Here's the video where I read out the entire short story
unfortunately Hirschfeld cut out the ending. Prude
If you write a sequel I will read it out, assuming I don't get flodded with stuff. I *crave* to know an ending for what Lilly and Edmund do in that bedroom.

Bonus points if the writing style stays consistent
I'm writing an email to the Hirschfeld archives now, if they happen to have a copy of the case files hirschfeld used *before* they were published in transvestites.

If we're lucky we might strike gold, and maybe one of the first force fem novels in history
This is quickly evolving into a future video

• • •

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12 Sep
Forgot about that time Magnus Hirchfeld talked to a patient about the forced feminization porn novel they wrote.
Trans women never change
Some highglights. "Reinhard" becomes "Lilly" over the course of the feminization btw. The above metnioned coercian would be best arrived at by hyp"do you know what? Onwednes day there's going to be a bThen he rang. And older lady in a house dress appeared. &quo
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25 Jun
Brains aren't gendered in a very obvious way, stop using "my brain is female" to claim some biological reason for transness. You think you're doing a good service but you're just cementing gender into brains instead of chromosomes and they're both equally wrong.
Gender is more complicated than "a body part is my gender"

For pride month, please stop rooting your gender identity with your flawed perceptions of what biology is because not only is it wrong, you're handing transphobes an easy argument against all trans people
Like, come on now. Gender essence bullshit with extra steps.

Your brain is a soup of neurons, it's not a "female brain", because brains are more complicated than that!
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24 Jun
Lmao I broke my arm the day before I shoot my next video. Anyway, enjoy my video featuring a cast

Can't be avoided I think, just got out of xray
Yep, broke. Don't need a cast but got my arm in a sling for the next 6 weeks lmao
Owiiieee Me sitting in a restaurant with my arm in a sling
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23 Jun
Guess who went skating on rollerskates and instead fucked up her right arm? Haha anyway
Hey Alexa, how can you tell if your arm is broken
Touch grass? Strange, unmodern, rude

Touch concrete? A threat? Demands skill, might break your arm
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2 Feb
Fucked up that Hitler leads the nazi party to popularity based on an anti-communist pledge, stamps out communists and other leftist groups, privatizes industries, raves about how much he hates communists and then 90 years later some nerd on twitter thinks they *were* communists
I'm confident that McCarthyism was actually a communist plot. I'm sure of it, just listen to the one time McCarthy said he cared for an american worker?? SOUNDS PRETTY COMMIE TO ME
right-wingers who claim that the nazis were lefties have no regard for the actual science of history and only want to propagandize. Once someone makes that claim they lose all credibility and might as well say the moon landing was fake or that mars is made out cheese
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25 Aug 20
The British empire was an unambiguous evil entity from its start all the way to its end. This is common knowledge outside of British universities and outside of racist colonial believers.

By every metric the empire made the world it ruled worse.
Extracting wealth from the world to pool in Britain using violence, slavery, concentration camps and genocide did not somehow make the victims of this into better citizens of the world. Instead it destroyed the cultural and living history of hundreds of millions.
If you think the British empire was a worldly good you are wrong. It's the historical equivalent of saying the sky is brown. It's not only wrong its one of the most wrong things you can be about anything in history. It's equivalent to genocide denial.
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