An anti-vax (conspiracy) theory was on display at a recent school board meeting:

Covid vaccines are a “conspiracy by the Deep State medical establishment to depopulate the world".

For the sake of argument, let’s dissect this conspiracy...1/
First let’s start with a common theme/premise:


As repeatedly seen throughout the Trump era, criticisms or accusations made by narcissists/sociopaths often end being admissions or confessions. 2/
With that projective admission/confession dynamic as a backdrop, let’s unpack:

First, one of the tenets of the anti-vax depopulation conspiracy focuses on the concept of “utilitarianism”…3/ Image
In this "depopulation" conspiracy context, pro-vaxer "utilitarianism" is the embrace of “some individuals being sacrificed for the greater good of the majority…if some people are harmed by vaccines, it’s an acceptable loss b/c society as a whole will reap gains”. 4/
But remember back in 2020 when @benshapiro implied that it was acceptable for the elderly to die to keep the economy open……? 5/
....And remember when "Doctor" Phil used drownings, car accidents, and cigarettes to imply an acceptable level of covid deaths when arguing against shutting down the economy….? 6/
….And remember when Dr. Oz referred to *only* 2-3% of people dying as a result of reopening schools as an “appetizing opportunity”? 7/
And remember when Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick suggested that old people sacrifice themselves for the greater good of society….. 8/…
….and remember when "Patriots" like @peteHegseth3 (who is vaccinated)….“patriot-shamed" the rest of the country to go back to work and school for the *greater good*……while broadcasting from the safety of his "flag-cave"…. 9/
…and remember when Trump and Republicans “patriot shamed” the country into reopening the economy for the *greater good*……. 10/
So when the Anti-vax Right starts screaming about "depopulation"…..

.....let's remember that it was them who was embracing “utilitarianism”, and the acceptable loss/sacrifice of life for the greater good of society…… 11/
This brings us to the second component of the depopulation conspiracy:

That there is a powerful deep state-like “cabal” made of up rich/powerful “elites” who want to preserve their lifestyle and access to resources. 12/
Presumably, that cabal would want to depopulate those that are least like themselves…. and/or those who are a drain on the cabal’s resources (wealth redistribution):

Basically, the poor, minorities, the sick, the elderly, the incarcerated, and perhaps even the addicted? 13/
Well, when studying the covid death rate, who is the people who are disproportionately over-represented?

(In)coincidentally, it’s minorities, the poor, the sick, the elderly, the incarcerated, & the addicted. Basically everyone the cabal would view as a drain on society,…14/
……or as Scott McMillan infamously pointed out in 2020….those who…

….“1) are generally expensive to maintain, and 2) are unproductive”. 15/

Let’s break down the demographics:
The Right has fantasized about gutting Medicare/Social Security, but are afraid to alienate voters.

Then came Covid:

The mortality rate in nursing homes (medicare/social security beneficiaries) rose 22.5% in 2020. 16/…
The Right has long fantasized about gutting/reforming Medicaid.

Then came Covid:

The Covid death rate for high poverty (Medicaid beneficiaries) counties is 57% higher than low poverty counties. 17/…

……the Covid death rate was 23% higher in counties with high uninsured population versus low uninsured populations. 18/…
…..the Covid death rate was 32% higher in counties with high black populations versus counties with low black populations…. 19/…
…..the Covid death rate was 38% higher in counties with high Hispanic populations versus counties with low Hispanic populations…..20/…
The Covid death rate was also significantly among people with Substance Use Disorders (especially Opiate addiction)… particularly among African American with Substance Use Disorders. 21/… for the incarcerated:

On average it costs $25,000-$30,000/year to incarcerate a prison inmate ($80 billion annually in the U.S.).

The Covid death rate is three times higher among prison inmates than among the general U.S. population. 22/…
....and finally developing countries:

"Developing countries face worse epidemiological odds….infection fatality risk….fueled by urban density/poverty.....Over 1 billion people, mostly in developing countries, live in slums.” 23/…
Every demographic listed above would be viewed as “generally expensive to maintain, & unproductive” by a deep state-like cabal that was infuriated by wealth distribution to people that are not like them. And with every demographic listed above, the fatality rate is elevated. 24/
So if there was a great conspiracy or grand plan to depopulate the earth, Covid is hypothetically doing the *heavy lifting* by culling the herd of the “most expensive to maintain, & least productive”.

In reality, the more effective the vaccines, the less the herd is culled. 25/
So what might a hypothetical cabal intent on depopulating the planet actually do?

Create a disinformation campaign that convinces paranoid people there’s a radical Left vaccine-related scheme to depopulate the world (projection) so people leave themselves vulnerable to Covid?

• • •

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14 Oct
What I "presume" are observable events, and relatively predictable human behaviors.

As I pointed out later in the thread, "467 US billionaires have seen their wealth increase by a grotesque $730,000,000,000 during the pandemic".

I wrote that on August 27, 2020. 1/
Almost exactly one year later, that number.....(the collective increase of U.S. billionaires' wealth)....had increased to $1.8 trillion.

Or put another way, billionaires increased their wealth by 62% during the pandemic. 2/…
This occurred, and is still occurring, during a time when people are not only losing loved ones to Covid......

.....but it's occurring at a time when the income inequality gap is at a 50+ year high.....3/…
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A couple of observations that would seem to be consistent with people failing to meet, and, therefore getting stuck in the lower hierarchies of needs:

1. Addiction-like experiences/behavior

2. The constant exploitation and manipulation of neuropsychological fear responses. 1/
I've previously analyzed how an addiction model may help to explain tribalism, cult and conspiracy theory susceptibility, confirmation bias, etc. 2/
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13 Oct
"The very same traits (pathologically dysfunctional competitiveness/greed/ambition), that drove them to manipulate the system to get ahead, "present" (symptoms) w/such intensity/severity that they are unable to turn "it" off even when "it" threatens to destroy what it created."
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Rational former Republicans (@radiofreetom/@stuartpstevens) have struggled to understand what happened to people they thought they knew as "intelligent & reasonable".
There are several things at play. First, we often view others through our own subjective lens. Therefore,….1/
...even when agreeing on an issue, we assume we arrive at same conclusion for similar reasons.

Nichols/Stevens arrived at certain conclusions due to their belief in Conservativism’s “commitment to traditional values/ideas & opposition to change socially traditional ideas.” 2/
But the problem is that many of the “socially traditional ideas” that existed in this country's history involved racism, discrimination, misogyny, homophobia, & bigotry.

And although rational former Republicans were seduced by the pragmatism/deliberateness of the ideology....3/
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Yes, it would be really interesting to see studies involving exposure to political news, and dopamine-related diseases such as Parksinson's.

I’ve referenced the role that excessive dopamine plays in schizophrenia and Parkinson’s related hallucinations and delusions.
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Yes, Trump supporting Christian right engaged in moral compromisation (the "ends justifies the means") create moral authority. The moral compromisation occurred when the evangelicals adopted the "flawed leader" narrative to justify their support of Trump. 1/
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