1/ Another important thread. There are lots of smart people and prominent voices in Lockdown Sceptics / #TeamReality camp who talk about organizing and building the infrastructure that will allow living outside the system that is emerging right in front of us.
2/ Other people call it living off grid for example, outside cities, with smaller communities, they promote having their own currency, growing their own food etc. Alternatively they also advise supporting:

- cash payments
- smaller banks
- local food producers etc.
3/ In their minds this is the right solution that should be pursued. In this short thread I will explain why those people are 100% wrong in their approach and why what they are trying to do will ultimately fail. Here is what I always try to emphasize - no matter how smart or ..
4/ knowledgeable person is in a certain area, it does not mean that this person is right about everything. That kind of knowledge and wisdom nearly always comes from a collective thoughts of many people. So here is the harsh truth. What these people advocate for is ..
5/ nothing more but health and lifespan extension. What it basically means is that you will be able to live on your own terms a little longer than the rest of society who will be trapped in the system. This is pure cowardice, as it will not bring freedom and happiness to ..
6/ anyone who advocates for off grid solutions, it will not bring freedom or happens to their own children or next generations. This deluded mindset is being promoted because these people simply want to avoid suffering by any means necessary. They have been ..
7/ brainwashed, indoctrinated and conditioned into believing that violence is not the solution, no matter the situation or the cost. West has been bombarded with anti-war and anti-violence propaganda for decades. People no longer hold a balanced view when it comes to these ..
8/ two tools that humans have been using since our existence for hundreds thousands of years. The only ones who would dare to put anti-war and anti-violence propaganda into minds of the masses are lunatics who believe in utopian society or the enemy who wants to ..
9/ take their time, soften up the society, make it weaker and subdue it when the times comes without firing a single shot. That is the reality. Don't be fooled by anyone who advocates for the idea of living outside of the system, growing their own food, having own currency, ..
10/ own governing system etc. The enemy simply won't allow that to happen and they will swamp that idea once they gain sufficient control within their own system that they are currently creating. There will be nothing standing in their way to purge "heretics" & "diseased" from ..
11/ existence for refusal to be part of the system. Try reading in-between the lines, what they are building is supposed to be planetary scale solution, no exceptions. If you try to exist outside of the system you will inevitably become the enemy of the state and ..
12/ the kind of world government that they planning to create simply will not allow that to happen. I won't be naming any names, but if you are watching social networks, interviews & podcasts space you know which voices are promoting this nonsense about living outside of ..
13/ the system. Yes, they may have a great insight and knowledge when it comes to science, data analysis, banking, law, health or farming practices... but they are gravely mistaken as far as solutions are concerned. They are just trying to run away, foolishly hoping that ..
14/ what is coming will not reach them. This is a sign of both, delusion and weakness. They don't understand that you can't fight totalitarians, communists or fascists with smile and kindness or just ignore them. You can only keep them at bay or defeat them with sufficient ..
15/ army, power and influence. And once the world government is created, there will be no force to fight, balance or counteract it. Unfortunately and for that very reason, I don't see many true leaders in in Lockdown Sceptics / #TeamReality camp and leaders are needed if we ..
16/ want to have a chance to win this ideological war. True leaders must understand the situation, recognize the enemy, their intentions and what is at stake. By following off grid mindset, you are buying yourself, at best, an additional few years of “freedom”, but what you ..
17/ are truly doing is you are only delaying the inevitable. I perfectly understand why some of these people promote this nonsense as a solution, as it is a combination of weakness and cowardice while not being awake enough to recognize the reality around them.
18/ This thread serves as a warning to the ones who still have some sanity left in them. Remember, just because good and smart people are on your side, it does not mean that they automatically know the way out of our current situation.
19/ The sad reality is that weak people have brought our society to its knees and weak people are trying to facilitate its destruction by being silent, ignoring the problem, hiding or running away. These people forgot what homo sapiens are, what we are capable of, what makes us..
20/ unique and how we have risen to be the most successful apex predator on this planet. The only way to build new way of life and reality for our society is when this enemy is defeated by any means necessary. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

• • •

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1/ This is essentially a pandemic of the educated and pandemic of the lunatic elites. There are some demented and ideologically driven bad actors but most who support the narrative are useful idiots who are either being driven by money & power or have been brainwashed and are ..
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1/ There is a hidden agenda here that not many are aware of yet. With both, world government & weaponized "medicine" in place, this will inevitably allow for great breakthroughs and advances in medical science. How ? Think what Nazis did by getting rid of informed consent.
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1/ To be honest, one thing that I learned from this "pandemic" is the fact that certain kinds of people with whom I normally & wholeheartedly disagree with when it comes to their beliefs, ideologies and convictions are not as crazy, as confused, as stupid or as irrational as ..
2/ I initially thought. They are just on a different path than I am. Everyone has their own path through life, we all learn based on experience & past mistakes even if we happen to live in a lie for years or even decades. Life is a process of exploring the world and making the ..
3/ sense of it while learning and gaining wisdom over time. Even though they are not necessarily my enemies there is clear value and wisdom in this proverb: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". People from different walks of life, who would normally would never see eye to eye ..
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1/ This is a very good and well research piece but I do not agree with one major part of what you wrote. Lack of immunity simply does not work the way you describe it in relation to Native Americans, Aztecs or how it is portrayed in book "Guns, Germs, and Steel”.
2/ I believe you have missed the most crucial part when doing a research on that topic. Body robustness and grain based societies are keys to understanding why Native Americans and Aztecs were decimated by diseases. The reason why many fell ill and died from diseases brought by..
3/ Europeans is not because of lack of immunity, but because of nutrient deficiencies thanks to farming practices / grain based diets. This has created less robust bodies and weaker immune systems which essentially caused them being more prone to "new" diseases.
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1/ Very important thread. An interesting TED Talk video was shared (by @RealJoelSmalley IIRC) few weeks ago on Twitter. I disagree completely with its narrative and conclusions though. The choice between violent or nonviolent civil resistance ultimately..

2/ depends on what you are up against. Meaning, what kind of system is doing the oppressing, what its goals are, which tools it uses for control and to keep the power, how it treats the people and what the living conditions look like within it. Your reaction and road to freedom..
3/ will be different when you are going up against the regime that is solely interested in keeping the power in its own country with the sole purpose of being rich and acting as ruling elite. But it is a completely different ball game when you up are against the regime that ..
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1/ A Path To Freedom - A Framework

Here's an excerpt from a fictional novel that describes the hard times people found themselves into from an alternate universe and how they were able to deal with adversity that was put in front of them. This particular short chapter deals with
2/ .. the preparation and actions made on what was called a freedom day. No details, just a basic framework / summary.

Organize with other people and pick a date when everyone will gather and will go out onto the streets. Make sure to inform your employer in advance that ..
3/ .. you will need a 2 week vacation on the same day. If you can't take a vacation use free or paid tests to find yourself in a quarantine scenario and inform your employer accordingly. Prepare at least 6-8 week worth of water, food and supplies for yourself and your family.
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