Among Twitter's trending topics are "#DoNotComply," "Dictator Biden," "King Biden," "Biden regime," #massnoncompliance" and "GO TO HELL." So you can tell that "facts not feelings" conservatives are having a little trouble keeping their meltdowns to themselves.
These are real reactions, being boosted by the biggest influencers in conservative thought and media. It's not Russian bots or troll farms. People truly believe that doing the bare minimum to protect others and themselves is tyranny to be met with violence.
Just shutting up and getting the free, safe vaccine that keeps them out of the hospital never occurs to them. Because they're special and important.
How did we get to a place where taking simple and safe precautionary measures to protect others become dictatorial tyranny? QAnon and its "secret war" mythology has a lot to do with it. You can read about it my book!…
So much anger. So many meltdowns. So many MAGA tears. So many scarequote mentions of my last name.

Give it all to me. I can take it. I'm vaccinated.

• • •

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23 Aug
This is another lie about me from a person who lies constantly about me and other journalists he dislikes. I do not have and have never created an ".ru email account."
I blocked this person months ago after he spread lies about me exchanging emails with figures in the right wing conspiracy theory world. He continues to obsessively screen grab my tweets and twist them into lies. Why he does this, only he knows for sure.
This person makes up conspiracy theories about journalists working together to harass him, and puts me at the center of it. No such conspiracy exists, and it never has. I have never conspired with anyone to do anything to this person. Again, it's lies on top of lies.
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17 Aug
Mike Flynn has a new Lonesome Rhodes-esque screed in the Western Journal, and it's another grab bag of patriotic nonsense and apocalyptic longing. A few highlights: the problem with Afghanistan is that we didn't kill enough civilians.
Here's a sentence that means...something? Did Flynn leave some words out? Declare the Islamic State...what?
China, which literally welded people inside apartments to enforce COVID quarantine, is strong for not having mask mandates.
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16 Aug
I wonder how the "Trump is still actually the real president" crew is handling the chaos in Afghanistan. Surely the 12D Chessmaster God Emperor wouldn't allow such incompetence. It must all be fake, with millions of paid actors carrying out his brilliant deception, right?
Alternatively, if "Bidan" is still technically the president but Trump is merely waiting for all the corruption to be exposed to be reinstated, why not step in now? Did Trump engineer the Taliban takeover to make "Bidan" look bad?Patel Patriot, explain this to me!
If the only thing that can get Fake President Bidan out of his fake White House is the Maricopa County audit, shouldn't Mike Lindell and his team be getting their Absolute Proof out faster? Afghanistan is on them, it seems.
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12 Aug
My latest for @dailydot, on how Devolution has become the hot new take on "Trump is actually still the president." It's needlessly convoluted, revolves around classified plans and orders, and you can buy t-shirts.…
Spread out over 8 Substack posts and counting, Devolution claims the US is under the control of a secret military government while we wait for the audits to expose China and antifa teaming up to steal the election. And t-shirts.…
The creator of Devolution is "Patel Patriot," an anonymous Trump die hard who has picked up 35k Telegram followers in weeks, and is making the rounds of Q influencer media to tell his incomprehensible story.…
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11 Aug
Ron lives in Sapporo, Japan, so the "walk into the lion's den" will be the ten feet from his futon to his webcam. Image
What I say to myself before every fantasy football draft. Image
Beyond parody. Image
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27 Jul
Very early QAnon promoter reaction on Telegram to the Jan. 6 hearings: everything is fake, nothing you saw happened, it's all a hilarious lie. ImageImage
All fake, all a big joke. Ha ha ha. Image
Most major Q promoters are simply ignoring the January 6 hearings. The ones that aren't are mocking them as a transparent fake pushing a Soros op using antifa plants and FBI informants.

What you saw happen did not happen.
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