Ladies and gentlemen, how history is written

Case study, the Romanian (formely Moldavian) city of Botosani…

Judging by the photographic evidence, it seems to have been destroyed by the same bombardment that destroyed the rest of the Old World
A while later - I'm thinking two or three generations, during which the survivors were brainwashed - this sort of creep pops up and writes "Botosani's first monograph"…
I've had the opportunity to read it, and it's a vile piece of slander

According to it, the place had no history to begin with, it's always been a mud-covered pile of shit

Furthermore, every bit of "historical research" uses it as an authoritative reference
And the Masonic lie gets repeated ad infinitum, until the sheeple end up believing it

Once you've internalized the belief that you have no history and you've always been a shit-covered toothless peasant - you end up thinking that being a prostitute is the best you can do
It is thus in absolutely every domain of intellectual activity - trace back the history of ideas and you always end up with some Masonic creep held up as the ultimate authority on the topic


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29 Aug
Once again They are telling it like it is

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is all my body needs

So, naturally, They turned this to their advantage

How ?

Their tried and true method is the false dichotomy

They invented a stultifying "tradition" and a soul-crushing "modernity" and sold them to us as the only alternatives possible

Either live like an inbred retard - or sell your soul to Mammon
This artificial repression of human nature creates a pent-up demand

So they invented The Teenager and Rock 'n' Roll

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29 Aug
Some (not so) rambling thought

First of all - we didn't evolve out of any monkey.

We didn't "evolve" at all.

Our avatars are the result of extensive genetic engineering - we're part bipedal ape, part pig, part aquatic mammal ... and the list goes on
Side note - Avatar was a documentary

This may well have been how humans looked like at one point
With the above in mind, it's quite puzzling why a whopping 90% of human DNA is literally commented out

The charlatans who have the nerve of calling themselves "scientics" have the sheer gall of calling it "junk DNA"

The reality is that it's been commented out
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24 Aug
How our poor & backwards great-grandfathers used to live

Thank to our amazing technological progress, nobody can afford to live like this anymore
people must have been really poor back in 1898
more signs of past poverty

also, what's with those things on top ?
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16 Aug
Reminder that if they can make plasma toroid weapons (pictured below) they can make fusion reactors

Whatever excuse they're making for their non-availability is a lie
you will find the exact flying smoke rings in paintings of the Crimean War

everything they tell you about the past is a lie

the last Reset seems to have occured mid-19th century

everything before that is pure fabrication
and we have plenty of corroborating evident

the word "reset" gained its current meaning around that time
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13 Aug
I do believe They are openly telling us how They operate

The genocide of the 19th century (the Crimean War is but a small part of it) was the tragedy

What happened in Russia the 1920s was the farce
This article, to which I keep returning, really does explain a lot…
First off, it claims these people did no go extinct in the 16th century - but instead existed on the shores of the Baltic until recently - when they were forcibly relocated in Ryazan due to losing a great war - which no history book speaks of
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13 Aug
Revisionist history speculation

World War I really was supposed to be "the war to end all wars" - and the world of "1984" was supposed to be the outcome

Except Stalin happened - and the success of the first five-year plan made changes necessary…
So Hitler was conjured and World War II was instigated

EXCEPT Stalin had somehow managed to put ante-deluvian tech (Tesla's aether/radiant energy based) into production

Based on what I've read, Stalin's paranoia and obsession with militarization / ...
... / heavy industries was fully justified.

He really was surrounded by imperialists and enemies of the people

Stalin's USSR could not be defeated by conventional means, so a deal had to be made and Eastern Europe handed over.

The natives (I am one of them) resented this ...
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