The seeds of India's colonization were sown by 15th century itself. While we were wallowing in internecine warfare and hollowed out socially, Europeans were discovering the world. Japan escaped by skin of its teeth tks to Meiji restoration possible due to its cultural homogeneity
We became a backward society, at best adopters and users of new tech, instead of developers and innovators. This is true for every kingdom in India regardless of religion or region.
Add to that nonsensical rules and taboos enforced on an enfeebled society by its elites, the capacity to generate the necessary system shock to change trajectory was simply not there.
But system shock came in the form of the British. Only when Indian society experienced the lowest of the low- subjugation both physical and mental, did the necessary spark emerge to open its eyes & smell the coffee. See what the Yuga had become. Understand there was a wider world
No wonder the much of these vaunted traditions and taboos and rules were shown to be obsolete shackles. Fact of the matter is we were pathetically enslaved *before* the British had even set foot in India. The Brits just showed us the biggest mirror possible while robbing us.

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9 Aug
Beef is not just another meat in Indian context. This was an instance where food was weaponized by jihadi hordes specifically to desecrate Hindu temples and assault Hindu sensibilities. There are countless historical evidences of this practice.
Beef consumption gained another dimension in colonial era when Macaulayite class used it as a declaration of their scientific temper. Many young students would eat it as a mark of rebellion against prevailing social norms.
This became a trend in British Kolkata - one of the most famous incidents is that of Rev Krishna Mohan Bannerjee, who was accused of eating beef and wine at a gathering of youth under Derozio, got outed, and was ostracized.
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7 Aug
Dharma never falls short. Never ever. It is our misinterpretation of what Dharma is that leads to confusion. Dharma is realisation Srishti-Sthiti-Laya cycle is fundamental nature of universe. Over-emphasis on any one will always lead to disaster. Nothing western- this is Shruti.
The Shruti emphasizes this dynamism everywhere. Indra releases the waters kept stagnant by Vritra. H civilization has been outward looking- this sensibility was at the core of H civilization before the Islamic invasions.
But then we got locked in a Civilizational war, and prioritized stability above everything else. Result is we lagged behind the world, and became colonized. Satyam eva jayate, and at that point in time the truth was we were weak in a world of Matsyanyaya.
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7 Aug
the caste jati system is obsolete in the post industrial world. we can keep crying (because industrialization is interlinked with colonialism in Indian context), but the failure of H society to adapt to the new world is at the root of deracination.
social order is tightly coupled with social justice. Once industrial revolution happened, H society lost means of providing social justice, because market economy became norm. That lead to inevitable collapse of social order.
but crying about market, industrial revolution etc is meaningless and futile. So is sticking to older notions of social order and dreaming about its return as if they were some golden era. No. Times change. The world change. There is no going back.
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15 Jun
Tradition is a non-argument against equality of opportunity in this day and age. It is always going to lose because it will go against public sense of natural justice.
Earlier times there was guarantee of income associated with hereditary rights and exclusions. Post industrial age those hereditary rights have become meaningless in practice because economic model itself has changed.
Traditions, which are to guide society, will either evolve- organically or by external force, or will become extinct in time. The wheel of time itself will grind it down without mercy. Those who can see that reality and adapt will survive.
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4 Jun
One unfortunate long term effect of colonialism on Hindu psyche is the "this is the true X" syndrome.
Current "RW" is majorly a victim of this. Let me try and explain.
So when the British came and colonised India, the Indian traditional knowledge system was dissected and then subject to a brutal assault by protestant/enlightenment forces. The latter operated with completely different fundamentals compared to Indian processes.
Since the foundation was different, the universal truths for these ideologies were also different.
Let us for example take the concept of the individualism.
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6 Mar
How do you guilt trip a country into underachievement in order to maintain your own monopoly on technological, scientific and strategic domain? I present to you the PoHu Trap ©

The human species, over the last 100K years, have slowly but surely added layers to the basic evolutionary cycle that every other lifeform on this planet follows. These layers lead to the formation of what we call cultures.
Ofcourse, based on a myriad of factors like religion, history, climate, geography and natural/man-made events, different places in the world have their own cultural trajectory.
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