How I made $30,000 in affiliate sales in 7 months using stupid simple strategies.

~ A Masterclass on Affiliate Marketing ~
Before we begin, understand these 3 points:

1.) It is "easier" to make sales when you have a larger following (it isn't required however)

2.) It takes a little bit of time to get "great" at it.

3.) You're probably doing things VERY, very, wrong.

Let's begin 👇
#1 - It's all about the Cookies 🍪

Anytime someone clicks on YOUR affiliate link, they are "cookied" for 30 days..

This means: as long as this person purchases that product within 30 days, you will receive credit for the sale.

How do you maximize the # of people you cookie? 👇
Short answer: By maximizing the number of people who click on your link (duh)

Long answer:

- Write a tweet
- Wait for it to get a lot of engagement
- Promote your link in a "click-bait" fashion in a 2nd tweet below.

Here's an example 👇
The 1st image shows a regular tweet that got engagement and a tweet beneath it that promotes a product.

Notice how I say NOTHING about "which" course I am promoting, and left out the thumbnail that advertises the product.

I did this for a reason.

(cont..) Image
Removing a product's thumbnail and saying NOTHING about the product you're promoting REQUIRES readers to click on your link.

This maximizes the link clicks you'll receive (see image)

Now If ANY of those 576 people purchase the product in the next 30 days, I get paid for it. Image
#2 - You have to sell the RIGHT Products

You can cookie a billion people but if the product sucks, you'll never make any sales.

Sell products that are:
- Already selling
- Have lots of social proof
- Written by a credible author (even better if they have a lot of followers)
Social proof maximizes conversions and selling something from a credible author increases the chance of YOUR followers already knowing about the product.

(The more times someone hears about a product, the more likely they are to buy).
Here's who I recommend selling for:
- @creation247
- @WritingToRiches
- @OneJKMolina
- @The_RealJoeHart
- @WealthSquadCJ
- @thewealthdad
- @blackhatwizardd
- @thedankoe
- @wizofecom

Let's continue.
#3 - Share content from the creator

After you've cookied a bunch of people. You'll want to RT content from the product's creator.

For example: In the image below, you'll notice @OneJKMolina promoting his "Molina Letter" Image
That is the kind of tweet you want to RT.

- It works as another "touch" point for your audience (increasing their chance of purchasing)

- If they buy from his link, you still get credit for it (Cookies)

- YOUR audience becomes more familiar with the creator overall.
#4 - Share your results.

This might be the easiest way to sell any product.

If someone sees a product working for you, they're going to assume it'll work for them too

ESPECIALLY if you show before & afters.

(Here's an example).. 👇
The image below is a screenshot of my daily follower gains before and after using The Molina Letter.

Showcasing something like this just PROVES that a product works.

- Get results
- Showcase your results
- Promote the product USING those results

(You'll sell a TON doing this) Image
#5 - Give them a reason to buy from YOU.

Everybody and their mother is an affiliate marketer today.

The easiest way to separate yourself from the rest?

- Give people a reason to buy from YOUR link and nobody else's.

(Here's how to do it).. 👇
Offer something "complimentary" to people who purchase from your link.

- 60-minute consultation
- Access to your coaching group
- A complimentary ebook
- A 7-day 1-1 mentorship.

Offering a bonus like this will have people going OUT OF THEIR WAY to get YOUR link. (see image) Image
To avoid making this thread too long, here are some other quick tips:

- Promote like crazy prior to a product price increase
- RT your own promos later in the day
- Mention "direct" benefits in your promotions
- Always use a call to action with your link
- Use images with text in your promos

(this requires readers to CLICK the image in order to read it, leading to higher engagement and a larger reach for your promotion.)
So what do you think?

Did you learn something?

I became the #1 Affiliate for @creation247 and @OneJKMolina making over 680 sales in 7 months.

If you'd like to learn from me directly (and discover more of my strategies) get my course here 👇 Gum.Co/affiliatemaste…
Thanks for reading

Please RT the first tweet if you learned something

And good luck on your Affiliate Marketing journey.

Much love,

- TG

• • •

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