If you're applauding someone losing their job because they privately expressed a political idea you disagree with, you are either implicitly conceding that YOU could be punished the same way by those who disagree with you... or you are a totalitarian and flirting with fascism.
Imagine what would happen if a company fired someone because they privately expressed support for the transsexual agenda, and some of the company's business partners complained. The howls of Hitlerism would be deafening, the repercussions severe. Government would step in.
The correct term for a system in which only political views in line with the ruling party's ideology can be expressed without fear of punishment is totalitarianism. If corporate muscle is employed by the ruling party to punish dissidents outside the law, it is fascism.
The nature of these systems does not change because a particular observer agrees with the ruling party's ideology, or loathes dissenting views. Every fascist and totalitarian system is filled with people who think the ruling party ideology is morally and intellectually superior.
Americans are only two generations removed from a time when "imposing morality" was widely considered sinful, whether it was done through government or corporate power. Those who wished to impose their morality were commonly derided as fascists.
The conclusion that dissidents must draw about America's emergent totalitarian system - and well over half the population are dissidents from the ruling party's orthodoxy - is that you must develop your own totalitarian muscle to fight back and protect your rights.
Objecting to totalitarianism on principle is useless, because it is defined by hypocrisy - its adherents truly believe only their views should be protected from retaliation, while dissent should be crushed by any means necessary. They think dissent is dangerous.
You can't convince totalitarians to back down because THEY might one day be punished for expressing their views. They don't think they'll ever lose the power they wield. THEIR morality is sacred and could never be suppressed. They don't think oppression is objectively wrong.
If you think that last sentence is harsh, just chat with anyone who thinks it's great that dissenters from their political orthodoxy are getting fired, demonetized, or deplatformed. It's not hard to get them to agree that dissenters are dangerous or evil and deserve oppression.
Totalitarians have a way of convincing themselves that they're plucky underdogs fighting against powerful shadowy forces, no matter how absurdly powerful the totalitarians are. They're always the "resistance" even when they have near-absolute control of politics, culture, media.
For this reason, they believe all means are justified to fight back against the overwhelming shadowy powers they're "resisting." The totalitarian is always David fighting Goliath, so he can load any ammunition he thinks is necessary into his sling.
So if you want to fight back, if you want to preserve your rights to speak and organize as dissenters, you need to develop your own totalitarian muscle. You need to organize and demonstrate that you will aggressively retaliate if your views are oppressed. Aspire to detente.
This is especially the case when the leadership of the dissenting party makes it clear they will not use government power to shield dissidents against unfair treatment and private sector reprisals, because it violates their principles. They won't play the game, so YOU have to.
There's no *legal* reason an abortion extremist, transsexual extremist, climate change fanatic, etc. could not be fired, deplatformed, or demonetized for expressing their views - but it's utterly unthinkable, because those are politically favored groups with totalitarian muscle.
Dissidents must develop the same muscle. Make politically activist corporations afraid of you. Make it clear you will retaliate if they oppress you. Make it unthinkable that you should be silenced for exercising your Constitutional rights to speak and organize.
Totalitarianism masquerades as order, but in truth it's ultimately barbaric: there are no principles, no inalienable rights, no logic: only exercises of power and fear, where aggression is rewarded. Play offense or lose slowly. That's the definition of cancel culture. /end

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15 Sep
Milley's treason is a landmark in the evolution of the Great Reset, which began with the formation of the Deep State: the notion that a sizable amount of government power must be protected from voters. As I like to say: Democracy rebooted with an authoritarian core.
The totalitarian Left passionately believes there should be an elite core of government bureaucrats, with correct ideology and Party credentials, who are not subject to the whims of voters. There are issues of such importance that idiot voters cannot be allowed to interfere.
Of course, that list of issues that should not be subject to the will of the American electorate grows longer all the time. The Great Reset is a whole new political operating system, not one of the authoritarian patches the Left has been uploading every few years.
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9 Sep
Vaccination rates were damaged in the long run by misleading people into thinking the vaccines prevent coronavirus transmission, rather than reducing the severity of infection. (Yes, that impression was definitely given, no matter how much revisionists claim nobody ever said it.)
Overselling the vaccines goosed inoculations early on, making for some nice headlines, but in the long run it hindered the effort, because it gave the public more reason to distrust the authorities and question the value of vaccination.
It was profoundly demoralizing to be told, "Never mind, we're still in permanent panic mode, we'll still have restrictions, you still have to wear masks, this will probably never be over." Earlier this year, everyone up to Biden was pushing vaccines as the ticket to normal life.
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2 Sep
Abortion was the first sacrament of the modern Church of the State, which later incorporated global warming, critical race theory, trans extremism, and most recently coronavirus hysteria. Abortion is the rock upon which it was all built. The faithful go berserk at threats to it.
Roe v Wad was crucial to the rise of government-as-a-religion for several reasons. It was an act of raw judicial power, of transcendence over democracy and the Constitution by the elite priesthood. It's hilarious to hear anyone who defends Roe blather about "defending democracy."
With Roe, the elite priesthood declared that something it wanted was Good, and therefore must be made Lawful. It worked backward with comical clumsiness to cobble together a legal rationalization for imposing its will, using religious terminology like "penumbras and emanations."
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1 Sep
"America First" policy was ignorantly caricatured as isolationism, but in the end, nothing leaves the American people as isolated as globalism.
China, Russia, and the other bad actors swooping in to capitalize on Biden's hideous debacle in Afghanistan have a valid point buried in their opportunistic rhetoric: governments that claim not to act in their own national interests are irrational, and therefore undependable.
There is a remorseless logic to the arguments employed by the Chinese Communist Party to build their new worldwide Axis of Evil. They're unabashedly nationalist, China First all the way, but they present themselves as tough but honest and reliable business partners.
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30 Aug
The evolving U.S. version of China's social credit system is designed to make it easier for the ruling Party's corporate muscle to target and punish dissidents, bypassing the Constitution to suppress speech and political freedom.
The twisted genius of the new fascism involves suppressing speech and political freedom by imposing extraordinary costs upon them, without the government attempting to ban them outright. You're technically "free" to exercise "rights" you can't actually afford to invoke.
This would never have been tolerated back when the Left played the role of counterculture. Imagine if the cultural revolutionaries of the 60s-80s had been hit with steep costs for expressing their views, and told to suck it up because they were still *technically* free to speak.
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26 Aug
The best chance we have to avoid a total bloodbath or hostage crisis is to credibly project American power to cover a better-organized evacuation, with no interference tolerated. Credibility can only be restored by replacing the architects of this disaster, including Joe Biden.
You can't convince the enemy you're truly serious now, and will no longer be a pushover or addlebrained disaster, unless you replace the leadership. New leaders can more credibly implement a major course correction, minimizing bloodshed by having their words taken seriously.
Biden has alienated America's allies in this desperate moment. Removing him from office would be an act of diplomatic hygiene, a reassurance they won't be betrayed again, and there were consequences for betraying them last time. The phone will now be picked up when they call.
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