Given our situation, I'm putting some effort into learning about non-violent resistance movements and how they work. This weekend I read a short analysis of Poland's Solidarity movement, which successfully ended communism in that country. Some thoughts: /1
It took a long time. Communists stole elections in 1946, and finally relinquished power in 1989. That's 43 years of resistance effort. And for the first 34 of those years, Solidarity didn't even exist; Poles spent that time consolidating various social forces into a movement. /2
Communists defended their regime with the familiar Narrative game: student protestors in 1968 were merely "hooligans" and "troublemakers". They also used division tactics to set workers against students, employing them as counter-demonstrators to break up protests. /3
Solidarity was built on top of a multi-layered alternate civil society developed over 30 yrs: an underground press with 400 periodicals; a parallel education system to teach non-Communist thinking (i.e. truth); a decentralized & interconnected web of activists and organizers. /4
Throughout its effort, Solidarity maintained a strict discipline of non-violence, believing in its greater effectiveness at weakening the Communist hold on power, and in its strengthening effect on a free, post-Communist order. /5
Solidarity's aim was to de-legitimize the Communist government, gradually disconnecting it from society without provoking a violent suppressive counter-campaign. Martial law (1981-84), for example, saw hundreds arrested and the movement forced to reorganize. /6
Obviously, Solidarity was ultimately successful. Every struggle is unique, but there is a great deal to learn from their example, both practically and philosophically, as we contemplate how to recover and preserve freedom in the West. /7
Here's the full analysis, from ICNC:…

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7 Aug
I read King's letter for the first time a couple of nights ago, thanks to this recommendation. As is well known, King writes, in part, on the question of civil disobedience and the moral duty to violate unjust laws—and to accept the legal consequences of violating them. /1
I believe many of us will face this question in the very near future, and here's why. Although we've lived for decades in a mostly liberal, rights-respecting society, this is changing swiftly. /2
For the moment, our familiar laws and rights mostly remain in force, and much of our opposition is focused on *policies and actions* carried out by governments and corporations. We often refer back to these laws and to our rights when making our case. /3
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6 Aug
Just struck me that the escalating conflict between the Deep State and populism is a kind of internal Thucydides trap. The Deep State felt it was the permanent hegemon and was surprised by the emergence of a challenger. Now it overreacts to every event, ratcheting toward war.
This cropped up because I've been pondering the "how did liberals turn into totalitarians?" question. I think part of the answer is that they frightened themselves with the Trump boogieman so thoroughly that all means to "stop him" became legitimate. Hence "punch a Nazi". /2
Post-Trump, the mentality shifted to the "hidden threat" from his supporters (now morphing into "those anti-vaxxers"). Again, if all means remain legitimate to stop him, then the state in its full power can be deployed. All dissent becomes treason. All dissenters suspects.
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5 Aug
Numbers and stamina matter critically.

If only 5% refuse the vax pass, the System will roll over them smoothly. Refusers will be invisible.

If 35% refuse the vax pass, the System will strain and may, at points, seize up. People will notice the failures; resolve will weaken.
Remember too that as nefarious as the vax pass is in conception, it is also a reckless gamble by the elites. What they are starting is not to cast some well-defined "out group" to the wolves, but to split families, split institutions, split *militaries* down the middle.
All elements of their social and political power will be weakened by this "great fissure", and in place of cohesion and obedience (their aim) they'll reap discord, suspicion, confusion, and deep resentment at what is being done to family members, colleagues, comrades in arms.
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