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"Adversity doesn't build character, it exposes it...."…
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10 Aug
"There will be violence. That probably would have occurred if Trump hadn't "won" the election b/c he'd already convinced his base the system was rigged (which it his favor). His election, and perhaps imminent removal, only delayed the violence...":
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4 Aug
Stunning back &forth w/@jonathanvswan.

Thread: "Trump's narcissism is the fundamental driver of his immense ignorance. This has always been a looming, potentially dangerous threat to the country....but the coronavirus has weaponized Trump's ignorance":
The first thread I wrote about (the politicization of) Covid-19: 3/
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31 Jul
A really interesting article that analyzes susceptibility to conspiracy theories of the Christian Right, but that also applies more generally. A look at a few of the author's (and some overlooked) points:

First, the premise that reality can "boring"...1/…
...and that people don’t like randomness/ambiguity, or [the idea] we’re at the mercy of forces...we don’t understand/can’t comprehend...and that "conspiracy theories are ridiculously entertaining...and intoxicatingly addictive".

Well, an argument can be made that religion...2/
...religion was an attempt to explain a random/ambiguous world (reality) that people didn't/couldn't understand or comprehend with "ridiculously entertaining" narratives/stories.

According to this criteria, religion was the "original sin":

The original conspiracy theory. 3/
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21 Jul
The party of "personal responsibility", who elected an admitted serial sexually-assaulting, sociopathic narcissist who "takes no responsibility" for 140K dying on his blaming the Right's Trump-led descent into "Illiberal Thoughts" (Fascism) on.....progressives....1/
.....despite citing an article advocating for the further Christianization of society by exercising the "extremely seductive" power of state authority.....while admitting that the Right was "already beginning to sour on liberal democracy"....2/… part, because of a "pathological...desire to publicly humiliate and subjugate the American Church". A few points:

1) As evidenced by electing/supporting an immoral sociopathic conman, the Right/American Church doesn't need any help publicly humiliating itself....3/
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20 Jul
There are many factors, but several come to mind:
1. Collective narcissism
2. Moral authority
3. Dehumanization
4. Self-preservation/defense of self
Portions of a thread on Collective Narcissism and moral authority: 2/
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14 Jul
Kudlow pathetically symbolizes a president/GOP that has given up on Covid19. For months they were in denial, & demonized containment strategies...that now suddenly aren't "that hard".

Now they've surrendered.

This is a concession speech.

Our children are the peace offerings...
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29 Jun
The Trump/Bill Barr/GOP response to the black lives matter protests/movement highlights not just the “slouching towards authoritarianism”, but the acceleration of the pace of authoritarianism into a full-blown sprint…1/
In a previous article, @psychunseen also analyzed how the “Firehose of Lies” is utilized in disinformation campaigns…. a fascist tool that has been repeatedly used by Trump, the GOP, and the Right Wing Media Echo Chamber. 2/…
In a follow up thread, I expanded upon and applied @psychunseen’s article on the “Fire Hose of Lies” to Trump, the Republican Party, and the Right Wing Media Echo Chamber….and the effect this has had on the country during Trump’s presidency… 3/
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21 Jun
This thread touches on FOX's programming style: "Similar to hiding a dog's medication in a peanut butter treat, society often needs its information embedded in entertainment, or stated inflammatorily by an “entertaining” Right Wing “Shock Jock”
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21 Jun
This Trump rallygoer’s comments expose how the effect of the intersection of the “Firehose of Lies”, confirmation bias, and a neurotransmitter called Dopamine all combine to create what has become a potentially deadly cocktail of Trumpism. Let’s breakdown the comment:…1/
“We had a friend who died from Covid, and his son was on a ventilator, so we know it’s real but…”

What if “Covid” is replaced by “smoking” in this statement?:

“We had a friend who died from [smoking], his son was on a ventilator, so we know it’s real but [we still smoke]”. 2/
I’ve previously written about the role that the neurotransmitter, dopamine plays in Trumpism.

Dopamine is related to the “reward system” of the brain and is associated to the pleasurable experiences related to sex, cocaine, gambling,…..and smoking. 3/
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6 Jun
Trump is not driven by principle/morality, his only sense of historical significance is to keep score against those who have wronged him, and his sole driving force is his own self-interest/preservation.....1/
This moral/psychological "deformity" results in contradictory, if not mutually exclusive comments/actions. This has occurred during the Covid pandemic as Trump repeatedly gives “mixed messages” that have caused avoidable death and economic destruction. 2/
During the "Great day/Looking down" speech, Trump not self-gratuitously talks about equality during a press conference where it is pointed out that black/Asian unemployment is increasing even against a backdrop of decreasing overall (white) employment rates…3/
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30 May
The George Floyd death/protests are benefitting Trump b/c:

1. Trump's incompetence and self-interested role in Covid-related death/economic destruction is not the primary focus

2. 100,000's of previously socially distancing people are disregarding the danger of Covid, which..1/
....plays into the Trump's/Right's narrative that the "cure" is not only "worse than the problem".....but that the Left is now refusing to observe the "Freedom/Liberty" encroaching Covid "rules" that it is imposing on the Right....2/
....but any infections/deaths that occur as a result of protestors being in close proximity will most likely be people voting against Trump.

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30 May
Implicit in these findings: The authoritarian personality construct in Evangelicalism/religion:
Implicit in these findings: The authoritarian personality construct in Evangelicalism/religion:
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29 May
The "marshmallow test" is about impulse control. Trump's pathologies make him incapable of controlling his impulses, which results in Trump living in the "eternal, immortal now":
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27 May
Trump accused a private company of violating the 1st Amend, which protects against government (not private) restriction of free threatening to use 1st Amendment-violating government power to shut down a platform people use to exercise their right to free speech...1/
Trump also slandered @JoeNBC and traumatized the family of a deceased woman for a cheap, win-the-next-five minutes, political distraction from his incompetent, pathological, ineptitude that has caused unnecessary death and economic destruction..... 2/…
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