In our lifetime most of us never had to worry about polio or smallpox because our grandparents' generation rolled up their sleeves and got their shots. Today we can't eradicate diseases anymore: Too many refuse to be vaccinated. But there are things we can do. 1/9 →
2/..We can't pin people down and force them to get their shots, and we can't eradicate diseases if some people refuse to be vaccinated. But there are ethical ways for a free society to combat the outbreak of a disease, without violating any valid definition of freedom. 2/9 →
3/..Let's talk about mask mandates. Some folks claim that businesses, schools, and venues can't require masks to be worn on premises because it violates "freedom." This has no merit as a legal argument. 3/9 →
4/..There's longstanding precedent supporting the right of a business (or school, or venue) to enforce rules on their premises. Those who try to prevent businesses from being able to require masks are violating the well-established freedoms and rights of business owners. 4/9 →
5/..Employers have dress codes and codes of conduct for employees. Schools have them for students. Restaurants have them. If you take a chocolate factory tour you might be required to put on a hair net. It's legal. Requiring masks to be worn doesn't violate freedom. 5/9 →
6/..A business or venue has the right to deny service or admittance as long as they're not discriminating against a protected group under federal law. People who don't want to wear masks are not a protected group. Neither are people who choose not to be vaccinated. 6/9 →
7/..People who refuse to vaccinate aren't a protected group under federal law. That means employers can choose not to employ them. Schools, businesses, and venues can choose not to admit them. Airlines can choose not to fly them. It's legal. The question is: Is it ethical? 7/9 →
8/..Those who refuse to be vaccinated against a contagious, life-threatening disease aren't just endangering themselves. They help create new strains of disease and put others at risk. Enacting rules and regulations to reduce and mitigate that risk is the right thing. 8/9 →
9/..Think about children under 12 who can't vaccinate. Think of the elderly, and people with health conditions who even after vaccinating have risk of serious complications from new COVID strains. Mandates protect these people. It isn't just legal: It's morally justified. 9/9 →
Here's another thread you may like, about the mindsets of people who resist getting vaccinated. 👇

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