The administrative burdens for formerly incarcerated to register are higher: more uncertainty about their rights, less likely to have a stable address. Nonetheless, no project to return them to society can be complete without helping to provide their most basic rights.
Former felons are more likely to feel uncertainty about voting because they might have heard stories about former felons making mistakes with the process, and then being incarcerated again. Even if conditions are different in your state, why take the chance?
States have direct control over felons. They can do more to inform them of their rights, and how to vote than they currently do. In states where there is auto-enrollment in registration, the burdens are lower if former felons can just get an ID.
Because the criminal justice system is targeted toward Black people, it systematically reduces the political agency of Black people. This is an example of what we are starting to label as "radicalized burdens." (H/T @victorerikray @pamela_herd)
Felon disenfranchisement rates over time. When you look at this graph, it's hard not to see it as a harbinger of the modern effort to curb access to voting rights. 6.2% of the adult Black population is disenfranchised compared to 1.7% of non-Blacks.…
auto-correct induced typo - meant racialized burdens

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14 Sep
There was a time when it using the word "coup" to describe what was happening after the 2020 election drew criticism for engaging in hyperbole.
About the same time the Director of the CIA was warning the head of the military about a "right-wing coup."…
If the survival of US democracy depends upon people taking the advice of Dan Quayle then maybe we are in more precarious place than we imagined.…
"I don’t want to be your friend anymore if you don’t do this."
Trump's response to Pence when he refused to overthrow the election sounds like a 7 year old demanding a train set.…
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14 Sep
Joe Manchin proposed work requirements for the Child Tax Credit. Good to see pushback, b/c:
*work requirements reduce access to benefits that actually improve social mobility
*benefits for kids should not be based on the deservingness of their parents…
Manchin: "Don't you think, if we're going to help the children, that the people should make some effort?"
This sort of deservingness criterion is how policymakers often justify administrative burdens like work requirements.

See this paper in @JPART1991…
But the whole point of the Child Tax Credit is that kids are inherently deserving of our support. Its why we have public education.
If you prefer an economic argument, investing in kids improves human capital and social mobility. (h/t @RichardvReeves)…
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13 Sep
Without knowing the details of the case, it should still be possible to sign on to the principles invoked here. Indeed, it is a model for how universities should respond.
Social media has helped to make random faculty into public figures. Newspapers and actual public figures who would otherwise ignore an obscure prof are deeply invested in cataloguing any objectionable statements as if it were national news. Universities need to be able to respond
The question of representativeness matters. The Maxwell School had events where faculty with relevant expertise engaged in thoughtful discussion about the meaning of 9/11. But this does not fit the narrative the outrage machine wants, and so is ignored.…
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12 Sep
On 9/11 while some former President's warned about the threats of domestic extremism as a pressing threat to America, Trump spoke to a cult with a heavily armed wing.
Members of the AR-15 worshipping wing of the cult that Trump addressed on 9/11 were unhand on Jan 6th.…
Feel like it would be good to have more investigative reporting into connections between the Moonies and GOP.
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11 Sep
This is the best piece I’ve read that connects the disparate elements of the anti-democratic movement in America: those willing to engage in violence, the conspiracy grifters, and the elite legal and money networks behind them… via @NewYorker
The Federalist Society and it’s funders have advanced a fantastical reading of US democracy that allows votes to be nullified by state legislatures if they decide there is fraud. This may be the majority view at SCOTUS now
It’s not just that these anti-democracy networks are funded by the very rich to serve the interests of the very rich: you and I are funding them too by virtue of their tax exempt status. When the IRS challenged whether these were non-partisan orgs their budget was cut by the GOP.
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10 Sep
Gotta say, did not anticipate “the “wokes did 9/11” takes
I do remember the claims that the US drew 9/11 upon itself because of how degenerate liberals were, but claiming that the attackers themselves were wokes engaging in just another form of identity politics seems new
JFC these guys try so hard to pretend to be more interesting than they are.
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