I'm going to share a hypothesis that is not mine, but we should consider it.

RNA viruses like cov2 may enter a low replication state in tissues like the brain.

They may (likely imo) contribute to long-term issues like MS and parkinson's.
The problem I see is that cov2 has a superantigen.

This means in the low replication state, cov2 can shed a hyperinflammatory payload.

This would, in my opinion, accelerate disease processes.
The only thing we have going right now is wishful thinking and acceptance

The basis of wishful thinking is thin; in animals the neural decay is pronounced and fairly rapid

Even in humans the neurocognitive impact is pronounced
I think we all have accepted the unknown and this risk because most of our peers and loved ones have already been infected

I also think we have shifted the risk we deem acceptable because our locus of control is limited
I think Long Covid may represent a manifestation of this 'low replication state'

• • •

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10 Sep
In an "endemic" situation, one should avoid catching the virus.

Malaria is 'endemic' in many places, it doesn't mean people don't wear mosquito repellant.
Conservative lobbies and fools with misconceptions about immunity want to convince the hapless to 'hurry up and catch it.'

They coopted the term "endemic" to argue for nomasks.
Many virologists with wishful thinking conflated "Endemic" to "like a cold or flu and attenuating."

Even though SARS shows greater transmissibility and virulence over time, over generations in animals it is introduced to.
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8 Sep
30 days out, people with covid-19 had declined kidney function.


I pair this with the other kidney study in the Lancet that showed changes in kidney function Long Term. Image
Mild Kidney Decerebration? Image
Makes sense. Kidneys have Ace2, Cov2 uses Ace2 for entry.

This is the other study.

thelancet.com/journals/lance… Image
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2 Sep
The article in The Atlantic, "The Harms of Masking Young Students are Real" should make us all think deeply about the propaganda we are bombarded with daily and how little its manufacturers think of us and our health and safety.

They want infection in an unvaccinated population.
The Author, Vinay Prasad, argued against vaccination of the youth, and now this. He may truly believe, "no publicity is bad publicity."

When we pair these proposals, we see the Atlantic is platforming-arguing for- the institutionalized infection of America's youth.

It boils down to soft eugenics

Children and families with inborn errors of interferon will fare badly and assuredly, the common and low SES households will never know if they have such errors

These people are marginalized

Not to mention youth POC are mostly the ones dying
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13 Aug
Delta means no herd immunity. Remember- the GBD lobbied India to go for herd immunity which gave the FCS the perfect environment to mutate.

There are still more FCS refinements in the pipeline- you can anticipate more transmissible versions. And no, they are not less virulent.
Thanks to @DraganOrlich for pointing out the figure to me.
@DraganOrlich was right about boosters as well. I did not think they would be needed.
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3 Aug
SARS-Cov-2 should not be regarded as a childhood disease you "build up" immunity to

There will be no competent durable immunity via infection in the general populace; long-lived cells in the marrow is not good enough

Again, it's neurotropic with a SAG. Do not infect 4 immunity
The genetic programmes responsible for immune evasion are deeply concerning. I have said for a long time this virus beats adaptive memory.

We now scramble for antivirals.

The trajectory is for more chronic infection
Gene invention for what may be the purpose of further immune evasion.

We are training it against innate immunity by infecting the youth (more reason why Bossche is foolish)

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14 Jul
Delta has changed the game. I used to think a 70% community vaccination level would be sufficient to protect children in schools without their vaccination

Onward transmission of Delta among vaccinated in Israel caused infection of the youth. nature.com/articles/d4158…
Therefore, these calculations and practices must be reassessed. Reasonably, Israel is moving to vaccinate their youth. Ignoring this changed metric comes at the cost of more confusion. reuters.com/world/middle-e…
1) via breakthrough, Delta has upset the argument youth are protected by adult vaccination
2) Onward transmission is indubitably more frequent
3) Physiological consequences of breakthrough infection by Delta have yet to be assessed.
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