Apartheid? Try LEBANON & JORDAN’s abuse of Palestinians!

6000 dead Syrian Palestinians & you are silent!
Arabs are 7thC colonial invaders who occupied & colonised Jewish JUDEA, North Africa and parts of Europe!

In 1492 Spain expelled Arabs! Are the Spanish colonialists? Neither are Jews!

Palestinian Settler-Colonialism besacenter.org/perspectives-p…
Ethnic cleansing of Jews!
1947: Arabs reject UNGA Partition but promised Jews “a war of extermination and a momentous massacre”

1941-45, pro-Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini planned extermination of Jews with Himmler & Eichmann! Ordered Bosnian Muslims to join Waffen SS

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22 Jul

Hamas fire 4300 missiles from within civilian areas onto Israeli civilians & Israel is cowardly?

Recruit child soldiers!

How brave & moral!
Hamas hide behind children as human shields & send them to die digging terror tunnels that come up into Jewish kindergartens; or where their leaders hide like rats!

5 yr IDO murdered by a rocket 🚀 The following day Hamas fired rockets at Ido’s funeral! How brave!
Palestinian genocidal antisemitic terrorism based on Nazi ideology.

1941-45 Pro-Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini planned extermination of Jews with Himmler & Eichmann. Ordered Bosnian Muslims to join Waffen SS.
Send Jewish children at Drancy & Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz!
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21 Jul
Please explain what you mean as: "occupied territories"?
Show, in international law, where "occupied Palestinian territories"?
Josef Goebbels: tell a lie for long enough it will be believed.
Between 1948-67 Hashemite (tribe from Arabia) Jordan, a British colonial creation from
78% of Mandated (1922) Jewish Home, ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED a part of Jewish JUDEA they renamed "West Bank". Only Britain & Pakistan recognised it!
Prior to that, a long list of foreign colonialists invaded & occupied Jewish Judea/Israel:
Babylonians, Greeks,
Romans, 7thC Arabs, Ottoman Turks & British - all foreign colonialists.

Dr Jacques Gauthier, a French-Canadian international lawyer shows that based only on international law, ONLY the Jewish People have LEGAL title to Jerusalem & JUDEA!

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21 Jul


It's called JEWISH JUDEA idiot!
It dates back 3,800 years - you didn’t exist muppet!
Dr Jacques Gauthier, a French-Canadian human rights & international lawyer . . . . . You, are neither!

Based ONLY on international law, ONLY the Jewish People have LEGAL TITLE to Jerusalem & Jewish Judea!

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21 Jul
Oh look 👀 its dim, dumb dhimmi Anna!

Remember 1947 when Arabs rejected UNGA Partition? The Arab League promised Jews “a war of extermination & a momentous massacre” & in 1948, 7 Arab armies invaded nascent Israel 🇮🇱 intending to destroy it & kill 600,000 Jews ?
Nabka is FAILURE of Arabs to destroy Israel and kill all Jews. It was a stunning humiliation!

Arabs failed again in 1956 & in 1967 when Egypt, Syria & Jordan were about to invade, Israel surprised them all.

Golda Meir begged Jordan to stay out of the war & not listen to Nasser
King Hussein made a wonderful error. He allowed the Jewish People to reclaim Jerusalem, our Capital for 3,000 years.

Jordan banned Jewish prayer. Destroyed dozens of synagogues. Desecrated Mount of Olives Cemetery & used headstones for latrines & roads.
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21 Jul
What do you think about:

HAMAS : outlawed antisemitic terrorist

HEZBOLLAH: outlawed antisemitic terrorist

ISLAMIC JIHAD: terrorist org

PFLP: outlawed terrorist

PLO: murderous terrorists

BLACK SEPTEMBER: murdering & sexual mutalating 11 Israeli athletes

& others
Lovely people!
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20 Jul
JUDAISM = 3,800 years ✡️🕎

CHRISTIANITY = 2,000 years ✝️

ISLAM = 1400 years ☪️

YOU ADMIT YOU ARE A THIEF, A LIAR & A CHARLATAN who steals Jewish land, Jewish holy sites & Jewish history & religion.

Prove Sheikh Ahmad Adwan is wrong or apologise liar 🤥 ! Image
Prove Ibn Khaldun is wrong, you liar 🤥 ! Image
Prove Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Chief Inman of Rome & Italy, is wrong or apologise for the liar you are!

Genuine Qur'an - by Zionistic Imam Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi

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