Unpopular opinion: standardized tests have helped more smart poor kids join the elite than almost literally anything else.
(2) "Why?"

Ok: while no doubt influenced by culture/SES/study time, ST scores provide a metric of CURRENT aptitude that means the same thing across classes and races. No alternative (internships, single-school grades, "gentlemanliness") comes even close as a fair measure.
(3) "Is this true, per-fessor?!!"

Yeah. I AM a professor, at a solid state U, b/c of the SAT. If you want to see the effect of testing on college attendance for poor Jewish, Asian, W. African, etc. kids, check out the references in @kennymxu's book...amazon.com/dp/1635767563/…
(4) Hell: you can check out most of these points right here, as Kenny talks about the book with a HYPER-SMART BLACK AUDIENCE including @CDouglasLove3, myself, and undisputed "Cut the Bull" star @ShemekaMichelle!!!

Meritocracy is the best human option...

• • •

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22 Aug
As a reminder to the entire page: y'all should follow the ABOUT TO BLOW "Cut the Bull" podcast, featuring moi, @CDouglasLove3, and show star @ShemekaMichelle.

This is a typical episode - us discussing why males are not females with @SwipeWright.... Watch!
(2) Anotha One, possibly my personal favorite episode: @GabsClark5 explains to us why her Black/mixed son objected to being labeled a "white oppressor" by a major school system.

The struggs is real out here...
(3) Yet another "CTB" episode, featuring @CDouglasLove3, @ShemekaMichelle, and moi along with @kennymxu - discussing discrimination against Asians (and whites, often) in modern U.S. higher-ed.

Thoughts and takes?
Read 4 tweets
19 Aug
Obvious point: being able to......errr......leave your house has a value.

It is simply absurd - unbelievably asinine - to argue that all 350,000,000 Americans should wear two masks, or stay home as much as possible, to avoid perhaps 500 deaths per week, nationwide.
(2) A few follow-ups.

First, as re some of these very specific math points in the replies, my question here was obviously about how many deaths would be prevented if the massive vaccinated/nat-immune majority of the country (say) triple-masked...not about total death rates.
(3) But......ok.

To take on the steel-man here, the 7-day rolling avg of C-19 deaths, per Worldometers, was 590 at the start of this past 7-day period. Today, it would be max 703. Should we all - not simply the vulnerable - stay home all day to perhaps halve THOSE numbers?
Read 4 tweets
10 Aug
@EPoe187 This is a very "Supreme Court" style answer. So, you seem to be saying it is accurate that other academics/smart laymen PERCEIVE AmRen writers as bigots.

But, there's an obvious secondary question here: do you perceive it as CORRECT that most or all AmRen writers are bigots?
@EPoe187 (2) As re @mchappenstance's point, we're not talking here about someone being cited by a white-nat website. We're talking about several someones (I mean, they have a contributors' page) associated with the U.S. dissident right or a particular sci-paradigm WRITING for the site.
@EPoe187 @mchappenstance (3) The obvious questions here are: does this indicate serious bigotry (as it obviously seems to), and if so what should be done?

Without a lot of "taqiya," the BEST response from one or more figures Young names would just be: "Yeah, I'm a racist. Can you prove me wrong?"
Read 4 tweets
10 Aug
Serious question: what, exactly, are vaccinated people afraid OF, as re COVID-19?
(2) Per all data I have seen, you are VERY substantially less likely to get, and 89-94% less likely to face death or hospitalization from - CDC and Israeli conclusions still apply re this point - a virus that carried a 1/2,000-5,000 PRE-VAXX risk of death for healthy u-50 people.
(3) Is the worry that you might infect someone else?

Everyone over 12 has had the chance to get the vaccine for months. Literally every adult you might happen to cough on is either (a) vaccinated or (b) a probably-healthy person who consciously chose not to be vaccinated.
Read 7 tweets
5 Aug
This tweet is a place-setter.

Like it if you want to definitely get notifications from my 57-TWEET thread on IQ, etc "culturalism," dropping - for real - tomorrow. All will appear under this. #five_wonks_will_like
(1) "Tarzan" of legend - or anyone illiterate - would score a "0" on a standard written IQ test. This implies something both profound and obvious: training and opportunity affect IQ as they do ~any other trait.

In this (lengthy) thread, I defend the position of IQ culturalism.
(2) The thesis of culturalism is that (1) non-genetic variables (2) other than "racism" dramatically affect IQ, and have often shifted scores by 15-20+ points from a starting position (X). Multiple jumps of this kind have been larger than ~any IQ GAP that exists in the 2021 USA.
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2 Aug
Without excusing the hood, something that has to be taken into account when we look at crime rates is that smart upper-class people are very rarely arrested for crimes they commit.
(2) We tend to have a "brothers and rednecks" view of criminals, but the four objectively highest-crime environments I have ever been in were the 1990s Chicago rave scene (!!!!!), the college Greek scene, the sales/trading-floor world, and the Internet circa 2005.
(3) We might view this as "less evil" than low-end crimes like burglary, justifiably or not, but it is...not legal...to throw a 10,000 person indoor party full of u-21 people having raw sex and selling hard drugs, or to operate thepiratebay.org.
Read 4 tweets

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