Please read this tweet, I have been an environmental scientist for over 50 years. My Main focus has been on air water/including the ocean/ salt water and soil. One of the observations i keep track of is the way the moon looks. You can tell by the color of the moon the condition
of the atmosphere. Yesterday and actually over the last 3 weeks I have noticed it has grown more reddish brown in color almost orange. This correlates with a red algae i have been seeing in animal water dishes. It actually has different reactions compared to if it is on soil or
salt water. I have tried to do tests on it to see exaction what what it is. It seems to be some type of iodine compound. This is used and put in our salt & also used for radiation treatments. Putting all the clues together has been quite exhausting. The animals also tell me
if things are safe, they have instincts and senses that are far greater then most humans. Here is what i am trying to say without being an alarmist. With 2 important issues. 1 Our atmosphere is now so saturated with pollution which means so is our water and soil that what has
kept things from becoming to toxic is now unable to do so. clogged pores in the plants soil that doesn't absorb water and water that now is reacting with the air pollution because it can't absorb any more. The second thing & even more alarming in my opinion, is the effects it
is having on the animals. Pet food is not well regulated and we have had several cases of contaminated dog food killing dogs. I haven't had a cat in a while so i can't speak for them but half of my dogs have gotten breast cancer in the last 3 years. Please understand we have
reached the point that kept on saying was 10 years or 12 years out but it is not, it is now, We need to do a full stop & the pragmatic party is the only group or party with any reasonable policies plans and platforms that will help us out of this mess before we start seeing
massive cases of cancer and lung problems which brings me full circle to the covid-19 pandemic. I think it is affecting everything not just people and we are just not seeing it yet because we are to preoccupied with ourselves. I can give you specific examples. If you look at
crowded environments you are going to find a new film on them this is the virus reacting to the regular dust and air born particles, If you leave a jar of well water out your going to find even the briefest exposure to the air will react with the water and for rna chains large
enough after a week for the eye to see. The creek behind my house used to run clear but now it doesn't clear up at all & the fish are starting behave erratically i have wild rabbits, ground hogs, hummingbirds but no problems with bugs this year in my garden. This is a direct
of the air and if my hunch is correct covid has infected everything. it reacts to what is in your nose and lungs no as much you personally but your ability to deal with how it reacts is the difference between life and death. Animals if they trust you will allow and even seek you
out for help. They will tell you what is wrong if you watch them. Right now they are saying that what little habitat they have left is not viable and this is why we are seeing more wild animals in urban settings, or even around your homes. they need us and we need to make sure
the pragmatic party is successful in 2022. We have no time left and each day is going to cost millions yes millions of lives before this is over & if we are not able to do something starting in 2022 most of the children being born from this point on will not live to see 50.
we lost 2 year of life expectancy in the last year but not directly from covid, even if they try and tell you that. it is the pollution and contaminated water soil food and environment itself.

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