Notes on Conspiracy:
A very long 🧵 thread on my take:

Really enjoyed the debate on State of the market… between @timfprice and @TheBembridge on if this is all a conspiracy.
The vast majority of people have been following the herd, and politicians have been arse covering. But few politicians who won’t instinctively use a crisis to push an agenda.

So the question you need to ask is who is doing the leg work on setting the agenda and to what end?
It has been decades since we had politicians with a clear sense of working to achieve targeted outcomes.

They absolutely need organisations that can help them with the big picture thinking they can’t engage in themselves.
Moreover, politicians have come to believe if they follow the advice of these international organisations and foundations that equals following the ‘best advice’ and cannot be criticized.

So if you are able to capture these organisations you steer most western governments.
So when I say I believe there are conspiracies at play I’m not arguing for a moment that every politician, doctor, nurse and journalist in the western world were ushered into a dark room to all agree on a written plan of action.

This didn’t happen.
Indeed, you could strap 95% of the world’s politicians to a lie detector, and they would pass.

But that doesn’t matter. Because almost as soon as it occurred they immediately all turned to a narrow elite to get their advice and guidance on best practice.
And regardless of if the release of Covid19 was planned or not, what is undoubtedly true is that however it started it's now used to push a series of agendas that would never fly in normal times.

Chief amongst these is massive money printing and a digital ID, the covid pass.
Can you seriously argue that more than 30 countries independently thought up and are pushing a digital Covid pass despite heavy protests and quite often running street battles of families against heavily geared police - complete with tear gas and batons?
If you walk into a party to find 30 people have dressed up as either a Tart or a Vicar do you spend the evening assuming that it’s all just a funny coincidence or ask the question if it was pre-planned that way? Or that once the party was planned a group hijacked it to such?
I’ve talked at length that our economies are utterly broken is numerous threads. 400% World Debt to GDP is vastly higher than any level of debt in human history. There is no conventional way out other than massive money printing & debasement of money.
Normally that money printing would cause run-away inflation. So locking down the economy to stamp on how fast that money drives up wages is at the very least extremely fortunate for the global finance system. The fact it is EXACTLY what they needed should prompt questions.
If I had to guess, and personally I’m at 55/45% here, I’d say that Covid was a bolt from the blue. But the evidence is overwhelming that it is been seized, amplified, hijacked and extended to push a number of agendas.
Once you amplify a crisis you get all sorts of self-reinforcing mechanisms. Politicians and journalists become captive to their own propaganda, in this case it’s been elevated to the status of a religion. Even if they are terrified to admit it.
What about the New World Order?
Well groups like Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations & Trilateral Commission have since their foundation been brazenly open that they seek a one world government & single financial system, they were expressly created for exactly this reason.
As recently as 30 years ago they were given speeches openly proclaiming their aim:
By 20 years ago they had learnt to be a bit more circumspect:
These days of course they remain quiet on their goals, is this:
a)Because they all changed their minds, but decided to keep these powerful clubs just for the dinners?
b)They learnt to shut up about it, because the proles were asking too many questions?
Both sides of politics and big business, especially the bankers. attends these groups.
Sir Keir Starmer, Lagarde, Bezos, the Clintons (Obviously), The Chairman of BP and on and on. Honestly it might be easier to list the rich and powerful that are not connected to these groups.
So I can prove as FACT that the richest most powerful people in the world are members of groups that used to commit openly to one world government and a single financial system.
But okay, I can’t necessarily prove these groups haven’t revered their opinions 180 on these matters. Because now it’s such a ‘conspiracy theory’ to even hint they might hold their original views that journalists are terrified of asking these questions. Isn’t that a bit weird?
We can probably assume the rich & powerful who live jetting from one capital city to another probably want a global government run by people just like them.
Then a crisis appears just as the existing financial system is so monstrously in debt that its collapse is imminent.
And yes, I can’t prove either way if Covid following Event 201 was sheer coincidence or not.
When the @WEF war-gammed a Coronavirus outbreak from bats in October 2018, and discussed censoring social media.
But I do know they very quickly started flooding the financial system with truly vast amounts of new money that began to steady erode the value of the worlds enormous 400% Debt to GDP burden.
I do know they tore up 40 years of epidemic planning and brought in lockdowns that sat on the economy and stopped that new created money from triggering immediate massive inflation.
I do know they immediately began talking about a cashless society.
I do know they began working on a global digital ID system (vaccine passports).
I do know they began hiring for teams to develop Central Bank Digital Currencies at Central banks all over the world.
And yes, I have to admit that it could be sheer coincidence that basically every step you would follow to facilitate a global debt reset and the adoption of a series of CDBCs that could then easily become a linked basket of global currencies.
It is conceivable at least that this was just the luckiest possible series of coincidences possible for the people who attend these groups.
What you can’t ever deny is that the last 18 months have seen a vast shift in freedom and wealth from the masses to the global elites. The stats on this are beyond question. Every metric proves this beyond any and all doubt.
By sheer coincidence Agenda 21 (which is no conspiracy, you can buy it on Amazon if you like) discusses exactly this shift in control from the individual to the state as does the Great Reset (also on Amazon).
It’s up to you to decide like in @timfprice and @TheBembridge debate if this is simply a series of the most extraordinary coincidences one after another, or if just maybe it’s possible that the global elite can’t possibly be that lucky. But I know which way I’m leaning.

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12 Sep
*IF* this is true, not some tactical retreat. I will be utterly delighted to be wrong.

However, I think government is starting to realise how hard a CBDC is, it will take them years. So they have time to pullback on the Digital ID element.
When they learn more about the challenges to implement a CBDC they will almost certainly partner with a private provider on one of the alternatives layer 1 coins.

Digital ID may get bundled into it.
The new digital wallet will probably use the carrot rather than the stick.

I.e. Sign up for a digital wallet to get a UBI of £200 a month completely free, etc.

I think they realised coercion was being counterproductive.
Governments are better at bribery.

With our own money.
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11 Sep
A quick reminder that World Debt is 400% of World GDP.

If that pops the rich & powerful lose everything.

Please consider this *may* be a factor in how governments are currently behaving. Image
To put this in historic perspective...

I can't.

This level of debt is simply unprecedented. It's vastly higher than anything ever. We are truly in uncharted territory.

And Davos man knew it years ago.
You might think pensions are safe if they are index linked. But linked to what index... CPI...

Actual inflation last year was 15% while CPI recorded 2%.

All debt and government obligations are getting washed away with vast amounts of money printing.
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5 Sep
The most important thread your read today on the size & scale of the fight we are in, and how we win it.

The last 16 months are all because the logic of control by governments is changing in a digital world. A thread to completely understand why and how.
The third industrial revolution in the late 1400s moved people from Agriculture to Industry. In doing so the Church and Feudal Lord lost all their power, today the Lord and Bishop are shadows of their former might.
Today the Politician & Banker face the same threat.

The digital world simply don’t require the what politicians offer. Crypto requires nothing from big banking elites.
They are the most powerful & ruthless people on earth. Meet every year in Davos and they see all this coming.
Did you think they were going to just watch?
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29 Jul
I’ve recently wrote about the governments desperation for vaccine passports in terms of achieving a National Digital ID linked to a new digital currency dubbed Brit-Coin.
What would a Centralised Digital money future actually look like?

Our existing financial system consistently redistributes wealth from the masses to the elites. That’s very evident to anyone with a few decades of life experience as they have seen asset price growth (like houses) massive outstrip wage growth.…
Indeed, it was the creation of our current broken monetary system in 1971 that started this huge divergence. As from that point on economic improvements no longer benefited all citizens.
Economic improvement accumulated in the finance sector.
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25 Jul
Do you want to know why the elites have destroyed your lives over the last 15 months?
Well read on, I promise to explain all of it
A thread.
It links nicely to this story:…
Remember Gordon Brown promising to end ‘boom and bust’? He didn’t of course, B&B are a feature of our type of monetary system. What’s worse that system comes with a built in self-destruct mechanism and we are perilously close to that point.
The theory is during a boom you raise interest rates to cool the economy and each bust you lower them to stimulate.
BUT – each time we have boom & bust we come out if it with lower sustainable interest rates.
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