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13 Sep, 9 tweets, 2 min read
#sukuita: in which sukuna silently fumes over how hakari kinji is touching what's his during their little brawl to prove yuuji's "fever".

when sukuna asks for a good show, this isn't what he meant. sure, the guy's giving his vessel a great beating (having yuuji all
battered brings him great satisfaction). but, a beating does not include lecherous gazes as such.

he sees how hakari looks at yuuji, sees how desperation licks him. he wants a taste of yuuji, wants a taste of his greatest possession.

and who doesn't?
yuuji is the star of every show, the kittenish minx that everyone would love to get their grubby hands on.

foolish mongrels.

"getting bold, aren't you? flaunting yourself like that. you like the attention?" sukuna's question reverberates around his domain and rings
annoyingly in yuuji's head. the king is a dull pressure against his skull that would sharpen acutely with no forewarning whatsoever.

'shut up,' yuuji bites back mentally as hakari deals another unforgiving blow to his nose; knuckles meet soft tissue, and the organ is crooked.
as sukuna looks at the duel from his throne constructed of bovine skulls, his annoyance was tested until it evolved into fuming rage.

the way hakari regards yuuji with that look, the way his hits would linger only a millisecond just to touch yuuji a little bit longer ...
he's not as smooth as he thinks he is. his movements may be imperceptible to the untrained eye, but sukuna sees everything.

his breaking point is when the third year's nipple fucking twitched mid-fight. sukuna probably bursted a blood vessel in his right temple.
"the audacity of this roach," sukuna growls out. blood irises hone in on hakari through yuuji's vision, and his grin is nothing but sharp teeth.

yuuji was about to give a snarky reply since the fight had ceased, but was given a harsh smack to the back of his head.
sukuna, drowned in his own jealousy, is completely silent after the brawl as he fantasizes about hakari's torture for even having such inappropriate thoughts of his vessel.

throughout the rest of their journey, yuuji would always be confused whenever he notices
people shying away from him whenever he got a little close. no one would say anything, but one thing's clear: itadori yuuji exudes intense murderous intent, and everyone knows such strong auras belonged to no other than the king of curses himself.


• • •

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15 Sep
[blood, post-shibuya]

#sukuita: where sukuna pulls yuuji down into his domain that night after his little gift to his favourite vessel.

sukuna is perched atop his throne, as usual. legs are crossed at the knees, cheek against loosely-curled fist.
the smirk sukuna wears makes yuuji fantasize about sinking blunted fingernails into the sides of a supple neck and crushing the windpipe. the thought sends a thrill of carnal excitement down his spine.
"the new addition to your face is splendid. really brings out the hideousness in you," the king purrs, incisors glinting under the domain's insidious red hue.

yuuji sends him his own grin of teeth.

"you'll look good with scars too, fucking bastard."
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11 Sep
#sukuita, modern au: in which yuuji, a hairdresser in training, is under the apprenticeship of sukuna.

yuuji is great for the job, both personality and skill-wise. he's bubbly, and he makes customers feel at ease whenever he's in charge of them.
with hair as pink as cotton candy and a smile that induces cavities, yuuji is the star of sukuna's salon.

though, he can be a little shit too, at times. sukuna is pretty sure it's on purpose, the way how yuuji gets on his nerves; but the boy begs to differ.
he is simply minding his business, and sukuna, somehow, just decided that yuuji is a great target to pick on.

yuuji's skills with shears is not something to be made fun of. every snip is precise, and the results are always more than satisfactory.
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9 Sep
[nsfw, non-con, bad touching, blood]

#sukuita: blood trails down yuuji's nostrils, past split lips, and drips off his chin. he's a battered thing ⎯⎯⎯porcelain skin blooming with fresh purples and reds. pretty colours that suits yuuji, really brings out his whole aesthetic.
sukuna circles the bound boy, strapped against bovine-skull-stacked-throne. the confines are drenched in king's cursed energy ⎯⎯⎯peaches can't even imagine the sweet relief of freedom.

tiger's got a scowl on bruised face. his glare reflects a whole hailstorm,
and sukuna always finds pleasure in unhinged viciousness. makes his cock twitch in interest. there is just something euphoric about the idea of having so much hatred towards him. maybe it's the energy he so hungrily leeches off, or maybe it's the fact that such sentiment
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7 Sep
[nsfw, incest, asphyxiation]

#sukuita, modern au: yuuji had lost track of time, unsure whether the sky's colour outside is a pleasant blue, a warm vermillion, or just dark and heavy ink.

"c'mon, brat. i know you're better than this," the tattooed man coos, condescending.
yuuji doesn't remember how he had ended up in his current situation ⎯⎯⎯bent over sukuna's work desk with his hole obscenely stretched to accommodate the monstrous girth of his twin's cock.

what's more unbelievable is that he's being wrecked by sukuna in a fucking
maid outfit.

he had purchased it earlier for his favourite pinkette, all just for harmless fun. sukuna had regarded him with a judgemental eye, and yuuji had to fight the growing urge of gouging his eyes out.

to say his lover looked dashing in that outfit would be an
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6 Sep
[nsfw, non-con, gore]

#sukuita: "open wide now, yuuji," sukuna coos,tone of voice mockingly sweet. it's odd to hear his name roll off the king's tongue in such a loving manner ⎯⎯⎯it's like a semi-forceful teasing slap to a cheek. he doesn't like it one bit.
yuuji has his jaw clenched shut, lips sealed. he levels sukuna with a murderous glare, which punches a sharp laugh out of his demonic lookalike.

"always so difficult. but i like a little bit of fight in my doves."

sukuna gives a sudden snap of hips, and the harsh
thrust into yuuji's abused hole stings enough to make him part his mouth in a small gasp. an opening.

sukuna thrusts a thumb in, purposefully dragging sharp nail against the struggling tongue until yuuji tastes the sharp tang of copper. the boy growls, hurt and defensive
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4 Sep
#sukuita modern au: sukuna owns the largest and most prominent casino in tokyo and yuuji, his most prized croupier. sukuna can always be found sitting at one of the tables yuuji is in charge of ⎯⎯⎯milking reckless gamblers' pockets while having the best view of his ...
precious doll. it's a double-win.

yuuji is a great asset to his business. he's quick in mental arithmetics (very surprising, for such a dense fool), great communication skills, dextrous fingers, and he's physically pleasing to the eye. he attracts customers, his table never ...

sure, the boy gets a ridiculous amount of lecherous stares and inappropriate remarks poorly disguised as suggestive flirting (swears on his fucking cock this man next to him breathed like he ran a whole marathon this one time when yuuji just gave him a smile).

but ...
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