Nothing will happen in America without the approval of American deep state. Government funding is the key. If you want to stop hatred against Hindus that's spreading in America, organize a large anti American protest in India demanding them to stop their hatred against Hindus

You'll see its effect immediately. The moment they sense anti American sentiment is spreading in India, they'll turn off the anti Hindu machine that they started operating recently. But the question is, does modi have balls made of steel to allow this? I really don't think so
Protests in US by Hindus isn't really important. It should happen here in India. America really don't want anti American sentiment in India, especially right now. They can't afford an anti American sentiment in India, particularly among Hindus bcz such a thing will force the..
ruling government to change their attitude towards America. Modi can turn around and say, look, I'm not responsible for this, you people must control the hatred against Hindus that's spreading in America, or anti American sentiment among Hindus in India will keep spreading&
I can't be seen as pro America while Hindus in India feel that America is anti Hindu. He can tell them to fix their home & stop hatred against Hindus if they want a good India America relationship

Do I expect this to happen? Not really, as Modi's isn't cunning!

• • •

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15 Sep
And what'll you do if your existence is threatened ?

"And fight against them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion [i.e., worship], all of it, is for Allah. And if they cease - then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do"

Quran : 8:39
— Saheeh International
You can preach non violence, but if your non violence is letting others unleash violence against you & it's threatening your existence, that's when you defend yourself through violence. Accommodation of diversities, including multiple expressions of the divine is valid only if..
such diversities r not threatening your own faith, through that ur existence. There's no point in accommodating diversities if they want to destroy u&impose uniformity. So the acceptance of diversity should b based on whether that diversity is threatening diversity itself or not
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@AbhishBanerj @harshmadhusudan Abrahamic monotheism is extremely weak for the simple reason that it's saying its all powerful God can't or won't take another form, will only work through so called messenger! If the God is really powerful, why can't it simply take another form or reincarnate itself in a..
@AbhishBanerj @harshmadhusudan human form rather than sitting up there dialing its so called connection here on earth? Why should select an individual to be messenger? Why not select all human beings? Poor connectivity? No 5G? Or, is it because it can't take another form or reincarnate itself? It...
@AbhishBanerj @harshmadhusudan can't exist in different places simultaneously? I mean, in a universe that it created? Looks like a powerless god!

Secondly, the biggest weak point of such religions is its perfectionism. For example Muhammad. Muslims can't accept that their so called prophet did anything...
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9 Sep
No. America's future is extremely dark. And it isn't about defeat in Afghanistan. Militarily it isn't even a defeat. But the real danger for America is from within. The woke virus that's spreading in America. All this time the threat was external, this time it's internal
Wokes are sh!tting all over America, destroying the American institutions. Today you can't even express your opinion without the fear of getting canceled. And it isn't just internal sabotage that wokes are doing. Look at what they're doing to antagonize America's allies, for..
example Hindus in India. While America gave a nation back to the medieval mullahs, American woke zombies& woke universities & so called protestors & intellectuals are busy spreading hatred against Hindus! This will definitely spread anti American sentiment among Hindus in..
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17 Aug
@UnSubtleDesi Indian Right Wing should stop calling Taliban/IS etc terrorists. Instead, they should call them 'true Muslims'. Because that's who they really are. Calling them terrorists is helping to whitewash "the book" by separation
@UnSubtleDesi Why r u helping to portray them as something different, not the product of Islam? Why are you helping to portray the so called non violent(currently) Muslims the product of Islam, not the Taliban or IS? Separating Islam&stuff like Taliban or IS by calling them terrorists is dumb
@UnSubtleDesi There's a huge misconception in the society, especially the government, even in the army that portraying violent zzlims not the product of zz lam will help to reduce radicalization of zzlims. This is temporary& its long term negative effect is huge. Why? Bcz the real base of..
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14 Aug
@HappymonJacob @ZeeMohamed_ Not all Afghans are persecuted the same way. Muslims in Afghanistan can save themselves by adhering to Taliban's rules&regulations, which is the rules& regulations of Islam. A non Muslim in Afghanistan can't, bcz if they've to, they should convert to Islam first. So, dont compare
@HappymonJacob @ZeeMohamed_ If u cant understand, I'll explain further. Not all Afghanis r facing similar persecution. Some can save themselves by obeying their religion's rules&regulations which Taliban is implementing, on the other hand, there's no choice except conversion to Islam in front of Non Muslims
@HappymonJacob @ZeeMohamed_ And if a 'Muslim named person' in Afghanistan is saying he/she don't want to obey Islam's rules&regulations fully, why on earth are they calling themselves as a Muslim? If they can't obey Islam fully, they're not a Muslim according to Islamic scriptures. Why didn't they...
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20 Mar
@VidyaKrishnan You can't eat money. You've to either invest or spend it for yourself. Whatever it is, it'll create more jobs& help others. That's the only lesson you need to learn. Everything will be ok after that!
@VidyaKrishnan I had jealousy towards rich ppl once. I used to believe that rich ppl are looting poor, rest of us, they're living a better life, why can't we have similar life. I thought it should be ok to take money from rich&give to poor. Later I realized that absolute equality is impossible,
@VidyaKrishnan and any attempt to have absolute equality will have disastrous consequences. I learned that if someone's earning money by doing business, it's an opportunity for others to work for them & earn a share of their profit. I realized that even though I can't have absolute equality,
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