So @DonLemonTonight would have you believe that weed is being secretly laced with Fentanyl and sold on the dark web. They even had an "expert on to say so.

It's not. That's a myth that has been repeatedly debunked. See here.…
The "expert" they had on was a professor of cybersecurity and technology from John Jay College, Adam Scott Wandt. Here's his bio. He may know many things about the dark web, I'm not sure. I know he cannot speak about recreational use of Fentanyl. Image
Nevertheless he held himself out as able to do that and confidently stated that dealers do in fact cut weed with Fentanyl.

It's so problematic to go on national TV and pretend to be an expert in something you're not.
It's even more problematic for @CNN not to do their research and put on someone like that and represent them as an expert.

If you want to have someone talk about drugs and the way drugs work on the brain, get an expert in neuropsychopharmacology.
One thing I love about our show is we *don't* do this.

When we did a segment on Fentanyl, for instance, we had @drcarlhart on as a guest. Covering a story accurately is usually much more interesting than doing this sort of lazy reporting you see on mainstream TV.
PS It will torture me for a short while that I left the second quotation mark off "expert" in the first tweet, but I not redo the entire thread.

• • •

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15 Sep
This murder mystery is crazy, but let's not forget 3 generations of Murdaughs served as district attorneys for the 14th Circuit (covering 5 counties in South Carolina).

Think how many cases they set up or worse. Every one of them needs to be re-examined.…
I am not even going to try to fully explain the case here, Definitely google, but basically the mother and son were murdered (son had been facing manslaughter charges in death of friend on boat) and the father was embezzling money from his law firm…
So then they re-opened a homicide case from 2015 that is seemingly unconnected to all of this, but with which they think the family are involved.…
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14 Sep
So cable news has decided the reason Greg Abbott can't "eliminate rape" is cause there's a "backlog" of untested rape kits.

I mean can we just not pretend elimination is possible?

But also the idea of a "backlog" is wrong.@meaghan_ybos @heathermarlowe…
Police have the resources and budgets to investigate sex crimes. They choose not to make them a priority, and instead to arrest people for low level offenses like jumping the turnstile and trespass.

The "backlog" narrative is a convenient way for police to ask for more money.
For instance, in 2019, the NYPD had almost 40,000 police officers and the biggest budget of any police department in the US - at $6 billion.

Yet it had only 67 detectives assigned to its Special Victims Unit to investigate 5,661 sex crimes that year.…
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13 Sep
Police shot and killed Antwan Gilmore after he fell asleep in his car at traffic lights, but were able to arrest a white supremacist carrying a machete and bayonet "patrolling" DNC headquarters in a pick up truck with swastikas painted all over it. OK.…
Police shooting and killing a Black man - almost no media coverage.

Police arresting a White Nazi - front page news.

Maybe it's because they do a whole lot more of the first than they do of the latter.…
PS - It's interesting @washingtonpost chose to use a photo of the MPD Chief at a press conference to accompany the second article.

There was no press conference about the police killing of Antwan Gilmore. That's a file photo.
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14 Aug
Child Protective Services in the US operates just like the criminal legal system to uphold structures put in place during slavery - removing Black children from their families.

This is horrific.…
They removed Syesha Mercado's baby because she was having trouble producing breast milk and he was losing milk and she sought medical attention - and then they removed her ten day old baby.

There is intense pressure put on women to breastfeed.…
I remember my mother couldn't produce enough milk when she was breastfeeding my baby sister and my sister lost weight where it was noticeable.

But no one would ever have suggested my sister should be removed from her custody because my mother is and my sister was White.
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14 Aug
I will never get over the fact that Michael Smerconish was mentored by Frank Rizzo, served as his campaign manager, still defends him and @CNN does not care.…
The Philadelphia DA's office is out here exonerating all these people because Rizzo as both PA mayor and police commissioner was so corrupt (that's not just me with hyperbole - that's DA Larry Krasner's conclusion).…
So CNN has put a couple of the exoneration stories on TV - hey @donlemon @DonLemonTonight - while this whole time the people they have on as regular contributors were complicit in their wrongful conviction and incarceration.
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31 Jul
CW: Police violence

Cop on NYC subway station last night slamming a young woman to the ground for allegedly not paying her $2.75 subway fare.

His name is Sergeant John Zorilla of Transit Bureau 4.

From: Instagram: copwatchshawty
An hour later at the Essex St Subway stop he got into a confrontation with someone who had been filming him and ordered them to leave the station.
He then decided it was not enough to get them to leave the station, so he went up to the street, tackled them to the ground, maced them and arrested them. For literally no reason.
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