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A thread:

Men get abused a lot.

Emotionally - under the guise of "listening" to their women but not provide a solution and get sucked in emotionally into issues they will never resolve
_From elsewhere_

2. or know whether they were resolved and thereby get release...when women say they want to just rant and you listen and not say anything or provide a solution... Run.
3. Physically - through violence that is visited on them after being emasculated by being made to believe they are the cause of the violence(guilt-conscience) and thus losing the need to defend themselves or even run.
4. They know they are hit or burnt because they "did this or that". The violence to them is legitimate and they feel they deserve it. And this is not about alcoholism or bodily strength. It is manipulation.
5. Sexually - by being denied conjugal rights or sex being used as a bait or punishment for wrongs. Sexual abuse includes put-downs("my ex was better"...) and hurtful comments about physical ability.
6. I had a case of a man kept on a short leash and denied "kagondo" for nine months, as the wife daily showed him what was available but he could not have coz of this or that. He was going crazy, and believe or not, was rescued by his mother, a whole middle-aged man.
7. Financially - by being led to believe that whatever he earns is never enough and being set on a financial hamster-wheel, forever running after financial targets that never seem to come into range.
8. This is done through never-ending money demands and expensive family project, now life policy, tomorrow a mortgage, the other day a new ward-robe. The man is forever running around to fulfill the financial demands of a heartless spouse....
9. One day, this different forms of abuse get to the man and he decides he has had it.
Now, these forms of abuse hit at the very core of a man's definition of his manhood. It will take a superbly self-confident man to complain or even open up about his suffering.
10. But again, the superbly self-confident man would not allow abuse.
Once it hits him that he has had it, some men become violent and turn on the source of their pain.
But some just walk away, with nothing, to go and start all over again elsewhere.
11. So, next time you hear a man disappeared ages ago, to reappear again with a paperbag decades later, resist the urge to jump on the bandwagon that condemns such a man.

Ask what he was running away from. Some monsters do wear make-up and look all cuddly.
2. or know whether they were resolved and thereby get release...when women say they want to just rant and you listen and not say anything or provide a solution...

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