Lockdown Chronicles: Why I'm Going To Connecticut College mtracey.substack.com/p/lockdown-chr…
The mass quarantine happening right now has implications far beyond the College itself

So at the urging of many students who are clearly not in a position to speak on their own behalf, I will be delivering remarks at Tempel Green on the New London, CT campus tomorrow at 4pm EST
This situation is a surprisingly important test case in what happens if we allow a "permanent crisis" to take hold. Since my article was published, students have told me that they fear the social/disciplinary repercussions of advocating for themselves

Lots of people are claiming this week to have absorbed the lessons of 9/11, but it seems to me one of the most serious lessons is the folly of ceding drastic new powers to public and private officials on an "Emergency" basis -- only for those powers to then become permanent
And so the situation at Connecticut College could be a harbinger for what's to come in other settings. Almost 100% of the campus is vaccinated, as mandated by the Administrators, but they still just locked everyone down. There is no endgame here
Already flooded with many more messages from Connecticut College students completely fed up with the Administration and very thankful I am coming tomorrow. Tellingly though, their messages usually contain provisos like these:
Some probably will. Others won’t for a variety of reasons. It’s not like transferring colleges can be accomplished with a snap of a finger. How about those currently in their Senior year? College Admin sold them a false bill of goods by initially claiming vaccine = normalcy
I'm reliably told that a portion of Connecticut College students are really mad that their fellow classmates would dare to talk to me. The climate of snitching, sniping, and paranoia at this place is really off-the-charts. Hence why the Admin can get away with a policy like this
This is a reason why I've taken interest in what's happening at this college. It's shocking how many students have told me -- in an alleged "liberal arts" environment -- that they cannot speak publicly for fear of retribution

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As predicted, other colleges have started threatening to impose extreme Australia-style lockdowns modeled on the one that was just tried at Conn College. Sacred Heart U. in Fairfield, CT sent an email making this threat, implicitly blaming (vaccinated) students for new "cases" Image
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This in particular is extremely creepy. In other words, "don't try to make friends"
The consistent pattern with these institutions is they choose to impose a wholly unnecessary and invasive surveillance "testing" regime, and then when the surveillance inevitably turns up meaningless "cases," they blame the students for having engaged in normal social activity
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Update: with the help of students I made it onto campus. Shortly after beginning my remarks, security arrived and directed me to leave. So a huge group of us moved to a different “off campus” area. Had a great exchange for ~2 hours despite being pelted with two eggs (both missed)
Here’s some of the ensuing YikYak commentary. There were also about a thousand different people filming/streaming so I assume plenty of clips will be circulating out there somewhere
The first egg pelting attempt appeared to be a drive-by, from someone in a moving car. Missed by a long shot. The second was someone on foot who pelted me at point blank range, but still missed 😂

I told her she should join the local Little League and practice her aim some more
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"Floor Governors" (hilarious term -- used to be called "RAs") have been enlisted as handmaiden of the College Administrators to aggressively monitor and report these vaccinated adults -- for "violations" such as not re-affixing your mask quickly enough after brushing your teeth Image
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Connecticut College required vaccination for all students/staff, as well as mandatory testing twice a week for students, but has nonetheless shut down all in-person activities. Mass "quarantine" imposed, visits with friends prohibited, special permission required to leave campus
This is the total opposite of vaccines enabling everyone to "get back to normal." Clearly in some settings, it's just an excuse for authorities to exert more control and more aggressively micromanage your life

By the way, the annual fee for Connecticut College is $77,575
The busybody Dean sent a self-important letter condemning students -- who again, are universally vaccinated per the College's own dictates -- for socializing without wearing masks. How heinous! What happened to telling these College Officials to F off and mind their own business?
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