I get questions like: Where are you from? What Tribe are you? What percent Indian are you? Do you get money from the casinos? Do you speak Indian? Do you know about (obscure historical fact)? Do you know (Native who lives in another state)? Do you live on the reservation?
Do you have a lot of alcoholics in your family? I found out I'm Native recently, do you know how I can find out more about my Tribe? Is it offensive to say "reservation"? Do you know a Medicine person or healer I can talk to? Have you done peyote?
I have gotten these questions while in elevators, on sidewalks, standing in line at the grocery store, eating dinner with my family in public, waiting in line at Disneyland, riding an airplane, sitting on a bench, while reading a book, on my social media about unrelated topics,
People have touched my hair, grabbed my arm, rubbed my arm, reached for my face, straightened out my t-shirt to get a better look at it w/out my permission. I also get comments about my appearance and my "exotic features" all the time: teeth, eyes, skin, hair, these cheekbones.
When I ask for safe spaces, I am not asking for "special treatment", I am asking to be left tf alone, to experience a space free of curiosity about my body, or invasive questions. I am asking for people to not feel entitled to dehumanize me or my community.
But like... why do I have to ask for that?

Why do I have to convince people that others treat me differently? How much evidence do I need to provide before y'all just believe and think, "You know what, that sucks - we can do better." "We got this."
Why do I have to experience pain in order for my concerns to be valid? We make cars with seatbelts and brakes, because we KNOW we're going to need them. We put fire extinguishers in houses because there's a possibility we'll need them. We prepare for all sorts of emergencies.
White Supremacy is an emergency. We're in a state of emergency. It's literally costing us our lives. But there are absolutely no safety measures being built. So we'll just keep subjecting the "sensitive people" to racism in the meantime and degrading us when we speak out.
If I go to your meeting and you do NOTHING to address racist comments being made, you are part of the problem. There should be community standards, there should be policies and protocols, you have to know how to identify it.
when people say they smell smoke and they see flames, you need to believe them and jump into action. In the meantime I'm going to leave the room. And if that room is prone to bursting into flames, I'm not gonna keep coming back. I can try to put it out, but not by myself.
Your house is on fire and you're debating whether the flames are real.

Sure, your house might burn to the ground and that could be the end. Or it could spread, like it's been spreading since 1492.

• • •

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2 Jul
Reminder regarding “Rain Dance”questions/comments: unless ur talking about a kui’pad, bahidag, ha:sañ, si:tol, nawait, ñei or kehina, I don’t want to hear ur ignorant quip minimizing my culture which has survived colonization & genocide because u want to joke about the weather.
Every monsoon season I have to explain to ppl that them dancing in their driveways is not the spiritual ceremony that our communities prepare months in advance & which we think about year round. Our ceremonies requires community, harvesting, cooking, praying, singing, dancing.
Our ceremonies were once illegal. Our language beat out of the mouths of our children in residential schools. Maybe you’ve read recent headlines about the graves of some of those same Indigenous children who never made it back.
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12 May
To be clear, SB 1485 went to the legislature multiple times w/ intentionally confusing & ambiguous language. Confusing & discouraging voters IS disenfranchisement. If @dougducey REALLY wanted meaningful elections change in AZ he coulda pushed for Same Day Voter Registration.
Or Automatic Voter Registration through the DMV’s database.
Or increased funding for Voter Education initiatives.
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12 May
While our office has maintained opposition to SB1485 since it was introduced in the state legislature in February, it now includes much more concise language and will impact fewer voters.   
The “Permanent Early Voting List” is now the “Active Early Voting List”
It will NOT result in anyone being removed from the PEVL until April 2025.
No one will be removed from the voting rolls entirely.
Even voters who are eventually removed from EAVL in 2025, EVERYONE under AZ law continues to have the right to request a 1-time mail ballot.
Even for voters who are eventually removed, they always retain the right to re-enroll themselves in the Active Early Voting List. 
Check your voter registration and voting history at Recorder.Pima.Gov
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10 Mar
Watching the AZ State Leg Gov & Elections Committee as they debate SB 1485 otherwise known as the PEVL PURGE bill. It will remove voters fr the PERMANENT Early Voting List. The bill is poorly worded and could kick 100K+ Az voters off the PERMANENT list.
The Permanent Early Voting List, which nearly 80% of all AZ voters are signed up for, allows voters to automatically receive a ballot for each election they’re eligible to vote in.
The language of the bill is confusing and as it reads right now, could kick people who did not return their ballot by mail in ONE election in a 4 year cycle.
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