Okay, a thread:

In the past months maybe years even I have noticed that Arab/Muslims biggest representation consists of three people mainly, L.Sarsour, I.Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. I have heard/read everything them and their likes have to say and I have one throught: frustration.
I am frustrated with the fact that those are the people who are supposed to represent us in the USA. Someone who actually knows how it is here would know that the last thing they should do as add more fuel to the fire.
Those people have rarely anything to say regarding the Iranian regine (A regime that's literally killing us. Iraq and Lebanon is a clear example) while attempting to point the west toward hating Israel in a time where we seem at our closest to make peace.
My frustration extends to the media in the USA. Because they chose those people to put as our representatives on their screen. Like, don't you look at data and events happening to see where the problem lies. Is winning elections and earning viewership really worth this?
Especially when you add in the fact that they are protecting Iran in our name. Which is like killing Christians in the name of christianity.
This thread may not come off as organized since I never seemed to find a way to write it properly.
I mean, okay. Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib are just those kind of people. But do you really need to put them at the forefront? Few days back I explored how Tlaib is at best incompetent in her representation. It's simple research, a pillar in journalism.
Back to those three and their likes. I am honestly surprised by the amount of people who are tolerant toward Muslims considering that they have been seeing those faces speaking over and over. It must be in ther nature because no way Linda Sarsour or Ilhan Omar convinced them.
Just constant hatred and Antisemitism spewd enough to make you feel that maybe hating Israel and Jews is just a part of our identity as Muslims. Almost like it is one of the five pillars of Islam.
We live under oppression in this part of the world and western media has often served as an outlet for us. But now we have those people justifying the horrible actions committed against innocent prople in the name of "fighting Islamphobia".
So cases like honor crimes and genital mutilation against women will never be heard and the abused LGBTQ+ communities oppressed in Palestine will never have peace because "Israel is apartheid".
And I know it is our own issues and we should be fixing them ourselves but that's not realistic anymore. Governments have wised up since the Arab spring and now use their intelligence to kill ideas at the core.
I may have a lot to disagree with their plans but Iraqis have been protesting the government for years now, many are killed and nothing changes because the government is Iran-backed. Which sends the whole subject into the furstrating circle of the media and the representation.
I am not politically savvy and can't be composed enough to articulate these thoughts properly nor do them in comprehensive order. But I do see a deeper issue here. Those people are making their money serving as both our voice AND the means to silence us
In the end it seems like an endless loop. Iran will continue to use Iraq as extension cosmetics as the basic human necessities turn into luxury with corruption and unemployment skyrocketijg. Hamas will continue to use children as human shields & Israel will take blame for both.
In the past months maybe years I familiarized myself with CNN, MSNBC, etc... news anchors seeking someone thay I could feel at least trying to be truthful. Cuomo, Stelter, Hayes, you name them, I listened to them. I was genuinely trying.
The naive in me actually thought that there's something that they might have missed, but no, they simply don't care because it is all done in the name of the "bigger picture". Iran can cause another 50 explosions in Lebanon but it is okay, as long as we're fighting Islamphobia.
I feel like I am just going in circles now, but that's what it is. That's what makes it frustrating. I honestly have have tens of examples and thousands of things more to say but I will end it here as I am genuinely tired.

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19 Jul
First of all, of course I had forgotten a word (did) AND made a grammer error.

Second of all, let me elaborate this tweet.

Rashid's antisemitism aside, this tweet, as simple as it seems, gets more problematic the deeper you dive into it. This will be boring btw.
So, "holiest" isn't a thing. It's a silly concept to have days that are "holier" than others. Especially when al-Adha has a similar holiday to it (al-Fitr). I'd get kicked out of the mosque if I remarked that al-Adha is holier than al-Fitr for example.
Simply put, it is a little offensive to see our religion through that lense. And while it is little, it does mean a lot coming from someone who is making a name and a good living "standing up for Muslims".

You could attribute it to ignorance, but again, this Rashida's "cause"
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9 Sep 20
I don't get offended but I have to say that it definitely irks me whenever I see westerners use us in a throwaway political line like "He is just like Saddam" or "They are turning the country into Iraq". It is just that they don't understand what it is like.
You may know the concept of Saddam's mass graves and how around 300,000 people were buried in it. But you don't understand losing family, relatives and friends.. You will never understand a mother taken away from her child to return years later to find him dead and physically dry
You may know what torture means and all the different methods and tools. But you simply don't understand my father sleeping in his bed safely and then uttering apologies and begging for mercy in his sleep at the age of 62.
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23 Aug 20
I just want to share this little threat about underground beggars society in Iraq. It is disturbing in its details.
So near shrines in Iraq -which there are many- there a lot of beggars, mainly women, holding their children having hydrocephalus. They sit and ask people for money. The fascinating part is there are people supplying those children for a set fee.
First of all there gang members preventing any -Maybe actual- homeless people from begging in those area, those are paid, the police don't intervene as they are paid as well. Recently my friend responded to an ad on an Iraqi job site for artists.
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