Hi @jack @TwitterSupport I don't follow this anti-vax crackpot who you've endorsed with a verification badge but for some reason you're promoting his anti-vaccine nonsense by inserting this tweet into my feed. Why?
At the end of a 2-year-old thread about Oberlin's dining hall and at the end of the thread, Twitter added a "More Tweets" recommended module full of anti-vax tweets, Ben Shapiro rants, and endorsements of Newsom recall. I don't follow any of these people. @TwitterSupport @jack
What a trash company.
Hi @TwitterComms why are you *promoting* anti-vax tweets into users' feeds?
Somehow this is gonna end with @Jack apologizing to Candace Owens for no reason, I just know it

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13 Sep
Silly puff piece that pretends the abortion ban is the work of a tireless genius whose meticulously-crafted legislation is impervious to judicial review, rather than the inevitable result of *Republicans packing the courts with anti-abortion activists.*
lol read a book
Congratulations on convincing Clarence Thomas, Amy Coney Barrett, Samuel Alito, Neal Gorsuch, and Brett Freaking Kavanaugh to allow your abortion ban to stand, truly a work of staggering genius, you must be a legal mastermind like no other.
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11 Sep
Say their names. Make their political affiliation and aims clear, @GeorgeWBush. These are *right-wing* extremists; they are supported, and support, the Republican Party.
You don’t get credit for calling out violent extremists if you do it in a way that lets the political movement to which they — and you — belong pretend you’re talking about antifa, BLM, and everyone *except* the violent right-wing extremists who are the actual threat.
Well, I guess you *do* get credit, because a large portion of the news media has always given George W. Bush credit he doesn’t deserve. But you *shouldn’t* get credit.
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9 Sep
NYT won’t correct this and nobody will make much noise about it because it isn’t as dramatic as, say, the Comey front page, but this kind of thing is and always has been quite common at the NYT, because the NYT is a conservative news company.

oh and if you point out to anyone at the NYT that the completely unsupported assertion it ran in its own voice in the news section is in fact contradicted by a bunch of polls they'll sneer that you don't understand journalism and it isn't their job to oppose Trump or some dumb sh
prove me wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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7 Sep
Hey quick question: did the Republican nominee have any red flags of comparable or greater import, or was the hyper focus on email protocol proportional to its importance relative to other matters?
Periodic reminder that “the only problem with the Wall Street Journal is on the opinion side” has *always* been myopic bullshit.
Journalists will tell you with a straight face that this is Fine, Actually.
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2 Sep
You helped build this, @SenatorCollins, you know you did, and you're happy you did. You're just too cowardly to say that.
@SenatorCollins Congratulations on being right half the time, @SenatorCollins, your judgement is as good as that of a flipped coin.

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2 Sep
We are here in large part because very comfortable elites have been bullshitting you for years.
noah feldman’s just retweeting crypto stuff like he’s never even heard of the supreme court. kavanaugh? barrett? Dunno anything about that, you must have me confused with someone else, this is a blockchain account
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