1 of 9 SIGNS OF PSYCHOSIS ? Hand sanitising social distancing mask wearing constant testing vaccination obsession COMPLETE & UTTER INABILITY TO SEE CLEARLY INABILITY TO SEE REALITY AS IT TRULY IS. Please read all sections to end …
2 of 9 Simple question to everyone following govt guidance DO YOU wish to live in a DICTATORSHIP? Then why are you allowing yourself to be dictated to THIS IS HOW A DICTATORSHIP OPERATES COMPLIANCE VIA COERCION Please Wake up Grow up Stand up !
3 of 9 From THE INQUISITION to VICTORIAN INSANE ASYLUMS to SOVIET GULAGS to NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS victims were DISSIDENTS of the OMNIPOTENT REGIME & their 21st Century incarnation is busy donning gloves & boots to stomp us underfoot
4 of 9 S.O.S WE ARE IN PERIL we the clear sighted & open hearted with our non negotiable demands to BREATHE & ASSEMBLE FREELY are despised & loathed by The Controllers their Fellow Travellers & The Mob
5 of 9 OUR REFUSAL to Get With The Programme separates US & THEM We are all marked out only the target on our back is not an App or subcutaneous transceiver or gene splicing nanotechnology It is the LOOK IN OUR EYES THE TONE OF OUR VOICE OUR SPIRIT
6 of 9 The goal of the PLANDEMIC & CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX are identical CENTRALISATION NWO INAUGURATION see how neatly the MSM narrative segues between them Every Geo engineered WEATHER EVENT is a TERRORIST ATTACK against civilian populations
7 of 9 THEY ARE burning the land THEY ARE flooding the land THEY ARE poisoning the skies & waterways Wild fires are seeded with sparkler dust Torrential downpours seeded via the ionosphere Omnipresent chemtrails & fracking THEY ARE MURDERING THE WORLD
8 of 9 SUPPLY CHAIN CONCERNS ? You are being primed for scarcity & a whole new level of AUSTERITY to precipitate Civil Unrest as the excuse to reintroduce RATIONING all in the name of the common good ie Collectivism BELLY CONTROL IS ALWAYS THE MOST EFFECTIVE
9 of 9 A worldwide operation PROJECT COVID runs 2020-2025 it is nothing short of the INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING OF A SPECIES eradicating our remaining organic genome Here we are July 2021 look around SEE CLEARLY THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING STAND YOUR GROUND…tbc…

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