Theatrics. Trying to prove that the think tank community’s concerted effort to picturize India as some dystopian state hurtling into the depths of an Orwellian hell, finds some takers.

The narrative has been carefully crafted - they know that as much as you do.
The reason to partner with India is not because of shared values. We don’t share many values with the US, and I’d say, gladly so. The few we do share only serve to maintain a low threat perception. Our interests merely converge in a few specific areas.
Strategic partnerships exist in these spheres. A shared vision, in part, exists for international security and global energy economics. On trade - it is not based on values. It works if both sides deal fairly, play by the rules, and do not weaponize their advantages.
In the case of China, weaponization of their monopoly status in trade, is in full swing. In India’s case, to suggest that it must kowtow to American whims to get a piece of the economic pie is outlandish. The US will need India for its own supply chain stability.
And why do I say that? America’s energy independence is eschewed for its green energy transition. Who dominates the clean tech space? China. Who can replace China? India. No other country has the domestic potential to support such economies of scale for export-linked production.
We saw how the quest for energy security shaped American foreign policy for decades - from deposing Mosaddegh in ‘53 to Saddam in ‘03, to allying with KSA. India will play a critical role in stabilizing clean tech supply chains, sharing woke values or not.…
It’s not just about energy. India will export low inflation to the West which relies on cheap imports to control domestic prices and in turn interest rates. No other nation has the scale and capability of production, and will not ally with China, and not threaten the US
@SecBlinken & @State_SCA might agree with this assessment.

With regards to FoE, American officials are free speak to Indian journalists and think tank analysts, and us citizens are free to critique their stance. That said, it’s always useful to get a clarification.

• • •

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23 Jul
India’s second wave gathered pace by second week of April. By then, 100M first doses had been administered.

87M fall in the 64+ age group. Add healthcare workers (30M) and security personnel (5M), it takes the total to ca. 125M.

India averted a disaster by vaccinating early.
The focus was on vaccinating critical workers without whom the country would not function, and the most vulnerable citizens. That is much unlike China, which prioritized its younger population over the ‘dispensable’ elderly in the early phases of its vaccine rollout.
The quality of the vaccines used in India stands head and shoulders above its Chinese counterparts, with nearly 30% higher efficacy. The vaccines exported and donated too don’t fall short of the standards needed.…
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20 Jul
Hold it right there. The civil liberty to make insinuations about Indian democracy without adequate evidence connecting GOI to the hacking, all while camping in India, seems to be intact.

Reconcile that or sit down.
Must I remind of more pressing concerns closer to home - the backsliding of democracy in the global north being just one of them. Indians seem to be rather happy with how their democracy functions, so perhaps the ‘concerns’ are unfounded. Or planted to simply to disrupt.
With only 39% of Americans and 31% of Brits satisfied with their respective democracies, an inquiry should be opened into the curtailment of civil liberties which contribute to the abysmal figure. 70% of Indians rate their setup favorably. Learn a thing or two from us, perhaps?
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19 Jul
Shouldn’t this be an indictment of the Democratic Party’s campaign? Or is it just one of the dozens of dubious ‘rankings’ used to whitewash America’s ineptitude? A brazen display of callousness towards the 625,000 dead is in line with their pattern of coverups post disasters.
Egregious human rights violations in foreign lands are also papered over with high rankings on ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom’. That the US is a tinpot democracy with a dark cloud hanging over the ‘20 election result makes any of its claims farcical. America survives on advertising
What’s more disgraceful about this racist ranking is that developed countries like Japan, Taiwan and Singapore that have performed far better with a tenth of the death rate, are placed behind. And the very fact that China figures on the list is atrocious.
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18 Jul
What’s worse:

A) Support a toolkit ‘activist’ who was given a script to interfere in Indian democratic proceedings.

B) Celebrate child abuse, joining the parents and the international activist machinery to manipulate a kid diagnosed with Asperger’s, OCD and selective mutism.
Pendency is the merely the symptom. The archaic collegium system is the root problem. It elevates to positions of influence individuals who willfully ignore common sense at the expense of judicial capacity building. After all, nobody likes to share power.
Making Nicolás Maduro proud.

Socialism is a part of the constitution’s ‘basic structure’ and poverty is every Indian’s basic right.
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9 Apr
While the optionality gained by not ratifying the UNCLOS lends the US substantive maneuverability in any effort to exert global maritime dominance, the recent events appear far less “provocative” than what we see vis-à-vis traditional allies like Japan and South Korea.

The Japanese and South Koreans have seen US warships just 12 nautical miles from their coast (as opposed to India’s 130 miles). Unbounded by UNCLOS, and with a formidable naval fleet, they will continue to dominate the seas and project power even against regional allies.
The main sticking point is the publicity the US has given to its actions. As I have mentioned before, the US’ inclusion in the Quad is as much about FONOP in their favor and securing their geostrategic interests as it is about unilateral power projection in the Indo-Pacific.
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7 Apr
That the @UN may well be complicit in human rights abuse by handing over the names of Chinese dissents to the CCP speaks volumes of how money power can help a state with a dubious HR track record, capture an intergovernmental body.

And this has been in the making for a while.
In 2019, a @UNDP event which was meant to have a photography exhibition with images of HH the Dalai Lama and artist Ai Weiwei was canceled under Chinese pressure, according to Swedish government officials.

Cancel culture is not just limited to denying India a seat at the UNSC. Image
Despite being acutely aware of the CCP’s chequered history, the UN plans to set up a big data research center in Hangzhou. The aim - to collect vast sums of international data for the seemingly innocuous cause of achieving sustainability goals.

Note the concerns around it: ImageImage
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