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12 Sep, 4 tweets, 1 min read
I think Enron was like the first major example of a machine to dispossess and liquidate that was masquerading as a financial enterprise. It wasn't a failure - it's purpose was to dispossess workers by liquidating their pension funds and draining them away thru speculation.
After enough big pools of capital (mostly public sector union pensions in the US, and some scam infrastructure projects in the developing world) were tapped, the whole thing was blown up intentionally to make sure nobody would be getting any of their money back.
This strategy was then applied to mortgages, and if shitcoin pump and dumps have anything to teach us, it will soon be applied to national currencies as well.
Some benefits manager's phone falls in the toilet and now no teacher in El Salvador can get paid because the privkey can't be recovered.

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12 Sep
The Towers were built to be destroyed.
The Two Became One.
In the 1970s the Chinese and American bourgeoise combined into a single counterrevolutionary force.
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11 Sep
The new MacOS is ugly as shit. Why are you sending me ALLCAPS NOTIFICATIONS that sit too high up in the notification box?
Why are the only two trends in UI design grim authoritarianism or infantilization.
Can't wait until somebody comes up with a new design motif to ruin my life, like making every icon a hexagon or something.
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11 Sep
If American soldiers in Vietnam were *all* the bloodthirsty genocidal babykillers that they're now accused of being (by "communists") then the war would have never ended. They would have kept fighting just for the love of killing.
They would have become freebooters and formed mercenary companies and re-invaded even after the official war ended, like the settlers did in Rhodesia.
The US military was defeated by two factors. It took the bravery and tenacity of the Vietnamese people to keep fighting and the bravery and dedication of American conscripts to refuse to fight.
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11 Sep
Conflating "against vaccine mandates and checkpoints" with "antivax" is also just falling for the bourgeois framing of the issue.
And um, you can critique scientific ideas as "bourgeois" - if you're a Maoist you should know that and no serious """maoist""" party should let you post if you don't understand the fundamental thing that makes "maoism" different from "ML"
I shouldn't be surprised to see this kind of PSL of dipshittery from the "Gonzaloite" adjacent.
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10 Sep
"Covid" is a regular viral illness that can be treated with repurposed generic drugs and we only got scared into thinking it was some super plague because first China, then NYC, killed 1000's thru medical malpractice, probably intentionally and in collaboration.
Also, Ivermectin really is a wonder drug and you're all missing out on a safe, cheap and effective cancer treatment to dunk on rednecks with your horse paste jokes.
Remedsivir is trash. You can do better by drinking plenty of green tea for the EGCG.
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9 Sep
I will defend "Starship Troopers" as a flawless and deep satire of fascist propaganda.
idk every once in a while I see somebody who didn't get it and thinks it was just a bad action movie. If anything's wrong with it it's that it's a hard movie to love because none of the characters are redeemable and most of the actors aren't in on the joke.
There's layers to both how you are meant to watch scenes and how to understand what the characters in the world of the movie are doing or thinking. Most of the actors aren't in on the joke because most of their characters are propagandized, uncritical, with no self-awareness.
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