Most advice sucks.

So I crowdsourced the best from 20 million people on Reddit.

Here are 10 life tips you wish you knew yesterday👇
Family Treasure

1) Get a blank book

2) Ask each family member over 50 to write down life advice that their descendants in 500 yrs should know

3) Keep passing it down

You now have a family treasure that gets more useful over time.
Airplane Mode Hack

"If you’re stuck on an annoying call, put your phone on airplane mode instead of hanging up.

The other person sees “call failed” instead of “call ended”.
Reframing Your Day

"Instead of feeling that you lost the day after a bad morning,

Reframe each day as 4 quarters:

• morning
• midday
• afternoon
• evening

If you blow one quarter, just get back on track for the next one.

Fail small, not big."

- Gretchen Rubin
Keeping your Cool

"If someone insults you during a meeting, pretend like you didn't hear them the first time.

Politely ask them to repeat themselves.

They'll either repeat the insult and look rude or realize their mistake and apologize."
Venting at Work

"Be careful who you vent to at work.

Just because they listen, it doesn't mean that they are your friend or have your best interests at heart."
If you ever want software online for free, don’t search for "free".

Search for “open source” to avoid limited trial versions and malware.
“e.g.” and “i.e.” are not the same

e.g. = for example

i.e. = in other words
Email Address Hack

• Add "+1", "+2" before the @ in your email address

• Websites will register it as a new email, but still send mail to your normal address

Makes organizing accounts or free trials easy.


Primary: Bob@gmail(dot)com

On Arguments

“What proof would it take to change your mind?”

If they can’t give you an answer, then stop wasting your time.
Anger and Mistakes

"Getting angry at people for making mistakes doesn't teach them not to make mistakes.

It teaches them to hide their mistakes."
These 10 pieces of advice came from the best posts on the subreddit r/LifeProTips.

Definitely worth exploring:
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28 Aug
If you use it right, Google is the most powerful tool in the world.

But the truth is most people suck at it.

Here are 8 Googling tips that you probably don't know👇
"Quotation markets"

Put quotes around search terms to let you search exactly for that word.

All results will have your terms in it.

Example: "James Clear"

Gives you all James Clear search results without just "James" or just "Clear".
- Dashes

If you want to exclude a term from your search, include a hyphen before that word.

Example: dolphins-football

You just want dolphins the animal not dolphins the professional football team.
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20 Aug
Naval told you networking is overrated.

I disagree.

Let me show you why👇
Now let’s get this out of the way-

Do I love @naval?

Yes I basically tuck the Almanack of Naval under my pillow every night.

But being smart doesn’t mean you are always right.
Ok so I get on Twitter last summer and the first few months look like this:

1) Shout into the void to 57 followers
2) Get 2 pity likes from my mom and girlfriend
3) Try to sound smart and fail miserably

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14 Aug
I have a confession.

I went down a @JamesClear rabbit hole.

And devoured 100 of his 3-2-1 weekly newsletters.

Here are 10 ideas that will change how you think about joy, judgment, and networking🧵
“The most effective networking strategy has nothing to do with conferences, cocktail hours, and cold emails.

1) Do interesting things
2) Share them publicly

Repeat those two strategies and you become a magnet.

Like-minded people will come to you.”

“How to think clearly:

Rather than trying to be right, assume you are wrong and try to be less wrong.

Trying to be right has a tendency to turn into protecting your beliefs.

Trying to be less wrong has a tendency to prompt questions and intellectual humility.”

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8 Aug
Steve Jobs and Apple were 90 days from bankruptcy.

25 years and $2 trillion later, Apple is the most valuable company in the world.

Here's the story of how Steve Jobs saved Apple🧵
In 1983, Steve Jobs convinces the CEO of Pepsi to join Apple.

His name is John Sculley.

Jobs' recruiting pitch is only one question:

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water?

or do you want a chance to change the world?”
Recruiting Sculley turns out to be one of Jobs' worst decisions.

2 years later, Sculley demotes him to Head of Product.

Then on September 16, 1985, Steve Jobs leaves Apple.

He starts a new company called NeXT Computers.
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6 Aug
My freshman year in college punched me in the face.

Here's an unlikely comeback story that changed my life👇👇👇
So I was an incoming freshman at Yale.

Recruited to play on the lacrosse team.

And I show up to campus that Fall with some confidence.

Thinking I was ready for anything.
I was dead wrong.

First month gives me pneumonia which lands me in the hospital.

Then I get injured.

Then I get a sinus infection that lasts 6 months.

Then I get hernia surgery.

Then I get sinus surgery.
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31 Jul
Jenny Fleiss built a billion dollar startup called Rent the Runway.

I had the chance to interview her.

A THREAD of 10 lessons learned:
Everything in life is sales.


• a VC on your vision

• your friend on a dinner spot

• an employee to join your company
People in tech think business school is stupid.

But it can be the best time to meet your future co-founder.
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