A DC federal magistrate judge just ordered Jan. 6 defendant Robert Morss to stay in jail as his case goes forward. Morss "didn't stumble into the violence, he planned for it," MJ G. Michael Harvey says. More on the charges against Morss: s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2088… Image
In advance of this hearing, DOJ released videos they cited in arguing for detention. Not going to thread all of them, but here are a bunch — in these videos, Morss is usually ID'd with an arrow or box. At the end of this one, he's seen allegedly trying to grab an officer's baton
In this one, the govt IDs Morss with a red box as he hangs back for a bit, as other people berate the officers. At the 1:05 mark, the person ID'd as Morss appears to lunge at the metal barrier
This video begins in the middle of another man's explanation of what he wants: "Put the bastards in a room and find out how they got rich" — an example of how Jan. 6 was a convergence of assorted anti-govt grievances, not just re: the election
This video begins with an officer leading an injured colleague away as they clutch their head. The man ID'd as Morss is seen right behind that, and he's later seen gesturing at the officers and yelling, "We're gonna take our Capitol back"
Last one of these I'll share for now, the govt says this shows Morss trying to coordinate with other rioters to collect stolen police riot shields to create a "shield wall" (starting at around the :37 mark)

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22 Jul
Hello from Judge James Boasberg's virtual courtroom, where a plea hearing is set to begin soon for Jan. 6 defendant Andrew Bennett — this is a misdemeanor-only case, he was wearing a Proud Boys hat and live-streamed from the Capitol
Bennett is pleading guilty to the same misdemeanor count we've seen in nearly all of the misdemeanor-only cases so far, Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building, which has a max sentence of 6 mos in jail
Boasberg has Bennett confirm the facts he's pleading guilty to, including that although his live stream videos recorded him admonishing others to not destroy property, he still was part of the mob that illegally went into the Capitol
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21 Jul
Nearly four years to the day after I filed FOIA requests about then-Utah US atty John Huber, a response (note that it's dated July 20, but arrived today): s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2101…

Nothing earth-shattering, sharing as just example #497,325 of how wildly slow this process can be Image
You may recall Huber as one of the Obama-era US attorneys who submitted his resignation at the request of Jeff Sessions, but then was allowed to stay. I filed this request + another shortly after he appeared at the White House re: immigration legislation justice.gov/opa/pr/stateme…
Huber was then appointed by Sessions to investigate how the FBI had handled various Clinton-related probes, but that fizzled out: washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
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20 Jul
Hello from Judge Amit Mehta's virtual courtroom, where Jan. 6 defendant Caleb Berry will be entering a guilty plea in connection with the Oath Keepers conspiracy case. Previously on the charges unsealed this morning:
As noted earlier per the motion the govt filed to keep Caleb Berry's case sealed until today, the judge is going over the fact that Berry has agreed to cooperate with the government
Caleb Berry is facing 51-63 months in prison, per his estimated sentencing guidelines at this stage of his case, the judge says — that's the same range facing Mark Grods, who also pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate in the Oath Keepers conspiracy case
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20 Jul
Latest videos released by DOJ from Jan. 6 are from the case of defendant Jeffrey McKellop — McKellop was indicted on multiple counts of assaulting police officers, and prosecutors cited these videos in successfully arguing to keep him in jail pending trial
Here's the government's brief, which explains where the govt identified McKellop in each of these videos: s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2051…
Exhibit 2 is where the feds say you can see McKellop lunging at officers before he's hit with a chemical spray
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20 Jul
New: Another plea deal was just unsealed in the Jan. 6 Oath Keepers conspiracy case — Caleb Berry will be pleading guilty today to conspiracy and obstruction of an official proceeding s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2101…
This is the second Oath Keepers plea deal to involve a defendant confirming the group arranged to stash guns at a hotel in Virginia. Berry will also admit to being part of the "stack" that went into the Capitol

Previously: buzzfeednews.com/article/zoetil…
Berry was formally charged and on track to plead guilty as of July 9, but the feds asked to keep the case sealed until this morning to give him time to cooperate s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2101…
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19 Jul
Hello from the DC federal courthouse, where Jan. 6 defendant Paul Hodgkins is due to be sentenced at 10. This is the first sentencing for a felony plea deal – he's arguing for no time behind bars, the govt is asking for 18 mos. Stay tuned.
Twist: There's a long line to get into the courthouse (nature is healing!), so there's a chance I may need to dial in for the beginning of the Hodgkins sentencing
Made it into the courthouse, the Hodgkins sentencing hearing has just started (full disclosure: I'm in the media room with a video feed, not the courtroom). Hodgkins is sitting at the defense table in a suit, Judge Randolph Moss has taken the bench
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