So, for those keeping tabs on tonight's @FoxNews soap opera:

@BretBaier claims to read a random viewer question that links travel bans and illegal immigration

@ellencarmichael admits it was her, not a random viewer - i.e., a planted question, but not about immigration

@FoxNews @BretBaier @ellencarmichael Baier, apparently not realizing Carmichael has already owned the planted question and said so publicly on Twitter, doubles down:


@FoxNews @BretBaier @ellencarmichael Carmichael, unfortunately, now inadvertently rats out Baier - or whoever tacked on the immigration bullshit - and plays the victim (which is a very savvy political consultant move, I guess).


@FoxNews @BretBaier @ellencarmichael At this point, Carmichael's friend @wupton white-knights his way over to say: No, no, she's really raising this question, and it's a good thing to ask, because it's legit (even though she just said it wasn't in her original question).

As this devolves into people all frantically trying to extricate themselves from a bad planted question while "Yakety Sax" plays, Will remembers when I smoked cigars with him in the days before The Federalist spoke up for Roy Moore.

So, to recap, Baier asked a planted question, added something the person who planted it claims she didn't intend, while a friend of the planter then says she *did* intend it. Top professionals on display, and this the final and cutting response.


• • •

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19 Jul
A couple of comments on this. Yeah, I don’t like it when expert groups don’t talk to each other. Right now this is a competition between “cautious“ and “super cautious“ and some professional associations like the APA look at a very narrow mandate. /1
One of the dilemmas facing professionals is that anything less than “super cautious” creates recriminations from the public if something goes wrong later - Even if it’s something different than the original issue. /2
I also worry about professional associations responding to what they think will placate their public constituency, in this case, jumpy parents. In that case they think: “what could it hurt to do more than necessary?“ /3
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15 Jul
I'm going to explain, in one tweet - coming up - why people on the left who think "they saw it coming" became part of the problem.
You ready? It's in the next tweet. Here we go.
Because the CJCS used "Reichstag fire" and it's *not even close to the top story tonight because of five years of REICHSTAG FIRE! from political hysterics*, and now Milley's comment is lost when it should be *the thing we're talking about*.
That's it. But there's more. /2
Instead of saying "Whoa, the CJCS was worried about Trump ginning up some kind of soft coup inside DoD," the reaction from some here is "see, I was right to say dumb shit five years ago, like the way my grandma was sure she had cancer every day until she finally had cancer." /3
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15 Jul
But you were. Many of you were. When you start yelling HITLER on day 1, you're burning out the ability of people to take seriously the threat when it actually arrives. You're like hypochondriacs who wear out the doctors who then won't believe they're truly sick later. /1
Yelling REICHSTAG! every day because you hated Trump is not the same as the CJCS saying he was worried about it after years of appointments of toadies. That does not make you prescient; it makes you complicit in creating noise that drowns out the signal in a moment of peril. /2
Even now, the takeaway from the story about Milley should not be "we were right! He was Hitler!" but rather "we should be cold as ice about what and who is a threat instead of a mass of hysterics." Choose your battles and win them. /3
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4 Jul
People on the left ask me how the left contributed to where we are. That's a long answer that includes "read Mark Lilla," but I'd add:

- much of postmodernism was and is an undermining of basic knowledge and reason
- recasting everything in politics in terms of race/gender

- years of obsession with the White House combined with ignoring local and state politics
- an intolerance bred on campuses that has escaped into mainstream Dem politics that alienates the normals
- cultishness that is in many cases nearly as bad as Trumpism

But with all that said, the center-left does have a kind of rule-based, good-government foundation to it that I prefer over the win-at-all-costs rightist culture warriors. I have said repeatedly that the Democrats are the better stewards of the Constitution now.
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4 Jul
I am going to take issue with this @nytdavidbrooks piece because I think Brooks, and many others, are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle in the "death of truth" and the "unwinding of demcracy problem. Thread follows. /1…
Brooks writes that Trumpers buy Trump's lies "because he tells stories of dispossession that feel true to many of them," and that kids on campuses are intolerant because they "feel entrapped by a moral order that feels unsafe and unjust." Maybe. But that's not the core issue. /2
What so many intellectuals miss is how bored and listless these people on both the right and left feel, and how energizing and *good* it feels to believe the lies, no matter what side they come from. It's ennobling. It's heroic. It's self-actualizing. /3
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30 Jun
So, it's been a long time since I dealt with Guard issues (which I did briefly many years ago), but what I think happened is that Noem is not funding this privately. This is Boob Bait for Bubba. I'll speculate here.
How this works - I think - is that Noem is just responding to the request from TX. The State of SD says "this deployment will cost X dollars."
Some wealthy jackass says "oh, btw, I would like to contribute X dollars to the State of SD, no strings attached." /2
So Noem says "Well, lucky coincidence, but I woulda done it anyway - but isn't it nice that Rich Jackass is donating exactly that much to the state!"
It's all legally clean - no quid pro quo - but it's still a contrary to the notion of civil political control. /3
Read 5 tweets

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