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I've finished my sandwich, so how here's the 🧵

The meeting between recruiter + hiring manager is a critical part of the process. I spoke with dozens of recruiters from top class employers and condensed their insight into these 20 tips👇
1. Don't call them ‘intake meetings’

Language matters. ‘Intake’ is a one way download of information when the business needs you to be a two-way partner - the recruiting expert to advise and guide the hiring manager. Call it a recruitment strategy or kick off meeting
2/ Collect ‘Job conditions’ up front

Location, remote vs onsite, comp etc - most of this is not going to change, so why discuss it? Collect this up front to allow more time to agree on the important stuff - relationships, process, strategy. Use @jotform
3/ Assemble a ‘Hiring Squad’

HM holds budget but not the only decision maker - team lead, peer reviewer etc - all are part of this hiring squad. As recruiter, you are squad leader - your role to set up, organise and coordinate. All members need to be present the KO meeting
4/ Evergreen or Episodic hire?

Both require ENTIRELY different approaches, yet are often not distinguished in the hiring process. Evergreen = long term, whole-of-organisation, capacity building. Episodic = start / end project based approach.
5/ 'Convert responsibilities to outcomes’.

What is business problem this hire is going to solve? What happens if this hire doesn’t happen? Get to ‘the why’ of the hire. It will also sift out roles which are genuinely critical or simply growing-the-team.…
6/ Activities expected of this hire

What is this person actually going to be doing? If you would do a time distribution of their tasks, what it look like? Surface up discrepancies in HS on what they actually think they need - do this now, before candidates are in process
7/ Behaviours expected of a great hire

What behaviours separate the great from the good? HS ability to articulate the difference will say a great deal about how ready we are to start pipelining candidates in. Don't move ahead until we can answer this
8/ Appeal of the job to the prospective hire.

Great candidates have great options.Ask HM to describe to the role as they would do to a candidate. Better yet - have the HM describe the role on camera, which can be viewed by prospective candidates. Use
9/ Ideal candidate profile?

Notice this is step No9. In a bad process, this will be No1. Two tasks a) Neutralise the laundry list by asking whether candidates should be rejected if missing this or that item and b) Challenge prestige bias…
10/ DEI

Conversation about DEI can be no later than this(!). Discussion at No9 will reveal demographics of talent pool. Additional measures, additional time is going to be required to diversify the pipeline. Make the case here, use the resources here.
11/ Assessment

Assessment is always a compromise between accuracy and scalability. Your job to find the balance - use these resources…
12/ Candidate scorecard

Get rid of the ‘Simon was not ‘strong enough’ feedback. We need data, even if it is self recorded. Agree a scorecard with the team - use Google’s 8 tier model or develop your own. Needs to quantifiable rather than hire / no hire.
13/ Internal candidates?

Organisational structure has been shook by covid / shift to remote / redeployment of staff; decreasingly resistance to internal mobililty. As recruiters, we better embrace it this expansion of scope. Need a use case? Try this
14/ Path to the candidate

Hiring squad members should know where to look - which communities, channels, online spaces. Good opportunity here to secure access to team LinkedIn network and search through them - great prospects will be in immediate network of the existing team.
15/ Hiring Squad Experience

Are candidates going to be drip fed in or held to a shortlist or what? Trade off immediacy vs efficiency. Your job as Squad lead to design a supply cadence which maintains speed-to-candidate but minimises ‘assessment load’ for the hiring team.
16/ Document the Hiring plan

Create a reference doc on how you’re going to do it. This is a summary of what has been agreed on KO. Don’t gate keep this - you are the editor, everyone else an equal contributor. You’re probably going to end up using Notion
17/ Communication & tools

Use tooling native to the team and the business, not stuff that is native to you. Don’t ask hiring squad to learn new tools unless absolutely necessary. Or unless it is that new ATS you’ve just implemented company wide……
18/ Hiring metrics

Eliminate ‘reporting’ on recruiting progress - this turns into a sales meet, where information becomes mistrusted. Hiring metrics should be accessible to all, summarised and updated by you. Set a cadence for this, ritualise it.…
19/ Build Relationships before you need them

Relationships are always better when they are free from agenda. Understand how this person succeeds in their job, what the team needs to do for this to happen. Time invested now, will be saved later
20/ Brainfood Live On Air -Ep124
All of the above info distilled from conversations here…
and here…

Feel free add anything I missed to this thread
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