High profile person says something offensive on social media (some kids might die), gets angry reaction. They ignore legitimate criticism of offensive ideas and write op ed about social media bullying. Rinse, repeat. No one condones sexist abuse. All criticism is delegitimised.
I have NEVER bullied Leigh Sales or abused her personally. I have never directed misogynistic abuse at her. I have criticised her ideas and have engaged in a debate about the legitimacy of her views on health restrictions. But apparently this all gets written off as ‘trolling’.
So what we end up with is people on here being told they’re just trolls - as bad as the nasty nameless accounts who attack everyone on here (block them!), and the high profile person uses their media power to make themselves above ALL criticism, lest you be smeared as a troll.
There are absolutely people on here who don’t know how to make a point with personal attack (trust me I KNOW), and that’s a problem. But every single time a high profile account is ratioed, they make themselves victim and NEVER engage in legitimate criticism. No self reflection.
This platform is a place where people debate, discuss, critique and can share their views, and everyone has a right to critique those views, particularly during a pandemic when lives are at risk. If high profile media types don’t like the audience talking back, don’t be here.
I’ll finish with this. Is there EVER a scenario where blue ticks defend non-blue ticks on here when we are the ones pointing copping the abuse? I’ve never seen it happen. They only defend each other. It’s blatantly obvious they think all ‘normal’ tweeps are insignificant fools.

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12 Sep
Watching #StrongFemaleLead and it’s EXCRUCIATING. I just shake my head at all the dinosaurs who couldn’t cope with a woman in the top job. I’m so sorry JG that you had to go through that ☹️ and you went through it with such grace.
Watched Penny Wong being cat called by Liberal senator and I’m about done. The Libs haven’t changed. They’re same misogynistic bullies they always were. Thank you to Senator Wong and this excellent death-staring woman behind her for showing how angry women are about this crap.
And there we go. The Misogyny Speech builds me up again. Geez we know Abbott hates being ‘dobbed on’ - so let’s enjoy how much he HATED this amazing speech 🔥❤️
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9 Sep
The week Morrison got his first vaccination - he was at front of queue! - in late February, ABC reported a list of countries who at that stage were already using Pfizer. Morrison said today Pfizer was first only focused on Europe where biggest case numbers were. Nope! A lie👇🏻
Here are some of the countries who ABC reported were already rolling out Pfizer when Morrison was vaccinated in Feb - coming up 7 months ago.
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9 Sep
Morrison can spin all he likes but cat’s out of the bag. He’s admitted priority was locally made vaccine, which is why negotiators pissed Pfizer off by demanding IP. Also why he made mistake of putting too many eggs in UQ basket. Govt also saw Pfizer as too expensive. A thread👇🏻
What PM’s statement amounts to is admission he didn’t pursue Pfizer vaccine with vigour required to secure supply quickly. When we found ourselves in unlucky position of UQ being ditched and AZ not recommended by ATAGI for under 50s, there was not enough Pfizer to rollout fast.
The mistake - the miscalculation - by Hunt and his boss Morrison - has put the country months behind where we should be and is the reason two biggest states were not vaccinated before the next wave of outbreaks hit. Morrison can deny all he likes, but facts speak for themselves.
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5 Sep
In case you missed it, @DrZoeHyde wrote a very worrying article containing research about impact of covid on children (thank you Zoe!) and in response, @nick_coatsworth said none of the facts it contained were correct. A thread👇🏻 Here is Dr Hyde’s article:
And here is Coatsworth’s dismissive response. Image
Dr Hyde pointed out all the facts were based on research, linked in the article. Apparently Dr Coastworth didn’t actually check that before dismissing the information as inaccurate. This isn’t how science is done. If you have a problem with findings you’re meant to show evidence.
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4 Sep
I see @theage’s Gay Alcorn has written another editorial backing up gross editorial without once showing any sign she listened to criticism and also missing key point: journalists are not experts in health policy. They have no right to advocate for easing restrictions. A thread👇🏻
For those who didn’t read the gross editorial, the key argument it made was that although they (The Age staff) support health restrictions (do you? That’s good of you😳), they want some restrictions eased in Victoria because people have been locked down too long.
I know an editorial is not the traditional form of journalism, and editorials have had a place in newspapers for as long as there have been newspapers. I’ve got no problem with journalists writing editorials. I do have a problem with THAT argument though. And it goes to expertise
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4 Sep
Along the same theme as Nadia Bartel breaking lockdown rules, I don’t care at all that the truck driver spent eight hours at a topless bar. What I’m worried about is he visited with covid and then presumably didn’t mention it to contact tracers 😳 #sacovid
Honestly, if we have to lockdown because someone perved for too long, I’m done.
A new variation on ‘exposure’ site 🤭
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