Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made a similar statement:

"I will not pass an infrastructure package that first doesn’t reduce carbon pollution at the scale commensurate with the climate crisis. We are gonna have a strong, bold climate bill"
Detailed Provisions

First, the “reconciliation” bill will mandate a 50% reduction in carbon emissions, along with 80% “clean” energy, by 2030.
25) The plan’s provisions are designed to meet these goals; to achieve this, a radical government-mandated restructuring of the American economy would occur.
In other words, the Paris climate agreement would effectively become American law, and the United Nations would be in the driver’s seat of U.S. domestic policy.
Among other provisions, the “reconciliation” bill will legalize up to 10 million illegal aliens, including those in the DACA and TPS programs, along with illegal farm workers and illegal workers labeled as “essential.”
The reconciliation bill will spend $10 billion to create a “Civilian Climate Corps,” which would implement the Biden administration’s climate projects, and $35 billion for climate change “research.”
It would spend another $174 billion on electric vehicles, including to electrify all federal vehicles and at least 20% of school buses.
Additionally, the plan would spend $700 billion on subsidies and tax credits for “green” energy, even as it ends all subsidies for the so called “fossil fuel” industry — thus rigging the U.S. economy in favor of environmentalist policies.
This climate change agenda stretches into housing. Biden’s plan would spend “$213 billion to produce, preserve, and retrofit more than two million affordable and sustainable places to live.”
It would also abolish local zoning rules — including “minimum lot sizes” and “prohibitions on multifamily housing” — that preserve the quality-of-life in communities. This would destroy America’s suburbs and unconstitutionally federalize zoning rules
33) In other words, Biden’s plan is consistent with the Great Reset’s goal of mass urbanization and driving individuals out of rural or low-density areas.
It is also consistent with his “30 by 30” federal land grab that the plan alludes to, and that Biden signed an executive order over. It is also intended to change America’s demographics to politically benefit the leftist agenda
Implementing high-density housing goes hand-in-hand with implementing mass transit programs. Biden’s plan does just that, with $85 billion going generally to mass transit programs and an additional $80 billion to Amtrak specifically.
According to a Heritage Foundation analysis, Biden’s plan “would spend nearly 50% more on trains and buses than on roads.”
Biden’s plan also calls for enacting the pro-labor union “PRO Act,” which would unconstitutionally abolish state “right-to-work” laws and help destroy American sovereignty by aligning its labor laws with the USMCA’s dictates.
The plan’s call for a global minimum corporate tax which the Treasury Department formally proposed would further restrict national sovereignty while also hurting the economy.
The numerous other provisions in Biden’s plan include “$400 billion for care for the elderly & the disabled,” “$300 billion for business & manufacturing,” “$100 billion for school construction,” “$100 billion for workforce development programs,” & “$25 billion for child-care
43) Not only are these provisions enormously expensive, but they have absolutely no legal basis under the U.S. Constitution. Under the 10th Amendment, all of these areas are reserved to the states.
Biden’s “infrastructure” plan is not limited to domestic policy or spending. At the June 2021 G7 meeting, he proposed a $40 trillion global plan to “Build Back Better for the World.”
The bipartisan “infrastructure” bill is numbered H.R. 3684. This bill number was originally introduced as a separate bill, but the Senate is now using it as the “legislative vehicle” for the current proposal.
This bill is one of the final steps on the road to absolute communism in America and in large will receive bipartisan support, while some Republicans will feign outrage and offer up their 'controlled opposition' as always
All info and links for this thread were taken directly from jbs.org

• • •

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