s. White suburbia, if not extinct, is critically endangered.
Read 4 tweets

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